26 Thoughts to “Jon Stewart: Grits and Biscuits and Robert E. Leebowitz”

  1. PWCOvertaxed

    I mean…all this is very entertaining, but I am beginning to feel that instead of meaningful posts, you just post John Stewart videos. I come here first if I fall asleep early and miss the show….I prefer the local political blogging more than watching the Comedy Central channel…

    1. Overtaxed, you never come here unless you have something to bitch about. Bitching all the time sullies the reputation. No one requires you to be here.

      Would you like to start doing the posts? I would like 2 a day. That way if one doesn’t suit, we can use the other one.

      Elena and I like Jon Stewart. Plan on him at least once a week–maybe more if I get lazy or if Jon is particularly funny. We had talked about both of these topics before he did them.

  2. Captain Idiot-Face

    I frickin’ LOVE Al “Satin” Greene. I swear to the Gods above, Jim DeMint is one of my conservative hero, but I’d vote for “Satin” in a heartbeat! Mark Levin interviewed him, and he didn’t know his opponent’s name! His interviews are AWESOME!!! That CNN thing….I almost peed myself! Now THIS is politics as it should be!

  3. What can I say….you were on it first, Capt.

  4. Wolverine

    Well, I’ll be….!!! South Carolina must have stolen Chicago’s Whoopee Cushion!

  5. Amd North Carolina is grabbing at it ….

  6. PWCOvertaxed

    Actually Moonhowler, I dont come on here to just “complain” about something….I have read all your posts and havent complained about anything. A little sensitive are we? I LOVE John Stewart, thus why I watch him on my television…that was my point. I love it when the moderator of a blog is defensive and aggressive and has to use somewhat foul language to the people who read their blog and post on their blog….thats more of Greg L personality trait…I expect better from you. Dont take things so personally, I was pointing out that a good portion of your posts are just Daily SHow video clips…

  7. PWC Taxpayer

    Democrats need to look for diversions, call people names and and make fun of others – because with approvals at 34% and on the down slope, there is not much more they can do. The idea that the Administration would prevent – prevent – the technology and support necessary to clean up the Gulf mess because it is foreign flagged in order to require that all related jobs go to union members is just beginning to sink in. Its gonna get rough. Rember its Bush’s fault.

  8. PWC Taxpayer

    Did any of you get a deja vue last night listening to Obama? I got an erry sense of Carter and his malais speech. Carter was for Sinfuels – remember and turned off the lights on the Washington Monument – same speech with windfuels substituted in.

  9. Need to Know

    My wife and I enjoy Jon Stewart also but sometimes fall asleep and the timer on the TV turns it off. Not that Stewart is dull; we get up around 5:30 AM and are conked out by 11:00 PM. I appreciate Moon recapping some of the funnier moments. As a born and bred Southerner (not from South Carolina but close), I found this one especially hilarious and would have missed it if Moon hadn’t put it here for me to find during my morning blog/news scanning. We don’t have to be serious all the time. Corey and his developer pals are on track to trash our County and give us huge tax increases in the next few years. Let’s have a laugh sometimes too.

  10. punchak

    I love Jon and am glad he’s here once in a while, because I don’t know where to find him on the telly. If it’s late night, I’m “out”, so this is great for me. Thanks, Moon!

  11. Overtaxed, Yes, you have bitched each time you have posted here under that name…either bitched over something or bitched at me. I have a cure for that. Don’t come here if you don’t like the content or my foul language.

    Actually, as far as foul language goes, what you have seen is just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows when the evil monster will be unleashed.

    A little of Greg was bound to rub off eventually. Not sure he could out cuss me though.

    Warning: Expect at least one Jon Stewart per week at Moonhowlings. He usually picks up on the same topics we do here.

    To all the Jon Stewart fans out there….May the force be with us!

  12. Punchak, he is on at 11 pm on comedy central. I just set the dvr. I hate missing the news.

  13. marinm

    PWC Taxpayer :Did any of you get a deja vue last night listening to Obama? I got an erry sense of Carter and his malais speech. Carter was for Sinfuels – remember and turned off the lights on the Washington Monument – same speech with windfuels substituted in.

    It’d be interesting to see if the blog posts Jon Stewarts scathing analysis of Obama’s speech and some of the promises he’s made as a candidate.. I found it amusing. 🙂

    I like the SC candidate from the perspective that he’s not a career politician…He’s what the founders invisioned. A citizen-statesmen.

  14. Probably not. Jon Stewart posts are already causing all sorts of bitching.

    Liberals are unhappy because he isn’t liberal enough, Marin.

    I find the SC Candidate to be repugnant and absurd.

  15. marinm

    I’m curious. Why?

    He won in a landslide. Do you think the democrats of South Carolina choose poorly? Maybe it was just a vote against the incumbant?

    I see an analogy to Bush/Obama coming up… 🙂

  16. PWCOvertaxed

    Please give me some examples of where I have “bitched” about something or “bitched at you”? And I dont think my first post was a “Bitching” it was pointing out how your blog has become mainly Daily Show posts. As I said before, I love the Daily Show and John Stewart, my original post was about how you seem to fall back on that more than you used too….someone is a lil sensitive. I am surprised by your “its my party, dont play here if you dont like it” attitude though…

  17. Marin, I am thinking of the Alabama guy. The one talking to poltergeists. The SC guy I think is abhorent is the one who called Haley a ‘raghead.’ He didn’t win anything.

    Don’t count on any analogies. I don’t even think we are talking about the same person.

  18. Overtaxed, you know what you have said and you know the various names you have logged on under. I am not going to go recreate a paper trail for you.

    You are perceptive. Either come here, particpate with what’s going on or don’t. Just lurk. Just please stop bitching. There WILL be Jon Stewart. You have been served notice.

    That’s the last of the discussion.

  19. marinm

    MH, copy. The Greene situation in SC is delicious. The dems trying to kick out a black man for getting 60% of the vote against the incumbant. Blaming the Republicans. Blaming how his name was first on the ballot.. Priceless.

  20. Well, how do you think that guy got in there? He obviously is not candidate material. I have no idea how he got in there. Rest assured, someone knows.

    Did we ever figure out which guy it is you like and I hate ?

  21. marinm

    Are you talking about the TEA party guy outta Alabama? He’s dreamy…

  22. I think he is a seditionist.

  23. marinm

    DHS would agree with you. They believe that veterans and 2A supporters are all terrorists.

  24. No they don’t and that isn’t what they said either. Be truthful.

    Try again.

  25. PWCOvertaxed

    oy vey!!…..thank you for “serving” notice….lol

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