12 Thoughts to “The Rise of the New Right: Part 4”

  1. marinm


    While he ain’t his dad.. This guy ‘gets it’. Can’t wait to call the good doctor, Senator.

  2. Wolverine

    Rand Paul: Is he ready for prime time?

    Well. hey, was Al Franken ready for prime time?

  3. It took Al Franken long enough to be declared a winner …he probably forgot he ran.

    I guess the big question is, can Paul play the political game well enough to get elected.

    Question, how much does Lydon LaRuche still taint the libertarian movement?

  4. How about military retirement which is a pension and paid for by the public. Are you all opposed to that? @marin

    Getting rid of pensions of govt works is what is driving that question.

    I have heard a lot about that from conservative sources.

  5. starryflights

    Abolishing social security and medicare isn’t exactly popular. If this is what the Tea Party is all about, they will find themselves with a pretty tough road to hoe.

    In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind giving young folks the option of participating.

  6. marinm

    LaRuche isn’t/wasn’t a Libertarian. I wouldn’t even call him a Democrat as I think he goes to the left of the Progressives.

  7. Wolverine

    I do think that claiming the Tea Party people in general want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare is really an exaggeration. I believe rather that it is a question of reconfiguring both of them in some way in order to keep them solvent and under a more sensible and steady management, including keeping Congressional hands out of any lockboxes. I also think that Starryflights hit the nail smack dab on the head. “Option” could be a very big factor in any reconfiguration.

  8. Laruche used to run on a libertarian ticket in Virginia. Sorry. It might have had some other descriptor along with it. I am not saying he was a good one or a bad one but he sure gave the ‘party’ a bad name. One of his minions ran as a democrat once as I recall, in some primary.

    They are not to the right of progressives. Liberals are to the right of progressives.

    LaRuche people are those obnoxious people outside the dmv. They aren’t even close to being liberal. They are cult strange something else.

    Wolverine, I agree with option although I think everyone who works should have to put money somewhere. Otherwise we are right back to where we started. People think they can catch up.

  9. My military question is being ignored. I would like to know if those who are in favor of cutting out ss, vrs, and other retirement related programs when paid for by government for emplyees are also in favor of cutting out military retirement.

  10. marinm

    I don’t think that LaRouche was on a LP ticket or platform.. At least everything that comes up with him off google shows Democratic Pary, Labor Party or the other party he created. But, just reading his policies are anti-Libertarian, anti-Republican (you could argue that SOME issues he aligns with the neo-cons). Even the RINO’s aren’t close. I think he’s to the left of progressives, liberals and democrats. His ideas are….out there.

    From his PAC website it shows him pushing for a government department that would employ everyone, single-payer universal health-care coverage, high speed rail, etc. I don’t believe those would get a lot of play with the Libertarian’s. 😉

    But, if you have a cite I could review.. I’m interested. Assuming he WAS he’s gone the way of a moon bat now.

    To your military question I believe in a gradual phase out of in-active duty members access to medical care UNLESS due to a service related injury. Some of that has already been accomplished with the move away from TRICARE but I’d like to see the cord cut in 30~ years.

  11. Those guys in front of the dmv say they are Lyndon LaRuche. They aren’t progressives. They are more like Nazis. They are rude.

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