Pay close attention to the very end.  How much more of an admission is needed before people will see that the Immigration Resolution in PWC was all about an election.  Hethmon admits it.  He brags about it.  FAIR is also involved in AZ.  Leopards do not change their spots! Note the arrow coming from FAIR to AZ. It had started then.

Prince William County was a field experiment.  The end of the video is critical. Around 2:30 Michael Hethmon says it is a political issue. They were scared that Republicans were going to lose in elections because of the Iraq War.

60 Thoughts to “It was All About Election 2007”

  1. Concerning a patchwork of laws–this past weekend, my kid who is a grown man, went to NY with friend. They were in Times Square and the police stopped the friend because he had a knife on clip which was showing, in his pocket. He used the knife for work.

    The friend was given a ticket because the clip was showing. In Vriginia, the law is the opposite. You must show the knife and the clip or you are carrying a concealed weapon.

    This is insanity…..How does a person even know?

  2. RingDangDoo


    >>>and the police stopped the friend because he had a knife on clip which was showing, in his pocket.

    What was in his pocket? The blade?

    Generally, and if I’m not mistaken, the term “true nature” is used to distinguish between open and concealed carry, at least in Virginia. If you see a knife or a gun, then you know what it is, so it’s not ‘concealed’. You know its true nature.

    On the other hand, if you see just a handle or a ‘grip’, but can’t tell what it actually is, then it’s considered a concealed weapon. Open-carry should be very obvious.

  3. Not an expert on knives here….he said the law in NYC is the exact opposite of what it is here.

    I never knew there were knife rules.

    He said it was illegal to have a gun in NYC. How long will that last?

  4. Arizona has had an increase in illegal immigration since California’s FENCE and INCREASED POLICING went into effect……

  5. marinm

    RingDangDo also described the ‘Virginia tuck’ very well.

  6. Elena

    These are not “existing” laws though.

  7. Ken Anderson

    Food for Thought, thanks for the update about Corey Stewart. What a clown. There are sad clowns. There happy clowns. There are silly clowns. Corey Stewart is an angry clown. His performances are as embarrassing as his lies.

    I get so focused on the real and actual problems facing our country, I sometimes forget what a problem it is to have a Chairman right here in PWC who can’t admit his 2007 blunder cost our county millions of dollars and labeled himself an extremist in his own party.

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