Corey Stewart apparently wants our help hunting down illegal aliens. He must be jealous that Arizona is getting more attention than he is. His new initiative, The Rule of Law Campaign, is plastered all over his website and his Facebook page. Too bad it contains lies and could possibly get Virginia sued.


The Rule of Law Campaign Submitted by Corey on Wed, 06/16/2010 – 12:02.

Prince William County’s crackdown on illegal immigration worked: Illegal Aliens fled the county, and the violent crime rate plummeted. It is now time to protect all communities in Virginia from the effects of Illegal Immigration. Please join me in our effort to protect every county and city in Commonwealth by following Prince William County’s and Arizona’s lead and enforce the Rule of Law.

Please join the petition below if you would like your state and local elected officials to support The Virginia Rule of Law Act, which would do the following:

•Enhance Police Powers to Capture, Detain, and help Deport Criminal Aliens
◦Direct Virginia law enforcement officials to ascertain, in any lawful contact, the legal presence of an individual, when practicable.
◦Direct Virginia jails to release criminal aliens to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after serving their sentence.
◦Allow law enforcement officials to arrest illegals without warrant if they have reasonable suspicion that the arrest would make them removable from the United States.
•Virginia Criminal Penalties for Illegal Aliens
◦Make it a violation of Virginia law to fail to complete alien registration documents.
◦Impose harsh penalties for terrorists and illegals caught with illegal drugs and deadly weapons.
•Outlaw Sanctuary Policies
◦Prohibit cities and counties from preventing law enforcement officials from inquiring about legal presence or preventing them from sharing information with ICE.
•Outlaw Illegal Day Laboring and Public Roadside Solicitation
◦Allow law enforcement officials to break up day laboring operations.
◦Prohibit solicitation along all public roads, crippling illegal day labor sites.
•Crackdown on Human Smuggling
◦Prohibit smuggling and human trafficking, especially for sexual slavery.

There’s that darn probable cause that Corey tried to push through Prince William County. Let’s see, how would that work exactly?

I am sure that there are people out there who will be rah rah-ing and cheering Corey on. Election time is a little less than a year and a half off and he is getting a head start on it this year. Make no mistake. We have seen it all before.

Stewart would have those not living around  here believe that he single handedly ran off all the ‘illegals.’ Not even. Check with your schools and look at those designated as Hispanic. Not about Hispanics? Don’t even pretend that isn’t what it is all about.

Our violent crime rate plummeted? Not even close. Murders actually went up.

The 2009 UVA survey sheds some light on the topic in the Washington Post.   Note the date: 9/27/09

Over-all citizen approval of how things operate in Prince William has improved from 2007.

“I’m very pleased with the results,” Police Chief Charlie T. Deane said. “I suspect some of the improved perception of what we are doing has had to do with people seeing the reality versus the rhetoric. We try to be fair, lawful and responsible. . . . I’m proud our officers are being received in a better light than when this was initially started.”

Guterbock said the police department’s community outreach on the immigration policy might have helped drive the numbers back up. Another possibility, he said, is that people who were highly dissatisfied have left the county.

The illegal immigration policy could have also affected residents’ trust in government,

which dipped to 58.4 percent last year but rebounded to about 63 percent this year.


Additionally, the PWC Crime Report disputes Stewart’s falsehoods. There was a decrease in domestic violence incidents from 2007 to 2008. (1358 in 2007 and 1256 in 2008)  That is hardly a plummeting violent crime rate. 

Don’t take my word or Corey’s word for the Crime Statistics. Download the Police Department Report 2008 for yourself.      PWC Police Report 2008    Begin about page 19.  Pages 31-32 give specifics for illegal immigrants.

Rule of Law begins at home.  We cannot break the law to enforce Corey’ Rule of Law.

We will continue to monitor the Chairman’s trumpeting of his new plan.  Stewart isn’t going to be able to use immigration twice in the same lifetime to catapult himself into an elected position he wants.

