Here you go.  It is hotter than hell out there.  The BP leak  is still going strong.   The primaries are over.

Prince William County and Manassas  people needs to start following the money.  A good place to start is

Check out all your favorite politicians.

Friday, might as well make the open thread move along during the week. All that is required is to change the date on the post.

The USA plays Slovenia at 10 am our time. The USA is favored to win. Germany is currently playing Serbia. Those hideous horns are swarming in the background. The score is 0-0.
Is Starry at this match? Search for Starry……..

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  1. Captain Idiot-Face


    Servants of the people!!

  2. I am rather curious what was happening on the othr end of the camera. Sticking a mic in someone’s face is sorta rude and unless you are Corey Stewart, it probably pisses the person off.

  3. Wolverine

    North Carolina starting to horn in on South Carolina’s act. Which reminds me. Not long ago we had a few yucks here about how South Carolina politics was a gift that keeps on giving. Looks like we can open another delightful gift …. Alvin Greene… this time at the expense of South Carolina Democrats and Tim Kaine’s DNC. This may be the show stopper.

  4. punchak

    Just been reading about the sailing girl, Abby Sunderland.

    The cost for her rescue comes to ca $300,000. Remember, a Qantas airbus was sent out. Mother Marianne says the family doesn’t have the money and, furthermore, how much is a girl’s life worth. She says the question of who pays should be settled between Australia and the US!!!!!!!! The Sunderland family evidently expect to pay nothing.

    Father said he signed a contract for a reality show weeks after Abby set sail. Almost sounds like the family that lied about their son soaring in a balloon.

    An aside: there are seven children in the family and No. 8 is on the way. Many more sailors coming along maybe.

  5. Poor Richard

    The current Newsweek website has a list of, according thier criteria, the top
    1600 high schools in America – which is around 6% of all US high schools.

    Local rankings in top 1600:

    306 – Potomac 35%
    326 – Hylton 27%
    369 – Osbourn Park 17%
    545 – Brentsville 9%
    563 – Garfield 44%
    679 -Battlefield 12%
    740- Woodbridge 27%
    830 – Stonewall Jackson 39%

    Not totally sure what they based the rankings on but they also listed
    percent of students eligible for free and reduced lunches because of low
    family income. They did not list ESL percents.

  6. Wolverine, can anyone reallyt top John Edwards? That has to be the nadir of humanity.

    I don’t know what that kid did to the NC politician. That’s what I want to see. People don’t usually act that way unprovoked. NC? Well maybe.

  7. Wolverine, can anyone reallyt top John Edwards? That has to be the nadir of humanity.

    I don’t know what that kid did to the NC politician. That’s what I want to see. People don’t usually act that way unprovoked. NC? Well maybe.

    Is Alvin Greene from SC? Jon Stewart is covering this as we speak.

  8. PR, that’s not too shabby. I don’t think all that many high school kids are listed as esol, compared to elementary school. I believe the real determiner is how stable the community is. Bing in the top 6% is pretty darn good.

    Freedom and Forest Park were in there also. What I find odd is how outstandingly well Arlington Schools did. I thought Arlington was the People’s Republic of Arlington and that the schools were all loaded up with immigrants? They sure did a good job. Left PWC standing in the dust. I guess it pays not to believe everything one reads on certain blogs.

  9. Back to Etheridge–he does come off as somewhat of a jerk but the student should have just told him his name. His question was inflammatory. Why were the student’s facial features blurred out? What was he out there for?

    My vote, 2 wrongs. It was a set up and the congressman played it out in the worst way.

  10. Wolverine

    I have an important announcement to make. In the interest of Accuracy in Blogging and to ensure that all bloggers within keyboard striking distance of this site are the beneficiaries of a good and precise education, we must alert one and all to the following; Henceforth, it is forbidden to call your political opponent a “Neanderthal.” To continue to use such an epithet in political discourse will be to show that one is lacking in knowledge and debate worthiness and quite capable of causing a domestic disturbance or even a family feud.

    The details. After four years of research at the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, scientists have managed to sequence 60% of the DNA that formed the building blocks of the Neanderthal lineage. Thus, Neanderthals are not quite as extinct as everyone once thought, replaced, as it were, by Homo sapiens. Now get this: Somewhere between one and four percent of the DNA in people currently living who are ethnically non-African comes from the Neanderthals. To wit, all of us White people are part Neanderthal, whether you are liberal, conservative, moderate or communist.

