Once again, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Corey Stewart prevaricated and obfuscated.

A few examples:

1. He didn’t tell Alisyn how many times the Resolution changed from July 7, 2007 until May 1, 2008.

2. He led the viewers to believe that the police could ask for documents based on probable cause. Does Corey still not know that probably cause no longer exists in our Resolution?

3. He stated that violent crimes are down 38%. Not according to PWC crime statistics and he knows this.

4. He was hung (sic) in effigy? I must have missed that one.

5. He stated that 80% of the people of Prince William County support the law and that the UVA survey stated so. I would like to see that little known fact in writing. No such question existed on that survey.

6. He assumed that fewer babies were born to illegal immigrant mothers and stated that as a fact when he had no verifiable proof. Immigration status is not collected at either hospital in the county and therefore he can only assume.

7. We have fewer ESOL classes now? I don’t think so. The nuumber of students enrolled in ESOL dropped slightly at the height of the foreclosure crisis, but returned to an even greater number by FY2008-2009. 

8. He failed to explain the evolution of what happened in PWC. He failed to explain that the Resolution that was passed on July 7, 2007 was not what passed around May 1, 2008. He led Alisyn to believe that whatever we did here fixed all immigration problems. That is simply not the case. He did not say that the status of all those arrested would be checked and he did not mention the 287(g) program. He failed to mention one of the worst housing crashes in the United States happened in PWC. He failed to mention he used  trumped up issues to get himself re-elected. He failed to mention what he did to the Chief of Police. He failed to mention what he did to his supervisor colleagues.

How can he live with himself puffing up like that?  He  let everyone who was listening to Fox News at that hour believe he held the silver bullet.

I felt very ashamed of my county and my state as I listed to something that simply was not the truth. Corey told how he wanted things to be, not how they really were. He misled the people of Arizona.

Liar, Liar, Pants on fire!

Police Department Illegal Immigration Policies

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  1. Need to Know

    A blog could be the way to go but showing Corey all of the cards in our hand at one time would not be ideal strategically. I plan to share my work with candidates I like. Giving Corey, Wally, Marty, etc. a heads-up so their attorneys and PR people can develop responses might not be the best way to get turnover on the BOCS next year. They’re going to have plenty of money for that. With the economy improving, buying a friendly BOCS is going to be incredibly important to development interests.

    We’ve discussed this issue on Moonhowlings before and I suggested coordinating our efforts. I’m willing to reveal my identity to Mom and others who share our views on a basis of confidentiality outside of our group. Doing the research is actually fun for me. I’m analytical by nature. However, we shouldn’t be duplicating our efforts. Moreover, like-minded, motivated people working together can accomplish more than the sum of the parts.

    I’ll lead the effort if Moon can organize a meeting.

    I don’t think we should put the detailed information out now in any event. Perhaps I should not even have mentioned my bar graph showing Corey’s transformation into Darth Vader. Now, it won’t be a surprise when he sees it the first time, whoever uses it (me or a candidate). We wait until closer to the election and after we have identified candidates that we like.

  2. Elena and I will gladly arrange a meet up. Mom? How about you? NTK, you know how to contact us.

    I would like to see that Darth Vader bar graph.

    Now I am going to say this and I mean it very seriously. There are folks out there we suspect of working as a double agent. He/she knows who he/she is. (and I feel confident they are reading this blog still) We would warn anyone if we felt they were dealing with a double agent. (and we are NOT talking about MOM) There are people who just speak out of 2 different sides of their mouth out there…but that should not come as a shock.

  3. Lafayette

    @Need to Know
    I couldn’t agree more with your most recent post. There are many motivated people willing to work on this data gathering. And you are so right, the work should not be duplicated. As you well know I’m all in favor of meeting. The county can not continue to go down this same road term after term.

  4. Lafayette

    Thanks, Moon and Elena.

    C’mon, Mom, what say you???

  5. Mom

    So long as its someplace I can order a tall frosty beverage, I’m game.

  6. So the caveat is that we have to meet in a beer joint? Works for me.

  7. Need to Know

    I’m in. You’ve got my contact information.

  8. Need to Know

    I’ll reconstruct the Darth Vader graph for you to use in a thread. It’s mostly the same VPAP data Mom presented above. At this point, I haven’t formatted it for nice presentation or anything – didn’t think we would need that until we get closer to the election. I just enjoy playing around with numbers to see what happens (I already admitted to some geekishness).

  9. Wolverine

    Will this new political venture become known as “The Beer Party”?

  10. There is already a wine party so I suppose ‘the beer party ‘ it will have to be. @ Wolverine

    NTK, Does the graph have sound? (deep breathing etc?)

  11. Need to Know

    Wolverine – “The Beer Party” I Like it!!

    Moon – PowerPoint allows for all kinds of sounds and animations now. I think we could likely get Vader’s breathing in there, as well as a morph file of Corey turning into Darth Vader. That might be a bit above my paid grade with graphics, but we can try.

    Layfayette and I have been emailing offline and we’ve identified a secret location for the meeting where we can talk and drink all the beer we want.

  12. Lafayette

    Wolverine-thanks for the idea and name. That’s a good one.

    NTK-More to follow offline shortly, hopefully. Stay tuned. 🙂

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