44 Thoughts to “Corey Stewart Pushes for Clone of Arizona Immigration Law”

  1. Elena

    SHUT UP Corey, that is really all I can say. How much damage can one human being bring upon a county? And now he wants to export the hate and division?

    When, when will Supervisors on this Board publicly speak out? Poor Chief Deane has been the only leader to truly speak the truth on immigration and REAL public safety!

  2. IVAN

    Looks like a campaign platform to me.

  3. Wolverine

    Perhaps it would help if the posters here could specify precisely which parts of the Stewart petition they oppose. I assume that a crackdown on human smuggling for the purposes of sexual slavery is not one of them. Sometimes I find that the opposition here to anything Stewart does seems to be influenced more by an overall attitude toward Stewart resulting from past battles than from the particular points of any one proposal he makes. And, to put it even more bluntly, does the opposition stem from a disagreement with the points offered in this petition or from an unwillingness to see any action at all taken with regard to illegal immigrants, even an effort to remove criminals from our midst? Let the artillery exchange begin but more precisely aimed.

  4. Wolverine, the past battle continues. Stewart used the issue of immigration to get re-elected in 2007. Well, 2011 is right around the corner and he’s BAAAAACCKKKKK.

    Putting aside all emotions, we already have laws against sexual slavery. How are we going to crack down on it? If it is discovered, those involved are arrested and prosecuted. I don’t think Virginia is seen as weak on sexual slavery. Ditto for terrorist illegal immigrants.

    Actually I think I was rather precise for a beginning volley. I said he continues to misrepresent the truth about our crime rates. I gave supporting evidence. He didn’t find the silver bullet.

    He has not gotten specific about his new law. When he does, we will.

    Actually, we were very supportive of the 287g program which helps remove criminal illegal aliens from our streets. Additionally, many associated with this blog worked to change the resolution from probable cause to physical arrest to have one’s status checked. That to me is not an example of wanting nothing done to any illegal immigrant.

    Obviously it is not possible to deport each and every illegal immigrant. Realists want to remove those who harm society, criminals. Realists know that they cannot afford to pay our state and local police to hunt and track down illegal immigrants as suggested under the first bullet.

    I would say I oppose every bulleted item up there because the language is vague, unspecific, and emotional.

    Corey often changes his mind so I don’t plan on doing a lot of work until he shows us phase 2 of his big plan.

    Right now, it is just a rallying cry to get re-elected.

    Meanwhile, check to see who is putting money in the kitty.

  5. Starryflights

    Mr. Stewart lies. Crime has not declined in PWC since the Rule of Law thing took effect.

    And here’s the Statem Department’s last report on human trafficking. I don’t see Virginia among the nations cited (thankfully).

  6. Need to Know


    I thought “human smuggling for the purposes of sexual slavery” and most everything else in his “new” proposal were already illegal. Why do we need this? Is Corey saying we can now in Virginia legally import some human slaves and start a sex business, until he saves the day?

    How about something that will work, such as requiring eVerify documentation of all employees before anyone can get a business license or be awarded a contract with the State of Virginia or PWC? I guess that wouldn’t go over too well with his money-bag pals listed on or the Chamber.

    By the way, how does a sex business go about getting a license now, given that Corey seems to think it’s legal?

    This is just more Corey nonsense.

    The 2013 campaign for Lt. Gov. has already begun so prepare yourselves for massive amounts of silliness that many gullible Coreyites will swallow hook, line and sinker.

    Has anyone alerted Jon Stewart? He’ll have a field day with this one.

  7. PWC Taxpayer

    I think its time for some full disclosure from our smug realists. It is either an effort to protect someone on a personal level (caregiver, employee or relative?) or a purely partisam political attack. Asking for the enforcement of current law and giving the police the discretionary tools (authority) to enforce those laws is not crazy talk – nor is it “mean spirited.” Arguing that we are stuck with the situation, because we cannot – or somebody does not want the law enforce enforced is also crazy talk. The vast majority of PWC residents wanted and continue to want something – anything – done as a crime issue, as a property value issue, a jobs/wages protection issue and as a taxpayer issue (schools and health care and other social welfare services). As a politician, it is Corey’s job to reflect the mood of his constituents. He is doing that.