    The DNA samples came from the bones of Neanderthals in Croatia’s Vindija Cave. The theory is that small numbers of Homo sapiens left Africa between 100,000 and 80,000 years ago and encountered Neanderthals in the Middle East, where the two populations interbred before the Homo sapiens left and moved into the rest of Eurasia. It appears that none of the Homo sapiens went back to Africa, so Blacks apparently have no Neanderthal DNA. (Boy, I can sense that one coming from a mile off!!)

    So, just remember. If, in the heat of argument, you call someone like myself a “Neanderthal”, you are referring to yourself as well as me. The joke will be on you.

    Now, excuse me as I go to revise some genealogical charts. Look it up. It’s in the latest issue of “Archaeology” magazine. Wonder what my grandfather 37,000 times removed was called? Throg? Moog? Orrg? Grunt?

  11. Formerly Anonymous

    Sorry but in my book when Rep. Etheridge did was a big deal, and far worse than George Allen’s ‘macaca’ moment to pick a recent comparable example. The minute Etheridge grabbed the kid’s arm he crossed a very big line and grabbing him by the neck was tantamount to assault in my book.

    If Etheridge doesn’t have the good sense to know how to avoid a pretty basic ambush journalism attempt, what is he doing in Congress? How hard is it to say “No comment” and keep on walking. Or even better “Sorry, I’m on my way to a meeting. You’ll have to call my press secretary to schedule an interview.”

    I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest the kids did anything to provoke him other than ask if he supported the Obama agenda. Heck, he’s a Democratic member of Congress. Shouldn’t he have just said “Yes” and kept walking.

    Rep. Etheridge chose to become a senior elected public figure. One of the downsides to that is you have to put up with kids asking you questions on the street. Another is having to put up with people putting a cutout of you in a gay pride parade. As Harry Truman said “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

  12. Any other NRA members here notice the camoflage water bottles they sent out the other day were mande in China?

  13. No one is arguing he did wrong. I just wanted to know what brought about what seemed like a non-predictable response.

    I also think sticking a mic in someone’s face like that was an assault. I think both were wrong. However, the wrongness will totally fall on the congressman and not on the kid who had his own agenda and no face. That in itself speaks volumes.

    I can’t compare it to macaca. Too different. If I had to compare it to something, I would compare it to ACORN pimp.

  14. Go to Hand of Clod to read Starry Flight’s report from South Africa. Very neat description of singing the Star’s Spangled Banner from South Africa. Also some up close and person pictures! I would bet the ranch Starry took them himself.

  15. Poor Richard

    M-H, Suggest a link to “Immigration: what would Reagan do?”
    by Peter Robinson in today’s Wall Street Journal. Reagan
    is a “saint” to most Republicans and Peter Robinson was
    one of his speech writers. Robinson’s basic view is that
    President Reagan would have supported Bush II’s amnesty
    proposal in 2006, with a path to amnesty for those already here
    and stronger borders and employee verification.
    Of course, Reagan signed the 1986 Immigration bill that
    provided amnesty to many, but later leaders didn’t follow though
    on tougher border enforcement and other actions to stop
    a wave of new undocumented immigrants.
    Signing the 1986 bill, Reagan said “Future generations of Americans
    will be thankful for our efforts to humanely regain control of
    our borders and thereby protect preserve the value of one of the most
    sacred possessions of our people – American citizenship.”

  16. Poor Richard

    Elevated percentages of low income and/or ESL students place special
    burdens on a public school. I’m most impressed by schools,
    those not allowed to “cherry pick” their students, who have large
    percentages of low income and ESL students AND still perform at
    a high level. Those are the real stars.

  17. Yes they do deserve high accolades for sure.

  18. PR, feel free to put up links if you want. Just copy then frm the address bar and paste them in the comment box.

    Warning: do them one box at a time. If you put 3 in a box, you end up in moderation. Fluke that stops spam supposedly.

  19. I appreciate links – good article. Is it true that after the census is tallied, Prince William County is expected to become the first minority majority county in Northern Virginia?

  20. PWC Taxpayer

    Funniest thing I have read in weeks; “Ed Schultz says he’d run for President.”
    Now that is Psycho talk to the extreme. Schultz considered a run for Senator from North Dakota earlier this year.

  21. Pat.Herve

    is that the unedited entire confrontation? Seems like they were able to agitate him with little provocation (from the video I saw). I tend to think there is more to the story.

