Al and Tipper Gore have just announced they are separating after 40 years of marriage.  No!  Not allowed.  I always thought they were the one couple who would make it.  They have not given reasons why and I suppose it isn’t any of our business.

Hopefully we won’t find out that Al also has a zipper problem. I just wouldn’t like that at all. Tipper was a true leader is her efforts to hold entertainers responsible for the content of their art, especially if those artists had a main audience of kids. She also was instrumental in insisting on a rating system for music, similar to that at the movies.

12 Thoughts to “Not Allowed!”

  1. Red Dawn

    Could be a -zipper problem- but I tend to think it’s a warming gone cold….. 😉

  2. Rick Bentley

    Al Gore (who I voted for in 2000) is an extremely pompous, self-inflated individual, who lies and exaggerates constantly and who seems to think that the world actually turns around him. Maybe that played a role in this.

  3. PWC Taxpayer

    Well something is not right here. Just this April, according to one report the Gores bought a $8.8 million ocean view villa in Montecito, California. Something went sour fast.

  4. Wolverine

    Separation and divorce have become endemic in this country. Sacrifice, tolerance, compromise, fidelity, and true sharing seem to have become casualties of our society in general. When those lost qualities exit from our most personal relationships, we have lost something which really hurts. Would that we could find them again.

    When my paternal grandfather, a devout Christian man, lay ill in the hospital, he was told that his problem might well be solved by a particular operation. He declined it, saying that he was ready to go. It was clear that he was looking forward to seeing once again the woman he had loved all his adult life. She had passed away five years before, and he was obviously lonely in life. That was sad for his children, but they understood. Whether or not you shared that man’s firm religious beliefs, you had to acknowledge that he died in peace and with hope in his heart.

  5. The Gores have been an icon of maritial togetherness or something.

    I hate seeing this. Today the Gores, next Barbara and GHW Bush. NO!

  6. kelly3406

    When I saw the “Big Kiss” between Al and Tipper at the 2000 Democratic National Convention, my first thought was that he was a big phony. It may have helped him politically at the time, but it seemed very exploitive to me.

  7. In light of what had been going on in the country, perhaps it wasn’t as exploitive as it seems nowadays.

    40 years is a long time. There was something there.

  8. marinm

    Tipper has asked for half the internet in any divorce proceeding. 🙂

  9. PWC Taxpayer


    LOL. Tipper also wants half of Al’s carbon credits. It will be a heated debate.

  10. Rick Bentley

    That’s a great joke marinm

  11. anona

    I dislike Al Gore but this even made me sad. I guess we all have hopes that certain couples really do make it for the long haul and the Gores seemed to be an example of that.

  12. hello

    Maybe he will give her the 9 MILLION dollar mansion he just bought on the beach in the divorce since it’s a known fact it (according to him) that it will be under the sea in just a few years.

    What a sneaky bastard…

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