    As with the Gulf, where lincreasingly frustrated local officials are stepping up where the Federal Government has both failed and prevented the deployment of – requested – resources, Arizona and PWC are only the vanguard. It is those same “realists” who would also scream and whine about any strengthening of the 287g program – so there is no credibility from them on this issue. No compromise. Every bullet is reasonable.

  8. Rick Bentley

    I strongly support this and look forward to hearing about it more.

    You either want illegal immigrants to settle in, or you don’t. I don’t; most Virginians don’t.

    I also question which of the points in this anyone objects to.

  9. Need to Know

    @PWC Taxpayer

    As Moon wrote, 287g is a good idea. So is checking immigration status of people detained for other crimes. I agree that we don’t want police stopping people for no other reason than to check their papers – too reminiscent of the Gestapo. Some good things came out of the turmoil of the immigration debate of 2007.

    However, people are still frustrated and Corey is exploiting those feelings for cynical political purposes. I admit fully to being a realist, but try to avoid smugness. I want government to pursue effective policies that address real problems. This proposal does not do that. Corey is very good at identifying emotional issues, and playing on that sentiment.

    Read his proposal very carefully. What is in it of any substance? Nothing! The root cause of the illegal immigration problem is businesses hiring illegally to get cheap labor. No matter what else is done, the illegal immigration problem will not improve until we deal with these businesses. They are the modern-day slave-traders. Get people in this country illegally with no regard for their basic human rights, exploit them, round up a few for the cameras every now and then to show you are “doing something” and keep the cash flowing. Aside from actual slavery, how could we devise a more immoral economic system?

    PWC Taxpayer, Wolverine, and others are obviously very intelligent people – I’ve been reading your posts. Don’t let this conman sucker you. He’s p***ing in a glass and telling you its lemonade. Don’t drink it!!!

  10. Elena

    The consensus of APPOINTED Police Chiefs in the nation is that imposing immigration enforcement makes cities LESS safe. Forget the fact that Corey and other politicians use immigration as a political tool, it isn’t realistic to enforce. We need immigration reform that addresses our labor needs, a more fluid response to current needs. I don’t think it was just a need for “cheap labor” it was a need for labor. You can’t “scare” away just the undocumented when target the latino population, you scare away legal residents.

  11. Rick Bentley

    “He’s p***ing in a glass and telling you its lemonade. Don’t drink it!!!”

    My glass was full of p*** 3-4 years ago and he was the only one doing anything other than exorting me to drink it, enjoy it, learn to love it, and feed it to my family.

    “No matter what else is done, the illegal immigration problem will not improve until we deal with these businesses. ”

    I’m very interested in attacking the problem from that angle also. But our laws give plausible deniability to employers. Not to the actual illegal immigrants who don;t belong here, and commit the identity fraud at the root of this. You want to attack the problem, start there.

    So many people lack the guts to do anything that will impact a poor person. “If you can’t attack the business owners” (such as every f***ing restaurant in Manassas and half the businesses) “then don’t do anything to hurt the poor illegal immigrant, I don;t think that jesus or buddah would want it that way”. Listen, this is a battle and you are either fighting it, or not. The illegal immigrant and the business owner are on the same side. you are with that cause, or against it.

  12. Rick Bentley

    “We need immigration reform that addresses our labor needs, a more fluid response to current needs.”

    Exactly. Seal the border, stop codding illegal immigrants and encouraging illegal immigration, then let Congress determine how many people from each country and profession get in temporarily. It’ll be as fluid as one could imagine the day that businesses actually need workers. (We do have 20% unemployment in this country right now).

    Glad we agree on this Elena. Not sure why you refer to this as “immigration reform” though, I think of it as enforcing current laws and thereby encouraging self-deportation.

  13. •Enhance Police Powers to Capture, Detain, and help Deport Criminal Aliens

    Does that not send up red flags? That statement right there is begging for a law suit were it to become part of VA law.

