15 Thoughts to “Christine Todd Whitman on the Oil Leak, Moderating the Tea Party and Listening”

  1. PWC Taxpayer

    Christine Todd Whitman is a Bushie not a Reagan Republican and that is why she failed so miserably. A big government spender and an intrusive Federal regulator, she could neither appease the Democrats or protect our economy or environment. She never really left New Jrsey, which is still paying or her wonderful willingness to expand government.

  2. Failure? By whose standards? You should be so lucky to have her credentials.

    Only TP would consider a 2 term governor of a populated state a ‘failure’ and attempt to identify, label and evaluate her by 2 male presidents.

    Why so paternalistic? Why must she belong to Reagan or Bush? She did pretty well on her own.

    I think its time to get over the love affair with RR anyway. Someone elected Bush for 2 terms. It wasn’t the Gore/Kerry voters.

  3. Elena

    That’s what you get for trying to build bridges M-H. Some people come along and attemp to blow up the bridge! I don’t necessarily agree with her summary on TEA party. I firmly believe if McCain/Palin had won, there would be no TEA party.

  4. PWC Taxpayer

    Interesting conclusion – are you calling the Tea Party simple ignorate racism again, or — to give you the benefit of the doubt – are you suggesting that had they (McCain/palin) been elected there would have been no need to protest the size and expanding involvement of Government in american private enterprise – from GM to healthcare?

    The problem is that McCain was no conservative and was not to be trusted on a number of fronts – to include the stimuls, campaign finance reform or immigration – which, is why I think he lost – too many of the silent majority just stayed home. No more – the cost was too great – greater than expected already.

    What bridges?? Every bridge built by Whitman was one directional and it led to more state and then federal regulation and as we can now see and a lot more spend. New Jersy is only now trying to recover. She taxed like a New Yorker. Whitman could be in the Obama Administration and you could not tell the difference – even to cap and trade.

  5. Your Republican Party at work? Bring back Bill Clinton.

  6. I can’t stand Billy. And I would take him over President Obama, any day. But, if I had my druthers on Presidents, I’ll take Coolidge. Or Washington.

  7. PWC Taxpayer

    Clinton was and still tries to be DLC democrat– not those crazy welfare Democrats that have never seen a federal dollar that can be borrowed not spent. Yes, and the folks that would have come with him would have been better. A balanced budget and a much reduced federal government (350,000 employee reduction) that was trying to restructure itself to steer and not row (which, I might add the AFGE specifically rejected as an Obama agenda item in testimony last week) was a major achievement. Bush betrayed that on the domestic front and did an LBJ, trying to have guns and butter. It did not work because Bush was blackmailed by your Democrates – you can protect America only if you give us everything from 700,000 new federal employees, to spreading the housing boom to unqualified urban folks to Amnesty. And he took the deal.

  8. Cargo, my father in law was an usher in Coolidge’s funeral. No, he didn’t know him. My FIL just had church duty and I guess they attended the same church. My mother in law and her sisters used to see him and his wife sitting out on their front porch after he was no longer in office. Can you imagine that today? (Northampton, MA)

    I think Washington is too far back to evaluate. He also was known to be wreckless with money. His mother was an old bitch.

  9. TP, I think you are making up excuses for Bush. MY democrats?

  10. PWC Taxpayer


    At #6 above– my Republicans — you started it.

  11. Oh TP, I thought you had said you were a Republican. So sorry. Independent? Neither of us are going to want to admit to being in the same ‘party.’ 😉

  12. i lost every shred of respect for her when she lied and doctored the Ground Zero air quality reports as instructed by her boss. she should have quit and maintained some dignity.

    the folks who worked on “the pile” did so with the intel that the air was ok. the results are unforgivable… http://bit.ly/1aFmDB


  13. Did she do that or did someone else?

    I guess what I am asking was, did she receive bad information? I can’t imagine her being intentionally deceptive about something that important.

  14. PWC Taxpayer


    Moderate – even moderate conservative with a troubling sense that I am being pushed into the Tea Party by the abandonment – or ineffectiveness /surrender – of both the blue dog democrats and the Republicans. BTW, those were not excuses – they may not be the whole picture but they are the facts – for both Clinton and Bush.

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