    Although he did grab the kids wrist, and pulled him closer by the neck, I would hardly call the confrontation assault.

  22. I am liking old Ed Schultz better and better. I guess he is growing on me.

    pat, nowadays kids think everything is an assault…looking at them funny.

    He shouldn’t have touched the kid and the kid shouldn’t have gotten in his space. The kid was out for a controntation. The congressman should have been smarter.

    He has apologized profusely. However, we all know apologies just aren’t enough.

  23. Formerly Anonymous

    I’ll apologize in advance for posting something that is sure to be highly political, but this just makes my blood boil. To think that the Justice Department would approve a voting scheme in which certain people are allowed to cast six votes in an election while others get only one vote in the same election. Why? Because not enough candidates of a particular race were being elected.

    Lots of good people died to establish the concept of “one man, one vote” and we willingly throw it away for racial bean counting. Disgusting and blatantly unconstitutional. What possible interpretation of equal representation allows something like this?

    The alternative solution that they rejected was to redistrict the area into smaller communities so some would be majority minority. Unfortunately, the article does not explain why the Justice Department did not go with that option, which is how it’s been typically done in the past.

  24. PWC Taxpayer

    @Formerly Anonymous

    Democracy in the Holder/Obama America is to get the answer we told you you wanted.

  25. That doesn’t even make sense.

  26. Wolverine

    Well, Moon, you may have another candidate for your “Most Infamous” list. Media reports are coming in that Al Gore had a two-year affair with Laurie David, producer of “Inconvenient Truth.” Exit Tipper. Al Gore and John Edwards together again. This infidelity business is getting absolutely ridiculous. One wag on another blog expressed amazement that the Clintons’ marriage lasted longer than that of the Gores.

  27. I am not going to like having to do that one. However, there is a huge difference in what Al might have done and what John Edwards did. Al doesnt have a terminally ill wife who stayed on the exhausting campaign trail for him.

    It isn’t just the zipper problem, its the lack of responsibility problem. I understand that people out grow each other. I don’t understand the backstabbing that Edwards did.

    And the Clinton marriage….hmmm…I expect everyone’s expectations are pretty clear….

  28. Star is reporting it. Laurie David denied it on Huff Post and said she was in a committed relationship since her divorce in 2007 from Steinfeld creator Larry David.

    Who knows. Wasn’t the Star who broke the Edwards crap?

    I guess it could go either way. n

  29. Poor Richard

    FA, my reading is that everyone gets six votes
    (one citizen, six votes?). Will be interesting to see
    how it turns out.

    In Manassas you get can vote for up to three candidates for council,
    but you aren’t allowed to give your three votes to one candidate.
    Consequently, being a second or third choice counts just as much
    as being a first choice.

    Also note Manassas, unlike many other jurisdictions, was never forced
    by DOJ to go to a ward system since the minority population was so
    spread out across the city.

    Cindy, not sure about PWC, but according to the City’s Office of
    Community Development estimates last month, Manassas will be
    within one percent of being “minority-majority”.
    Whites – 50.76%
    Hispanics – 30.17%
    Blacks – 12.50%
    Asians – 3.67%
    Others – 2.9%

    1. How do Prince Billy’s numbers compare to the city, P?

  30. PWC Taxpayer

    I am liking old Ed Schultz better and better. I guess he is growing on me.

    Here’s you boy last night… Liberal radio talk show host and MSNBC’s Ed Schultz said President Obama should “put the boot on the neck of BP” and act like a “dictator” in his Oval Office address tonight.

    The problem is that Obama thinks he can and is restraining himself.

  31. Sorry I missed hearing that. I prefer him over the Fox and Friends who make hideous remarks for 3 hours running.

    I used to not like Schultz. As I said, he is growing on me.

    I took the liberty of redoing your block quote for you. That happens to me ALL the time!

  32. Poor Richard

    BVBL has a posting up about a Tea Party gathering in Manassas later this
    month, but missing some data such as what time.

    Google “Manassas tea party” and what pops up? “Princess Tea Parties –
    geared for girls 3 to 8”.

    One lump or two?

  33. Rick Bentley

    Good story in the Post today about immigrant business owners in Dwoskin’s shopping center and their feelings about the day laborers –

  34. Rick Bentley

    Obama realizes that his abysmal lack of leadership is actually looking bad stacked up against GWB’s facile and reckless attempts at leadership. So Obama’s looking for villians to pillory.