    Secondly, do you want to live in a police state? Capture? That sounds much like a round up to me. Do you want to pay for our police to round up all the illegal aliens? Do we beat on doors in the middle of the night? How does that work to make it different from say the gestapo?

    Thirdly, Stewart is a supervisor of a county. Do any of you wonder why he is in the position of making laws? Doesn’t that even mildly tweak the curiosity? He isn’t a state delegate or senator. Maybe he is going to try to boot Bob Fitzsimmons out of the way of running for Senator Colgan’s seat, should he decide not to run.

    Fourthly, Stewart likes using immigration as a campaign issue. He can incite emotion and the work is already done. 2007 plus the unrest in Arizona. Lazy man’s way to run.

  14. Rick Bentley

    (because open borders anarchy is not “addressing our labor needs”. Our own citizens are at 20% unemployment).

  15. Rick, you want Congress to decide how many people from each country get let in?

    Most of the people who are out of work don’t want to do the kind of work that many immigrants are willing to do. Michigan probably has more than 20% unemployment. Northern Virginia does not….not even 5%.

  16. Rick Bentley

    “Secondly, do you want to live in a police state? ”

    if the choice is between a “police state” or some type of “no borders, no rules, laws only apply if we feel like them” anarcho-syndicalyst commune …. tell me more about the police state option?

    “Do we beat on doors in the middle of the night?”

    Yeah, sometimes we do – right now, or in any scenario one can envision. I actually saw a police officer beating on a door in my neighborhood last month around 2 AM, trying to catch someone at something.

    “Stewart likes using immigration as a campaign issue”

    Good! I love him. I’d honest-to-God give him my vote for President of the US, dog catcher, or anything else until he does things much sillier and reckless thah anything he’s yet done.

    Because the status quo is unacceptable.

  17. Rick Bentley

    “Rick, you want Congress to decide how many people from each country get let in? ”

    Yep. because it’s the law, it’s what we as a society have agreed to. Until we change the rules, yes.

    “Most of the people who are out of work don’t want to do the kind of work that many immigrants are willing to do. Michigan probably has more than 20% unemployment. Northern Virginia does not….not even 5%.”

    Other people will emigrate here, as I did 20 years ago. And fast food will cost a few cents more. And people will speak English at drive-throughs. It’ll all be good, believe me. We will survive.

  18. Rick Bentley

    American kids who don’t speak Spanish will be able to get jobs! It’ll be a Brave New World.

  19. Vigilant Vulture

    First and foremost, Corey should be dealing with the many issues of the county. He was elected to a county office, not a state office. I too am curious why there’s no mention of employers in this newest resolution of his. I would like to know who wrote this most recent resolution.

    Employers are our own worst enemies when it comes to illegal immigration. Their willingness to hire these people at slave wages is what invites illegal aliens to our nation, state, and localities. Anyone that really was concerned about the issue would attack the hiring practices of these companies, but Corey failed to address this ever important issue. In the end it’s just more of Corey’s hot air. Corey should take his hot air to Arizona for the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

    I am very opposed to illegal immigration, but Corey once again is going about it all wrong. His failure to address employers is further proof he’s just another sell out to the developers. He’s not the first in the county to do this. He’s now joined the ranks of Marty and Wally in that regards.

  20. Vigilant Vulture

    Mr. Bentley, why would you want to support someone that doesn’t want to address the hiring practices of businesses?

  21. Rick Bentley

    Things are so corrupt in this nation, state, county that if we want to punish the employers we’re talking about :

    70% of eating places and 99% of fast-food places
    Most cleaning crews, which clean most office buildings and stores

    It’s not enough to say ‘go after employers” – exactly what would you do to them, given the Federal Government’s DELIBERATE refusal to promulgate and use valid identification systems?

