Drill Baby Drill…might just not mean what you think


Today’s guest contributor is Bear.  Bear lived in Virginia several decades ago and now resides in New York State.  He was an electronic engineer/middle management Semiconductor Designer with IBM for many years.   Bear has some strong opinions and in-depth knowledge on many topics.  I asked him to share some of his views on oil and off shore drilling. 

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There is  a general misconception of what oil drilling in the US means.  What most people think is that the oil we drill in the US stays in the US .

The politicians say “it makes us more independent” and somehow it helps the amount of oil available for US consumption.  Not necessarily. 

Once the oil is pumped out it goes into a commodities pool along with  OPEC oil  and is  sold to the highest bidder like Japan China , etc.  The basic idea is that there is little differentiation between a commodity coming from one producer and the same commodity from another producer – a barrel of oil is basically the same product, regardless of the producer.  It doesn’t matter if it’s off-shore or the Alaska Pipeline or Canada.

So the only thing “Drill Baby Drill” means is more profit for oil companies and that   doesn’t count the subsidies we give big oil for exploring off-shore.

If we don’t stop off shore drilling soon we deserve these oil spills!

Happy Fathers Day: Dads and Surrogate Dads

Perception is someone's reality
Perception is someone's reality

Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there.  My husband, the Grand Pubah of the Howler family, says it takes 30 seconds to be  a father but a dad is for a life time.  Anyone can be a father, it takes a lot of work to be a dad.  Today, to  all the men who have been dads to someone, may you have a wonderful day. 

Many of you out there have taken the time to be a dad to someone.  Coaches, neighbors, teachers, police officers, co-workers, grandfathers,  stepfathers, casual acquaintances, etc., have  served as dads to someone.  Maybe it wasn’t even a child.  Perhaps you were a dad to an adult, or someone who had recently lost a dad.   Know that you touched someone’s life and without you there would be some vacuum in that person’s life. 

If you can, let that person know how special they were to you, even if its a phone call.  Maybe they never knew.  Don’t wait until you no longer have the opportunity.

Now hit those BBQ grills and have the time of your life. 



Corey Ambushes His Own Party…and apparently they don’t like it.

Just reading between the lines, the Republican state delegates from the area don’t appear to be appreciative of finding out about Stewart’s ambitions 2nd and 3rd hand. It appears they were blind sided.

After hours, News & Messenger online announced:

Stewart recently formed the “Rule of Law” campaign, saying he hopes to spur state legislators into passing a law similar to the one recently passed Arizona.

The Arizona law, which is similar to an ordinance passed in Prince William County in 2007, allows police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop or suspect of a crime.

Stewart said Arizona lawmakers acted because the feds weren’t enforcing existing immigration laws.

“They’re definitely not doing their job in Virginia,” Stewart said of the federal government.

We have all seen Corey Stewart’s proposals on his website, on local blogs and on facebook.

What have local legislators said as the Corey Stewart Rule of Law Immigration Act was unfurled?

Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter, R- 31st District, said legislators in Richmond are already on the job.

“We actually passed a law before Prince William did that would restrict services to people not legally present in the United States,” Lingamfeltersaid. “I’m very appreciative of Corey Stewart’s encouragement and support and interest in the topic, but he should be assured — as well as the public — that you have lots of people who are solidly engaged on this issue and will continue to be.”
Lingamfelter said Stewart could be of help operating on the local front.

“I think where Corey could really help if he wanted to is to get the Board of County Supervisors to propose legislation in their legislative package,” Lingamfelter said.

Dismissed. I don’t think Del. Lingamfelter liked the Corey Plan. Delegate Jackson Miller weighed in on the subject:

Del. Jackson H. Miller, R-50th District, echoed Lingamfelter in saying that people are already working on illegal immigration legislation.

“Many of us have been working for years in Richmond on illegal immigration reform and we will continue to do so, and we’re glad that Corey is supporting us,” Miller said.

Miller said he was taken aback when he heard about Stewart’s initiative from secondhand sources.

“I was a little surprised that I hadn’t heard from him because this is an issue that I’ve been working on since I went to Richmond,” Miller said. “Since he wants the state to address this, I’m surprised I haven’t heard from him about it.”

Rather than admit his gaffe, Corey talked back and actually appeared to diss the 2 lawmakers:

Stewart said he might not look to a Prince William representativeto introduce his ideas in Richmond.
“We’re going to choose somebody who can be effective in carrying legislation,” Stewart said.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a delegate from Prince William County,” Stewart said. “In fact it might be a benefit to have someone from outside the county carry the bill.”

Other areas in the state have issues with illegal immigration, Stewart said.

“Northern Virginia is not the only region with illegal immigration problems,” Stewart said. “Harrisonburg, in particular, Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area, and some of the faster growing areas are where you’re going to find the worst illegal immigration problems.”


In case you just missed this very pointed insult, Corey clearly believes he will have to travel outside PW Co.  to carry on his zany idea.  He apparently doesn’t feel his two Republican peers are capable of passing successful legislation. 

Delegate Bob Marshall seemed unsure of Virginia law and has written a letter to the AG for clarification. 

This behavior seems to demonstrate that once again, Stewart cannot be counted on to be a team player. He appears to be hard-wired to have total disregard for his fellow elected officials.  Had he chosen to work with Delegates Miller and Lingamfelter, and include them in his ideas, perhaps some substantive legislation could have been possible, rather than a cut and paste version of the Arizona Law SB 1070 which is a lawsuit magnet.   Corey is the little cheese.  Miller and Lingamfelter are the Big Cheese.

Should we be surprised? We saw him throw several of his fellow supervisors  under the proverbial bus when he handed over emails from them to a local blogger back in 2008 when he was allowing Chief Deane to be called a traitor. Not exactly a trust builder there (on any level).  Additionally, he put these same BOS colleagues on the firing line when he left the county and trumpeted his plans to direct county employees not to do the work necessary to register newly qualified recipients of medicaid. He was going to pass a resolution to direct employees to break federal law!   The other supervisors  knew nothing of this plan either.

The Rise of the New Right: Part 5

Taking a look at the old right like Barry Goldwater, Pat Buchanan, Strom Thurmond, Joe McCarthy, Ronald Reagan and the John Birch Society, to name a few.  Some of the ‘old right’ was much further right than we previously thought.

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Is there a common thread here? It seems that the term ‘conservative’ has shifted a great deal. I don’t recall Barry Goldwater being an ultra-conservative. Conservative, yes. Ultra? no. Now that communism is not the threat it was once thought to be, what has replaced it? Is the underlying theme how American we are?