Jon Stewart examines what is known about Elena Kagan. He then moves on to look at the conundrum that Republicans have found themselves creating. It seems that what Bush did while in office now belongs to Obama which takes them back to the point of having to admit there was some bad policy. Like all conundrums, it is hard to spit out, so you will just have to let Jon Stewart say it best.

We are moving from let’s blame Bush to let’s blame Obama.  Seamlessly. 


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8 Thoughts to “The Bush/Obama Conundrum: Blame Obama!”

  1. Always easier to blame than find solutions or make suggestions, isn’t it?

    Jon is a riot–and he makes a point. What a great combination!

  2. George S. Harris

    We don’t use conundrums–we’re Catholic.

  3. Too funny, George!

    Bet you all celebrate also….oooops…was that celebate?

  4. A priest died at the age of 98 and went to Heaven. He was such a holy man that God asked him what he would like to do for eternity. The priest stated that he would love to read the true versions of all the books ever written. God, of course, directed him to the Heavenly library.

    A few weeks went by, and suddenly there was a scream, “It’s CELEBRATE! not CELIBATE!”

    Is it ok to blame President Obama and the current Congress that are his enablers, when it IS his policies that screw things up? You know, like the current unemployment, bailout, corruption, weak international standing, upcoming higher taxes, environment?

  5. Ah Cargo, that was what I was trying to say…about celebrating. snicker.

    As for the prez….Where do you have a clear line of delineation between administrations and also with things that are still fallout from the crash? Do you really think someone else would have done a better job? Our choices were Obama or McCain.

    Current unemployment? We were told fall 2008 that it would take a long time to correct. Unemployment is so dependent on so many different things.

    Bailout- could have been handled better by both administrations. Not sure what you are really calling bailouts. TARP was totally necessary according to most people with economic status. The other stimulus packages? debatable. Corruption? Ummmm…no one owns that. Weak international standing? I would argue our international status is stronger than it was 2 years ago, maybe not by leaps and bounds but still stronger. Upcoming higher taxes? That is an unknown. I have no signs that mine will increase. I did far better last year tax wise.

  6. Wolverine

    “She’s a short, chimney-smoking, beer-guzzling poker player. She’s not Darkman!!! She’s Danny DeVito!!!” Absolutely hilarious!

  7. Moon,

    McCain would have been better, but he was not my choice. While he is a statist Republican, he is not poisoned by the Alinsky model of government of using every crisis to advance an agenda.

    Unemployment was supposed to have topped out much lower, according to those experts in Washingtion. You know, the same ones that said that the Stimulus was necessary…..
    The TARP may have been necessary, don’t know. I don’t think so. But now its just another political weapon and it gave the Treasury Sec. to much power. The stimulus packages were pork to re-elect democrats. Most of it wasn’t spent and is just now coming on line because of the election year.

    Iran is taunting us and is supporting Al Queda according to some sources. Turkey, Syria, Russia, and Iran are allying. Former allies have been insulted. Enemies don’t fear or respect us.

    Upcoming higher taxes have been mentioned all year. VAT anyone? Increased payroll taxes? Somebody has to pay for this incredibly stupid spending binge.

    Bush started it by not standing up for conservative principals. Then Congress changed hands in 2006. Then Obama came to power. This mess started years ago, but, President Obama turned it into a disaster. His first year’s deficit was 4 times higher than Bush’s. And there are no signs of slowing.

    By corruption, I mean blatant vote buying. Not just deals, but actual tax money being spent to buy votes. 300 million for Louisiana’s vote for HCR. That was MY money. I mean, Goldman Sach running the show at the Fed and Treasury, while Congress and the President hypocritically attack them after putting them into power.

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