    “Their willingness to hire these people at slave wages is what invites illegal aliens to our nation, state, and localities. ”

    You’re describing something that’s like gravity or osmosis, you can’t stop it. What you can do is have a government that penalizes negative actions. “Attack the hiring process” of companies … that’s reserved to our corrupt Federal Government. Don’t hold your breath. So meanwhile, the choice is to attack the problem and dry up the swamp, or to learn to love a bilingual America that imports poverty continuously.

  22. Rick Bentley

    VV, I hope that if Stewart is serious about this effort that he will include some measures to penalize employers of illegal aliens. I am all for that. I just think it’s a more difficult path to hoe than attacking the actual identity their themselves is. But i want it done in both directions.

    Meanwhile, I say report them to ICE and to in the meantime.

  23. Vulture, I think most of us are opposed to illegal immigration.

    Now Corey knows to include employers on his laundry list. You guys are just helping him out.

    I cannot believe people are still being duped by this guy. What can a supervisor do for you? Is he imitating his old nemisis, the Coffee Party with its grass roots efforts? Is that how he is going to get name recognition state-wide? He cannot draft immigration laws. He doesn’t hold an office that allows him to do that. All he can do is hope to fool enough people into believe he is their immigration guru.

    It will never play out. Right after he is elected to whatever it is he eventually runs for, all of a sudden there will be discoveries that this part of the law can’t be enacted because it violates this statute, and that part can’t be enacted because our police cannot do something that conflicts with this or that federal law.

    It is all BS. Put your efforts into an updated federal plan where you aren’t footing the bill for something you can’t do anyway.

    Does anyone really think if all these things were possible they wouldn’t already be in effect? Some of them are already. Seriously, does anyone think that we need to crack down on sexual slavery? What are we not doing to stop it?

    Rick, we will never agree on this area. You believe in someone I see as a charlatan. If he were such a miracle worker, why were the cops beating on your neighbors door? Bet they had a warrant.

    You never told us you emigrated to the United States twenty years ago. (or did you mean virginia?)

  24. Vigilant Vulture

    Mr. Bentley, I just think it’s important to point out the this one area is lacking in the newest resolution. I believe, as I’m sure you do too, want the problem addressed on all fronts. It’s not enough to go after the illegal aliens alone. The businesses continue to feed the illegal immigration problem we are faced with and should be dealt with. The ommission of this aspect makes believe he’s not serious as he would like us to believe.

    I have used the above link a time or two. We must remain vigilant on all fronts. The enforcement agencies can’t be everywhere and see everything. It’s up to the citizens to take in active roll and report known problems to the proper authorities.

  25. Vigilant Vulture

    “Vulture, I think most of us are opposed to illegal immigration.”

    I’m not sure why you needed to say this. I never said boo about how many, who was, or wasn’t opposed to illegal immigration.

    Thanks for the daily dose of humor… “Right after he is elected to whatever it is he eventually runs for, all of a sudden there will be discoveries that this part of the law can’t be enacted because it violates this statute, and that part can’t be enacted because our police cannot do something that conflicts with this or that federal law.”

    What makes you think he will get elected. I think IF would’ve been the better term. Nice to see you have such confidence in Corey. 😉

  26. You had said you were very opposed to illegal immigration. I was letting you and others know, since you appear to be fairly new here, that this blog does not support illegal immgration, contrary to popular belief.

    However, many of us here, in particular the blog owners, seek solutions through federal reform rather than states doing the wild cat thing and drafting their own legislation which may or may not past Constitutional muster.

  27. I have much confidence in Stewart’s Chutzpah and his ability to try to manipulate to get elected. Will he be successful? Quien Sabe. It depends on what lengths he is willing to go and who runs against him. I am certainly not ruling it out. I also have heard of 2 people who are considering opposing him. Lots of variables out there.

    Not at VV.

  28. whatever

    Elena- Where is the proof that immigrants are less inclined to report crime if 287g is being used? Because the Chief’s think it will happen, doesn’t make it so. Also didn’t your hero Deane say he didn’t see a decrease in reporting?

