Part 2 of Rise of the New Right addresses the common theme of dislike of President Barack Obama. The ‘birthers’ are explored. The video is about 7 minutes.

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One often hears that the ‘new right’ includes people who voted for Barack Obama and have become disenchanged and want to take their vote back. Is that true? I only know of one person who said that and that person is something of a political schizophrenic.

Have people always called a sitting president a communist, a socialist? I find that so horribly disrespectful.
What motivates deep hatred of any president? When does this kind of hate become unhealthy?

11 Thoughts to “Rise of the New Right: Part 2”

  1. starryflights

    If it weren’t for President Obama, these paranoid losers wouldn’t have a reason to get up in the morning.

  2. marinm

    Sure we do. I work so that people can continue to get welfare and social security.

    Keep on calling me a loser. You bring more moderates to our position. 🙂

  3. starryflights

    Blame FDR for your social security tax, sweetheart. It has been around for eighty years or so. If didn’t start with Obama and won’t likely end anytime soon. Meanwhile keep painting Joker smiles on Obama’s face if it makes you feel better.

  4. RingDangDoo


    You hit a nerve! You’re a ‘sweetheart’ now!


  5. Second-Alamo

    While watching my tax dollar support generation after generation of ‘poor’ it is finally my turn to receive some benefit of my earnings in the form of SS paybacks, and now everyone wants to squash it? It’s not a freeby, it’s a payback, and that’s a bad thing? Yet we have no problem handing tax dollars over to support those unwilling to help themselves? Makes NO sense! Where is all this support of fairness everyone seems to subscribe to?

  6. SA, that is exactly how I have been feeling with some of this talk. I am totally in your corner on this one. I have been paying in to that damn thing since I was 16 years old. I start getting close and all the whippersnappers are acting like my generation …our generation…is a bunch of of slackers.

  7. RingDangDoo


    Dont worry, you’re covered.

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” – Marx

    1. SA and I will just take yours too, ring.

  8. Second-Alamo

    I can understand how the younger generation would lump SS payments in with other government deductions as a bad thing, but viewing it as welfare just doesn’t make sense. How would they like it if after paying for their new car for five years someone comes along and tells them they now have to turn it over to a ‘deserving poor family’? That, they would understand I’m very sure!

    BTW, thanks for the email.

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