Not a PINO (Patriot in Name Only), Jack Bauer is the ultimate patriot.  The show ended tonight, after 8 seasons, never to be resumed.  Jack was seen wandering off, bloody but unbowed, to leave the country because both the USA and the Russians would be after him. So what makes Jack the ultimate patriot?

Jack was loyal to all presidents unless  he discovered them sinning against the United States.  He seemed to ignore politics. He didn’t care if the president was black, white, male, female, Democrat or Republican.  He obeyed the code…now what code, I am unsure of.  Jack tortured.  He only tortured when American lives were at stake. 

24 was actually a harbinger of things to come.  The first black president was actually on 24.  There was also a woman president this past season.  There was lots of terrorism. 

Was he perfect?  No, he was a man who loved his country, regardless of what the government of that country did to him.  That is why he is the Ultimate Patriot.   Jack Bauer will be missed.

16 Thoughts to “Jack Bauer, the Ultimate Patriot”

  1. Wolverine

    Jack will be back — in reruns.

  2. or on DVD–and I have watched it for so long it will all be new to me.

    What do you think about Jack being the ultimate patriot?

  3. Second-Alamo

    Well, I doubt any of the Dems watched the show otherwise they would have taken ownership of the station and had it removed from the schedule. Putting it another way, Bush was a hell of a lot more like Jack than Obama will ever be. Obama’s patriotism is an oxymoron.

    Jack sure did age a lot in 8 days though! Now what will I do on Monday evenings?

    1. @SA, you really don’t like Democrats do you?

  4. Pat.Herve

    and all with no Coffee, Drugs, Food or drink. I wonder when he smoked? (Keifer is a smoker).

  5. e

    24 was ok when at least bauer was fighting america’s real enemy, i.e. practitoners of the religion of peace. the show went all downhill after that when it became politically correct

  6. Need to Know

    I’ll miss Jack and “24” greatly. I hope they go forward with plans for a movie and that it’s as good as the TV show – agree with Moon’s comments above completely.

    Also, Leonard Nimoy announced that his appearance on “Fringe” last week was his last. He’s retiring. He’s about 80 and certainly has earned a nice retirement. I grew up with Nimoy and Spock (will admit a certain amount of geekishness) and he had a strong impact on my life. I will miss him very much as well.

    “24” and “Star Trek” share the themes of holding firm to sound values, knowing right and wrong, and trying to become better than we are now.

  7. NTK, I loved the old Star Trek. Hated the new. I haven’t watched last week’s Fringe. I lost interest for some reason. And now I have erased it. grrrrrrrr

    I will miss Jack also. And I have no idea when he smoked. I would have sure wanted to smoke and drink after nearly being killed so many times.

    Monday night will be very empty. If 24 is replaced with another idiot sit com or reality show I am going to have to just buy a TV station [hands on hips].

  8. Wolverine

    My personal and professional opinion? A real “Jack” would have been sentenced to a federal prison along about the second or third episode. If that show had depicted reality, you would have seen a government lawyer in a three-piece suit hanging onto Jack’s leg in virtually every scene, yelling: “But, Jack, you can’t do that!!”

  9. e

    life can be better spent than watching worthless dreck on the tube. bored monday night or tuesday-friday?, am 630 on the radio 6-9 p.m. in d.c. area. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  10. punchak

    Who on earth is Jack Bauer? Never heard the name before?
    A real person or a TV person?

  11. Second-Alamo

    Punchak, you need to change from the Bollywood channel more often.

  12. Punchak, Jack Bauer is the lead character from the TV show 24. He is an operative from an American anti-terrorist agency named CTU. (counter-terrorism unit I think) The show was on for 8 years. Last night was the final show.

  13. Wolverine, perhaps. But the question is, was Jack a patriot? What is a patriot? The word is sure thrown around a lot without any definitive meaning.

  14. Wolverine

    My dictionary gives a very brief description: a person who loves, supports, and defends his country. I’m not sure how to parse it beyond that. A soldier ready to die for his country if it comes to that? A teacher who tries her hardest to give the children in her charge a good education? A legislator truly devoted to honesty and the welfare of all? A journalist who refuses to back down under threats? A mother who teaches her children how to be kind and generous and honest? A fellow who has only two dollars in his pocket and puts one of them in the poor box at the church door? An oilman desperately trying to find a way to cap a well in the Gulf of Mexico? A college student trying to clean the oil off the feathers of a pelican? A police officer about to stop a car on the highway, not knowing who and what might be awaiting him? A fireman who runs up the stairs at the World Trade Center as everyone else is running down? An elderly vet who tries to rise from his wheelchair and give a salute as Old Glory passes by? A mother weeping at the grave of her military son? A president sitting alone behind the closed doors of the Oval Office, trying to understand and cope with so many huge problems that they threaten to undermine his confidence in himself, all the while hearing the shouts of the crowds for and against him? A poet who decides to write about the beauty she sees in her country and its people and sometimes about the sadness as well and then leaves that poem for another generation to read and comprehend just a bit more about life? I personally think a whole lot of people can find a place under that description of a patriot. There is more to this thing than just the Jack Bauer’s. To me it is bravery, integrity, and the willingness to do the right thing, no matter who you are and how hard that may be. All of that redounds to the credit of one’s country.

  15. Second-Alamo

    Your definition is inclusive, not an either or description. Love and support are 2/3 of it. It’s the ‘defend’ part that is missing in many.

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