Part 3 takes a closer look at the various Tea Parties and how they got started.  


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Strange. Senator Brown certainly doesn’t seem to be all that conservative to me.

I feel like many I have seen in this movement are bullies. I got that feeling watching the town hall meetings on TV and on the internet. I can’t believe that every thing I watched just showed the bad side. I can’t believe that every rally I saw only showed the bad side.

I honestly think people aren’t really sure what they want. Senator Brown is more like a person I might vote for than someone Sarah Palin might vote for.

3 Thoughts to “The Rise of the New Right: Part 3”

  1. Wolverine

    Anna is exactly MY cup of tea in the Tea Party.

  2. Is Anna the lady from Brazil?

  3. marinm

    Wow.. Yah, she just lays it out there and puts it in a way I think political moderates can understand. She’s awesome.

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