Yup, you heard it hear first. The roving reporter just returned from the Manassas City fireworks display and emailed me that Mr. F has struck again with more messages. According to RR:

He hung a banner that was the Star of David with “Jude” in the middle of it. He had two signs. One talked about zoning ordinances against political free speech and the other said that PWC and Manassas City were treating “brown” people the way the Nazi’s treated the Jews. He had a shirt with the Star of David on the back and he walked through the crowd several times. There was also a tee shirt on his fence that said “Freedom of speech in Manassas City-hahahahaha…The White Supremacists still rule here”.

He will not get free advertisement on this blog. I won’t post his pictures. He needs to touch up his roots and go back to Arizona if he wants to start that Nazi nonsense. He had his day in court…several of them as a matter of fact. He kept postponing his day in court. That’s more than any Jew in Nazi Germany got and someone needs to tell Mr. F that. The City of Manassas has been more than patient with Mr. F’s shenanigans.

Meanwhile, he and Corey Stewart will each go around, each other’s ying and yang, both strutting attention-seeking behaviors to enhance their own egos.

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  1. Rick Bentley

    I saw it last night … yawn.

    You could argue that people like me gave this wingnut too much attention. But perhaps we knew what we were doing. Fernandez’ disdain for following laws and rules was a perfect metaphor for and synopsis of the whole illegal immigration phenomenon. In his own way he helped to get the resolution passed. He certainly swung a few voters towards law and order.

    Thanks, Fernandez. I still wonder if this guy is some kind of HSM double agent.

  2. Emma

    I came, I saw, I ignored.

  3. Emma probably has the right idea.

    Rick, think ying and yang. Both Fernendez and Stewart want to be someone’s hero. Stewart wants to be a lot of someones’ hero….or at least enough to get elected.

    It has not gone unnoticed that both get their hair ‘done.’ In lady talk.. ‘done’ usually involved a dye job. Fernandez has been to AZ to help them out with their issue. I wonder if Corey has or if he has just kept it to phone calls.

    Actually, a mental image of both men out strutting around in the AZ sun, appealing to his ‘peeps’ is coming into my head….both men clamoring for a mic…Stewart to play tough guy and see what I have done to those ‘illegals’ and Fernandez to play the victim and cry crocodile tears….

  4. Second-Alamo

    Documents do not an American make!

  5. IVAN

    Fernandez’s signs have been taken down. Looks like he made his point and went home.

  6. Birth doesn’t do it either in some cases.

    Ivan, I guess he didn’t want to give the City the opportunity to sue the pants off him.

    Maybe next year the message will change and he will strut around with an AK-7 and sidewarms.

  7. IVAN

    Yes Moon, even Zapatistas have second amendment rights.

  8. Second-Alamo

    So nice to know we are so willing to ignore those like Fernandez, yet attack the Tea Party folks on a continuous basis. Had we ignored the actions of the British we wouldn’t have a day off today ; )

  9. Second-Alamo

    “Fernandez has been to AZ to help them out with their issue.”
    Exactly who is the ‘them’ he’s been helping?

  10. SA, I am willing to bet that Emma has never attacked a tea party one day in her life. What say you, Emma?

    Seriously, what do you do about Fernandez? He wants attention. Not giving it to him is about the best thing to do to hurt him.

    SA, the people opposing SB 1070. I am sure he single-handedly fought back the forces of evil here, at least in his own mind.

    I am not an ideologue. I am living proof it is possible to dislike the sign/wall/message and Mr. F’s antics and dislike sb 1070. I don’t see most problems as binary.

  11. Ivan, you know, I have never seen a Zapatista in my entire life and I bet no one else has either, depite what the order of the red circle has told us.

    Fear is such a good political motivator, isn’t it?

  12. Rick Bentley

    One big difference between Fernandez and Stewart … Stewart has made PWC a better place to live.

    1. Rick, I have to disagree with you. I don’t see where Corey Stewart has done one thing to make Prince William County better for me. In fact, I would say that maybe I could even do with a lot less building that creates traffic. I don’t like seeing my county on TV with him being a blow hard. It is embarrassing.

      As for Fernandez, he has neither helped nor hurt the county. He has not helped the City, but we are talking country.

      So I would say Corey is ahead…in a very negative way.

  13. Go look at http://www.vpap.org. Run the money in filter on real estate/contruction.

    Then let’s have a talk about why so many developers are giving Stewart money and who they might have hired to do all that building.