  29. PWC Taxpayer

    I love the duplicity of arguing that one is not for illegal immigration, yet is opposed to any action that would serve to control or eliminate it. Worse, the duplicity of arguing against illegal immigration yet are for amnesty for those already llegally here. Cory is on target. At least he’s trying to do something. The only charlatans here are those that seek the political support and money from those who seek advantage for those who have come here illegally. Its like taking moeny from the Mob – a criminal activity no bigger than the illegal immigrant supporter community. Can’t argue that Corey is dirty on that one- and I do hope that he makes taking such money directly or through the unions – a campaign issue.

  30. My blood pressure just shot up about 50 points. I can’t respond reasonably without violating this site’s penchant for civil discussion. I will wait until my temper subsides.

  31. Rick Bentley

    “Put your efforts into an updated federal plan where you aren’t footing the bill for something you can’t do anyway. ”

    Doesn’t work. Both parties are against us. However, what Arizona is doing IS working and is shaking up the issue.

  32. I would love to see Corey take on those who accept campaign money from unions. I would laugh myself right through listing all the developers that have given him money. Guess which list would be longer?

    Oh make my day.

  33. Elena supports the 287(g) program, whatever. Stop making crap up.

    You know as well as I do that she was speaking of the police chiefs across the nation not wanting to have their officers involved in doing the work of ICE. It hurts their ability to build community trust. What Chief Deane, who is also MY hero said, has nothing to do with the 287(g) program.

  34. PWC Taxpayer

    Individual businesses have the right to contribut as do I – which you have taken a few cheap shots at in terms of those lists. Apparantly, you are willing to turn a blind eye to the dollars involved vice the list of names and the dollars given by the unions to the loyal opposition and its impact on the policies and politics of the region. Ok now make my day. Your good friend Mr Connelly, for example, is no more up the union’s *&^ than Corey is up any small businessman’s. So what again is your point?

  35. And what was your point? You want to see corey take on union contributions? bwaaaa-hahahaha

    Sure they do. And they have. Lots and lots of developers. They have the right to give, he has the right to accept, and we have the right to hold him to his campaign promises.

    tp, since when is my friend, Mr. Connolly, running against Corey? I have never looked to see who contributes to Mr. Connolly’s campaign. Unions, developers who are now just ‘small businessmen’ in your eyes, are all about the same to me, other than unions generally have much less impact on the environment, the traffic, and the density of this county,and the need for more schools, libraries and other services.

    I cannot think of a single way that a union impacts any of those things. Please explain how a union impacts any of those quality of life issues? Do you think if a union gives Mr. Connolly, my non-friend, a couple grand contribution he is going to slap down a steel mill in the middle of haymarket and hire all union members to work in it?

    Can you make the same claim about all the developers to contribute to Mr. Stewart?

  36. Wolverine

    Need to Know — Whatever is in that glass you mentioned is yours, not mine. I don’t live in PWC. But I would argue that the dismissal of human sexual slavery as not being a problem is a false one. It has happened and is happening in this country, especially with regard to Latino girls being lured to cross our border and then blackmailed and literally forced to operate as prostitutes. Now, if I, as a White American, was a principal in such an illegal scheme, law enforcement would have a pretty good chance of eventually bringing me down. But, when the operators and the female victims in such rings are Latinos and especially Latinos without legal status, the whole law enforcement thing runs smack dab into the illegal immigration Gordian Knot and our current failure to establish a sure modus operandi to deal with it. I recall a case in north Alabama not too long ago where the police did manage to break into such a ring. But the problem they then encountered was this world unto itself called the community of illegals. The girls they thought they were saving proved to have been so terrorized within the system of illegal immigration that they would not even cooperate in their own “liberation” from sexual slavery. Resolving this particular kind of criminal case is not as easy as going up against perps with legal staus. The lack of a firm policy to handle illegal immigration is part and parcel of the obstacles faced. Hence, I think the rationale for Stewart’s inclusion of that item on his list, political ploy or not. Not all that long ago, police organizations and the media were reporting that Latino houses of prostitution, including those using human sex slaves, were on the move, so to speak, relocating from New York and New Jersey onto Maryland and Virginia because the perps deemed it easier to operate here among surbuban police forces.