    As facile and reckless as GWB was, at least he was more real, more able to articulate something he actually believed, than Obama is.

    1. @Rick, that has been tried again and again. Those 2 parties hold the power and they will not give up.

  35. Poor Richard

    Deepwater Horizon was operating under the safety regulations of the
    Marshall Islands? That is just bizarre – unless, like Jon Stewart
    speculated, they are getting back at us for all the atomic bombs we
    tested near them fifty years ago.

  36. Found, one practice speech by President Obama…..

    Already, though, that “independent” third party supposed to handle BP’s escrow? Yeah, not so much. Its going to be the pay czar. This whole escrow thing is to make the Gulf Coast dependent on Obama to get their money.

    Let’s get a real, independent, escrow manager.

  37. Rick Bentley

    We the people do have it within our ability to stop voting for them. And, even more importantly, to stop taking their bs seriously.

  38. Btw, where does President Obama get the authority to ‘INFORM’ a private entity that it WILL set up an escrow account and surrender control of that money to the government? There are laws already on the books stating liability. Do the stockholders of the company have any rights at all in this violation of the 5th amendment?

    “No person shall be … deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

    Where is the due process? Or is that just to messy for President Obama?

  39. Rick Bentley

    Due process would be a damn sight too messy for BP.

  40. Not one person told me that Monday wasn’t June 18.

  41. Sorry, Moon. I saw the error but it was a crazy-busy week. Just grateful to have an open thread, and thanks for moving it up. I lurk, don’t always post.

  42. Mind-Boggled

    “I also think sticking a mic in someone’s face like that was an assault”

    Huh? You are kidding, right? It’s not “assault” until there is physical contact. Is baiting a public official with a loaded question and holding a mic up to get their response rude? Perhaps, but not assault It’s what passes for journalism these days. What the congressman did is considered assault. If I were to point at you, and call you a name, would that be assault in your book? Admit it. You are just trying to minimize the severity of this congressman’s impulsive action. Yet you frequently raise “maccaca” from the dead at every opportunity. If it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

    1. Wrong, mind-boggled. You are thinking of battery. Assault does not have to be touching, although I believe the congressman was touched. You just don’t do that. Regardless of whether we think it was assault or not, you just don’t do that to someone. He got in his face. He was imputent and rude and overly agressive.

      I am not trying to minimize the congressman’s behavior. I said he was wrong. I am not, however, letting the baiter off the hook as Mr. Innocent. He knew exactly what he was doing and HE was also wrong. It sounds to me like you feel it is ok for a young man to shove something in the face of his elders and ask imputent questions. Where I come from, that would have gotten you sent to your room until you were no longer wet behind the ears.

      What does Macaca have to so with this case? Oh, political spoiler. Now I get it. By the way, I don’t know jack about Ethridge other than he got set up and he handled it miserably. Now stop assuming.

  43. starryflights

    The USA got robbed of a victory today, in broad daylight, due to a terrible call by the official. We were down 2 zip but came back. But since England and Algeria tiied, USA can still advance.

    GO USA!

  44. I heard they were literally robbed today! I had changed the channel.

    Were you there. Starry?

  45. Selfish bastard. And that’s being nice.

    “ONDON – BP chief executive Tony Hayward, often criticized for being tone-deaf to American concerns about the worst oil spill in U.S. history, took time off Saturday to attend a glitzy yacht race off England’s Isle of Wight.”

    1. That doesn’t bother me. I don’t expect people to wear horse hair shirts. I don’t mind if the Prez plays golf either.

  46. Posting,

    Tony Hayward has already been relieved from duties as director of the oil spill and been replaced by a Bob Dudley. So, why not go home to England?

  47. Cargo, Fox said he was partying on yachts right in the area. I cant imagine that being true. i thought he was back in England.

    I think that people are again misdirecting rage. Tony Hayward is a figurehead. He wasn’t out there making a bad decision. Getting angry is a waste of energy that could be spent on solutions.

    Maybe some of us are just mad at ourselves. Oil drilling and mining can never be totally safe. Why do we think they will be? Thinking that government regulations will make a very dangerous industry safe is ludicruous. Government regulations only set the standard. The agencies can provide periodic inspections. They don’t stand over top of those doing the jobs.

    It only takes one instance of corner-cutting or bad decision to cause a disaster like the one we are in.

    It only takes one terrorist on a plane. It only takes one suitcase bomb…the list goes on.

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