Tucker Carlson can’t breathe without finger-pointing.  What purpose does it serve to try to afix blame?

Who else can we drag out to blame other than say it is ultimately the responsibility of BP Oil. We need to stop the oil geyser before we start assigning blame.

Meanwhile, current conditions cannot continue without a long term impact on our environment and our economy. Seeing those poor pelicans coated in oil just sickens me. I would rather see the problem solved than find someone to kick to the curb. I feel certain BP didn’t want this to happen any more than the next guy. If they are found to be negligent, lets do the inquiry after the oil flow is stopped and the clean up is well under way. Is this something that can ever be totally cleaned up? We certainly aren’t out of the woods as far as the oil slicks reaching us.

10 Thoughts to “The Blame Game?”

  1. Wolverine

    I too am getting mighty tired of this “blame game” from all sides. Fix the urgent common problem. Time enough later to affix ultimate responsibility without all the emotion and basically uninformed ranting. How did we as a people get this way? Imagine if, in December 1941, we had yelled and screamed at each other about who was to blame for not preventing Pearl Harbor instead of gathering together immediately, rolling up our sleeves, and setting to work as one.

  2. Wolverine, I totally agree with you. 100%.

  3. Second-Alamo

    I’d like to know if or how often are the blowout preventers tested. If that is the only fail-safe system in place, then it must be kept in working condition 24/7. How many other wells out there have failing blowout preventers? I’d be more interested in knowing how it failed, then who allowed it to get to that state. Throwing those responsible in jail isn’t going to stop another equipment failure.

  4. Emma

    I don’t understand the oil drilling permitting procedure. A business can’t have a large emergency backup generator without a Title V permit, and the generator is subject to quarterly emissions inspections, at a minimum. A detailed written spill control and containment procedure is required for the fuel tank, and is subject to frequent review. So where was the oversight for this mile-deep drilling?

    Any time I see the president shaking his fist at BP, I want to laugh. You can’t just yell at a problem to make it go away. And if his actions force BP into bankruptcy, what good will that do ultimately in funding the spill cleanup?

  5. Bear

    I don’t believe there was equipment failure, I think it was Management failure. If they had been more responsible when shutting down the well they wouldn’t need blowout preventers they didn’t want to take the extra time to pump out the mud when the well went into production or they could have safely capped the well.

  6. Bear

    Emma, You’re probably not giving Millions to Senator Campaigns so you have to adhere to laws

  7. Emma

    You got me there, Bear–my donations don’t have enough zeros attached to them, I guess.

  8. I don’t understand it either. I just know that I want the oil gusher to stop. After it stops, then we can line people up for execution.

    Too bad we can’t find a drunken captain to blame like on the Valdez.

  9. Bear

    We can get to who’s at fault, but BP has to pay up front, the Gulf fisherman can’t wait 20 years for a couple of dollars. And you can be sure we’re all going to pay in higher prices for seafood and lost tourism and you can expect more unemployment for the shut down drill platforms and I haven’t even discussed the poor marine life that has been destroyed.

  10. Those pelicans are just heart-breaking.

    Bear is right. This catastophe is going to cost us all a fortune and cost us for a long time.

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