Kids Soccer Games Express Hate and Ignorance Towards Latino’s ?


I was truly saddened when I watched this video.  How sad, that the immigration debate has become so poisoned, even a good old fashioned soccer games is vulnerable to a display of complete and utter ignorance.  I dare anyone to suggest this is not a result of the despicable behavior seen at the national level.    Oh, but wait, I am just being silly when I refer to the hate that is growing towards Hispanics, its just all in my silly imagination.

Rand Paul Steps in Political Macaca

Being an outsider has its pitfalls.  Such is the case with Rand Paul.  Rand Paul is a neophyte and he stepped into the macaca  up to his knees–maybe even deeper.  In an interview with Rachel Maddow, Rand Paul got on to the subject of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

How can legislation that is nearly 50 years old trip up anyone?  Just ask Rand Paul.   According to Politico:

In interviews with NPR and MSNBC on Wednesday, Paul indicated unease with the Civil Rights Act’s ban on discrimination by private businesses — sparking a political blaze that threatened to engulf his campaign even before he finished relishing his landslide primary win.

 The candidate eased fears some by issuing a damage-control statement stating his opposition to discrimination and doing an interview with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham in which he seemed to acknowledge the necessity of the Civil Rights Act.

In fairness to Maddow, she gave him every opportunity to self correct.  He did not seize the opportunity.  He continued to disavow discrimination but did not come out and say he would have voted for  the Civil Rights Bill.  And the silence was deafening.

The video is long but covers the entire interview.

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