  14. I highly agree with Moon. All Stewart has done is make PWC the laughing stock of the country. In addition, he constantly lies about the effects of the anti-immigration resolution. Is this the guy Rick that you say has done so much good for PWC? Or maybe you are talking about a different Corey Stewart? He did not drive down the crime rate, he did divide the county, he did drive many good people away, which is in many ways responsible for the housing crash in PWC. And now he wants to drive a large wedge into the community–all for his own political benefit. Stewart is a pimple on the butt of progress.

  15. Rick Bentley

    “he did divide the county”

    That’s funny that you want to credit him for that.

    “he did drive many good people away”

    That’s funny too, the way middle-class Americans were fleeing my part of PWC as if it were on fire.

  16. Where were they going, Rick? Many people I know did the white flight thing…to Gaineville. Had they not sold those houses and gotten the cash….there would have been no vacancies for the supposed illegal immigrants to move in to.

    These types of things do not happen in a vacuum. What were those illegal immigrants doing for a living? A whole hell of a lot of them were out building the houses that sprung up all over Prince William County. Who issued those permits? Or perhaps I should be asking at whose beheast? What was the lure? The weather sucks and the housing is horribly expensive in this area. Why would illegal immigrants want to come to PWC?

    Why would anyone want to come to PWC for that matter? J-O-B-S!
    The same thing brought the wave of immigration here that brought the rest of us.

  17. Rick Bentley

    A lot of people moved to other parts of Virginia – I know 3 families that went to Virginia Beach – or further out – I know people who moved to North Carolina and further places. They cashed out when the market was good, because they saw no future here.

    Yes, illegal immigrants came here for jobs. And a weird consortium of Republican business and land owners, and Democratic beeding hearts, encouraged them to come here and to settle and to feel comfortable enough to make neighborhoods here bad places to live.

  18. Emma

    @Moon-howler LOL, no, Moon, I’m not going to attack anyone who is lawfully and peacefully protesting, liberal or conservative.

    Mr. Fernandez has become the village idiot in these parts. That he cannot see the irony in his antics shows the whole world his limited intellect. If he were to go back to his native country and pull that nonsense, his body would probably go missing.

    Far better to see the many Hispanic families wearing matching patriotic t-shirts, having a blast in Old Town just like everyone else.

  19. Rick Bentley

    Emma is right about that.

  20. I can’t argue with Emma on that one either.

    Rick, I just saw a breakdown yesterday on the states’ ranking based on increased immigration. Guess what the number 1 state in increased immigration was? You got it. North Carolina (273% change). Virginia was 83% change.

    Maine has less than 1% change.


  21. Rick Bentley

    A lot of our 83% is legal immigrants.

  22. Rick Bentley

    Coming soon, from the people who brought you “9500 Liberty” – a semi-fictional work “Fernandez’ List”.

    Gaudicio Fernandez was a man in the construction business, whose main motive was profit. But when he saw the Naziesque tactics used by anti-Latino activists in Prince William County, he had to take action. He opened a janitorial service and stocked the rolls with hundreds of Latinos being persecuted for having brown skin, and enabled them to survive the Stewart regime. “I only wish I could have done more” he says, weeping, at film’s end as Mexican troops roam through Prince William toppling statues erected of Stewart and freeing Latinos held in cages.

    The scenes of Corey Stewart, possibly to be played by Ralph Fiennes, or if not him maybe his brother, having sex with desperate Latino women and then shooting their elderly parents and children in the head will be sure to attract noteriety to this important work.

    Also in development, “The Mariachist”, to star Adrian Brody or if he is not available, somebody else with a big nose. Central character Manuel is merely trying to earn a living in Prince William County when herr Stewart and herr Stirrup take over the town (by massacring the other Board Supervisors in a “night of the long knives” sequence). Soon Manuel is forced into hiding in a small townhouse basement with 37 other men. Actually, that wasn’t so bad in and of itself, but as conditions worsen and the local stores stop stocking Latino food products, life becomes difficult. Eventually the town comes to its senses, Sterwart and Stirrup commit suicide in a bunker, and Manuel is free to live his life and practice his art.

    To complete the trilogy, “Defiance PWC” is in the planning stages. It will show the hardships endured by a large community of Latinos trapped in the land of “El Diablo” who leave their homes and live for many months in woods near the Centreville library and at 7-11 parking lots.

  23. Rick Bentley

    (testing the bounds of good taste as always)

  24. I see the envelope and it ain’t an Oscar 🙄

  25. Rick Bentley

    didn’t anyone else laugh at “as Mexican troops roam through Prince William toppling statues erected of Stewart and freeing Latinos held in cages”? All I hear is crickets chirping.

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