Betty White is just remarkable. What a quick wit. Now Jon Stewart has a worthy challenge!

Betty stars with greats like Valerie Bertinelli in a new sit com called Hot in Cleveland. It starts on the TV land Channel Wednesday night at 10 pm.

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Betty White
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 Jon gives us his analysis of the USA vs England soccer game. It seems his assessment was similar to ours.

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World Cup 2010: Into Africa – US Ties England
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5 Thoughts to “Jon Stewart on Betty White and the Big Soccer Game”

  1. Wolverine

    “Hot in Cleveland”!!! Now THAT is something new. I always thought Cleveland was Drew Carey, and that was it.

  2. Betty White hot even. Set your dvr. So far the most challenging part is figuring out where tv land is.

  3. What ever happened to good ‘ole Drew?

  4. marinm

    No one is better at not beating American than England.


    If we didn’t need England to fight the Axis of Evil… I’d say we invade.

  5. Wolverine

    Pinko, Drew is one of the few TV characters I really miss. Reminds me of a scene. Drew is living in his parents’ old home in Cleveland. The parents come up from Florida to Cleveland to visit and are staying with Drew. Drew has a girlfriend in his room. From off stage comes the voice of the father asking the mother where some toiletry article can be found. The mother tells him to look in Drew’s bathroom. You can hear the father rummaging around in the bathroom. The camera pans in on the faces of Drew and his girlfriend as the father exclaims: “What in the Hell are all these medical creams and ointments for? Is Drew sick or something?!!!”

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