He says he would have joined up sooner had he known…

Cargo you rock! Thanks for getting us off to a rocking start for the Memorial Day Weekend.

6 Thoughts to “A Gift From the CargoSquid”

  1. Emma

    I’m stealing this one for my Facebook…

  2. The Marine vet who made it has a blog called From the Halls to the Shores.


    Please, please go there and watch his video “1/6 going in to Marjeh, AFG ”

    It explains the military to a T.

    The True Heroes.

  3. Elena

    That gave me goosebumps, thanks Cargo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ll be having a video up honoring the fallen from each war coming up all weekend with Taps playing at sunset on Monday, over at United Conservatives.

    Glad you liked it. Can’t take credit for it, but I do like to share it.

  5. I’ve put up a post will all of the videos as one post at Redstate


    Let me know what you think

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