What is Michael Steele talking about? What is he smoking? Every major R in the country is calling for this poor dude’s head. This speech is pretty pathetic.

The video is difficult to hear. The following CBS link clarifies what was said.

So what do the Republicans on this blog think about this matter? Should he go and how dare the Republicans point a finger over Howard Deane. Physicans, heal thyselves. Tim Kaine is looking pretty darn good.

I expect Michael Steele to sort of disappear from the political scenery.

15 Thoughts to “Michael Steele’s Mangled Message”

  1. IVAN

    I would imagine that the Dems. would hope that Mr. Steele sticks around for a long time.

  2. Wolverine

    By gosh, this is getting to be a crazy world. On the video Steele sounded like he was giving Code Pink’s rationale for NOT being in Afghanistan. This is really funny. The Dems would be overjoyed to see Steele stay on. And the Repubs would probably feel the same way about Tim Kaine as they watch Tim try to figure out how the Dems wound up with Alvin Greene as their Senate candidate in South Carolina. Both of these guys seem to go off into a personal coma from time to time.

  3. I expect if Tim Kaine starts sounding as ridiculous and off key as Michael Steele has been doing, the Democrats will call for his head too. So far, I have heard no such noise.

    However, every electronic page I have leafed through the past couple of days has been calling off with his head, referring to Steele. I belief the last Red Queen has been Liz Cheney.

  4. Pat.Herve

    I guess this is Steele’s way of trying to distance the R’s from the ongoing wars. If he keeps saying it, people will start believing it.

  5. marinm

    He’s a RINO. While I have no skin in the game it would be nice to have a conservative on top of the GOP and not someone so moderate that he’s trying to pull the party to the left.

    If this gets rid of him, I’m all for it.

  6. It’s nice that the Republicans allow Democrats to sneak in and be fake Republicans, isn’t it.
    Is that what a RINO is? Who gets to decide who the REAL republicans are? Maybe the people who give lots and lots of money to the party get to decide.

  7. Bear

    Moon, You figured it out! The leaders of the Republicans are the ones who get donations. Steele is not supposed to be the spokesman for the party, He’s supposed to get donations for the candidates.

  8. Wolverine

    Has Tim Kaine said anything at all lately? Tmpmuckracker is complaining that they haven’t heard a peep from Kaine on the Alvin Greene issue and the rest of the DNC seems to be avoiding the issue. In a discussion of the same subject over on the Huffpost, a guy named “coolchange” called once again for Tim Kaine to be fired as head of the DNC and got 29 “fans” for his post. It isn’t easy being the chairman of a national party committee. In fact, it is beginning to look like it is easier being “Greene.”

    1. Why would Tim Kaine say anything? Sounds like the time to keep your mouth shut and let others’ fingers do the walking.
      It sounds like coolchange can’t defend Michael Steele so he is trying to deflect the problems onto Kaine. Maybe his Republican father-in-law is giving him some good advice. He is a fundraiser and not the official spokesperson anyway.

      I heard today that no one in Congress is calling for his head. It is mostly the pundits.

  9. marinm


    July 3

    Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) called on Michael Steele to resign Saturday, significantly raising the pressure on the embattled Republican National Committee chairman whose remarks last week on the war in Afghanistan were assailed by members of his own party.

    “Frankly, I find Steele’s remarks totally unacceptable,” Cole, the former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee and ex-chief of staff at the RNC, said in a statement to POLITICO. “He should apologize and resign. He undercut American forces fighting in the field, politicized further a war that two presidents of different parties have deemed in the national interest and embarrassed the party he purports to lead. It is time for him to go — quickly.”

  10. Wolverine

    I think that is the source of the complaints, Moon. There do not seem to be any DNC or national Democratic Party fingers doing the “walking.” Sort of like the whole thing has gone into a deep freeze — maybe like that old joke about hiding your crazy old aunt up in the attic when company came calling.

  11. I don’t see that Tim Kaine has a thing to do with Michael Steele’s problems. I saw a few commentator shows drag out the old footage of Howard Deane doing that little rebel yell thing he did but that’s about it.

    Steele’s problems are with those who hired him and do not have a doggone thing to do with what the Democrats are doing. I actually like Michael Steele. I am just not sure he is the right person for the job.

  12. Wolverine

    Your blog and your call, Moon. However, only one-third of 100 members of the US Senate are up for re-election. Only a percentage of that one-third are truly contested. Kaine and the DNC lost sight of what was happening in a Senate contest in a state where the Republicans have been repeatedly embarrassed by the unwise personal conduct of their officials or, at least, allegations of unwise personal conduct. For the chairman of the DNC to lose sight of South Carolina was a bonehead play, especially when the general predictions are a bad showing for the Dems in November 2010.

  13. Maybe they killed him off for his oversight. Truthfully, I am not that well versed on what the duties are of the DNC Chair or whose responsibility SC was.

    I haven’t figured out what Green is even about yet.

    Apparently Steele has survived. He isn’t gone yet.

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