    My former profession was one that often took me into the world of prostitution whether you wanted to go there or not. I think I have seen every type of bordello and street walker operation possible. And stop the snickering immediately. Mine are strictly academic observations. Not long ago, I discovered that we had a Latino bordello right on our Northern Virginia street operating out of a private home. Local law enforcement didn’t even know it was there. I found out through that episode just how difficult it is for our own law enforcement officers, especially those in a suburban or exurban milieu, to penetrate and bring down such an establishment, with a big part of the problem being the modus operandi of such “houses” within the shadows of illegal immigration. In my “old days” I could simply have sent the boys in to clean the place out and literally tear it down. That’s not the way it works in America. In this particular case, the only real option was to put enough in-your-face pressure on the Latino customers that the “house” eventually elected to fold up and move operations elsewhere. For all I know, they may have relocated to the Moonhowler’s neighborhood in PWC.

    Human sexual slavery in our current illegal imigration milieu — not a problem I would dismiss so readily. Yes, indeed, it is quite possible to be a human sexual slave right in the middle of suburban America, made easier by the closed atmosphere of the illegal immigrant’s world.

  37. Wolverine, no one is dismissing it. We have laws to prosecute those who deal in sexual slavery.

    What else would you do other than make it illegal?

    Corey making it an emotional appeal to get re-elected isn’t going to make the practice go away. Arresting people who are enslaving others and prosecuting them is the only thing I know to do and that is already on the books.

    If someone would point out some hole in our current laws that need shoring up in regards to sexual slavery I would be all over it. In fact, if I found that out I would pick up the phone, call my state delegate and ask him to sponsor a bill to fix things. I would not ask the board of supervisors of my county to do it.

  38. Captain Idiot-Face

    You go, Corey!! How much honor can one man bring upon his county!

  39. Wolverine

    Moon, we do have the laws. Those laws can work for us in most situations. However, these laws are getting entangled with the constraints that we impose on the police with regard to approaches to illegal immigrants. Somewhere in all of this there has to be a way to allow such approaches so that these horrendous criminal activities are more easily ended and to do so without causing an uptick in our debates over civil rights. The bad guys know how to make use of the existing constraints in order to protect themselves. Unfortunately in my opinion, when something like the Arizona law is proposed, many of us tend to take extreme sides immediately based on emotional factors. O.K., I can understand the situation in PWC given the past battles between Stewart and those opposed to him; but, doggone it, we have some terrible criminal activities out there involving sex, drugs, and all sorts of ways of imprisoning the human soul regardless of ethnicity or immigration status. It’s time we set aside the emotion and started to look for workable answers to some real problems. Until we do, we are going to continue to have the likes of that poor Latina immigrant in Alabama or Georgia (I’ve forgotten exactly which case that was) who was obliged by her slave masters to service up to 40 men per day and sleep on the floor on a mat covered with used condoms and you can guess what else

    1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Uncle!!!I am grossed out. you got me.

      I agree we should have the laws at our disposal to stop atrocities like what you described. I believe that we do. If someone can come along and show me where we don’t than I will be glad to re-evaluate my position. I just think in this case it is ….well…Corey. Maybe one of our readers who is familiar with our laws will come along and answer the quesion.

  40. There was a question asked earlier about our hero, Chief Deane. This link might shed some light on the gathering of the police chiefs:

  41. Swooping Buzzard

    Haven’t been here in awhile, but it looks like we’ve come full circle. That idiot we call a supervisor wants to make sure the world knows he pushed through the law before AZ did and now he wants to go back to the original format, the one the board overturned because it encouraged racial profiling? Someone should give him an MRI.

    1. @ Swooping, good to see you back. I thought you had forgotten about us. Guess it took Corey rising up to get you to come back for a visit?

  42. Swooping Buzzard

    I pick at dead people, and Stewart is about as dead as they get.

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