I am not sure women are going to fall for this nonsense.  Maybe the women I know are just different from the Palin kind of women. The women I know think for themselves and don’t need to get behind a Ms. Sound byte to have their voices heard.

The video is getting rave reviews in conservative circles. What’s unique or catchy about it, or is it just more of the same?

So is Sarah Palin the cheerleader for Republicans? Tea Partiers? Women? Conservatives? I am really not sure who she represents. All I know is, she quite her elected post to persue loftier ambitions. I can only assume she plans on running for President.

11 Thoughts to “Sarah Palin’s Web Video: ‘Mama Grizzlies’ And ‘Pink Elephants’ Preparing to ‘Stampede’ Washington”

  1. Captain Idiot-Face

    “I can only assume she plans on running for President.”

    I’m not so sure I’d admit that sort of limitation.

  2. You want her running for queen?

  3. Bear

    M.H. I’m surprised you didn’t know that Sarah Palin represents Sarah Palin. Her main job is to jump on anyone’s campaign who has a good chance of winning so she can say she is a “kingmaker” and she should be hired to speak for candidates who want to win! Her motivation is MONEY. Alaska’s Half-Governor is not interested in working for a living in politics or anywhere else.

  4. You seemed to have summed that up exactly, Bear. Grrrrrrrrr-back at cha

  5. Moon,

    Do you have the same opinion of liberal women marches, advocacy groups, political movements,etc? What “nonsense” are you talking about? Why is it that when women are conservative, object to the path that the country is on, and want to change that, you imply that they can’t think for themselves because they like Palin’s approach. Yes. She quit as Governor. One main reason is because liberal groups in Alaska were bankrupting her with frivolous lawsuits that she had to pay for to defend, not state money. One would be defeated and the next day, another would be filed. She was spending all of her energy on the lawsuits. So she quit and now she makes money. Like any other former politician, like….Clinton….or, well….Clinton. Are you saying that women that appreciate Palin don’t think? If so, why?

    Even at her worst, she could not be worse for the country than the current crop of corrupt buffoons running the show. At least she understands private enterprise and doesn’t want to fundamentally transform America in to a european style socialist nation. Will I vote for her? Don’t know. Depends upon who else runs? I don’t even think that she will run, but, we’ll see.

  6. The video implied that she was leading the league of mama grizzlies and pink elephants to Washington as though she was their mentor. I don’t assume that conservative women can’t think for themselves. That seems to be an individual thing.

    Where were the mama grizzlies and pink elephants when their boy George ran through the biggest crock of you know what to ever hit education? Doesn’t that affect their cubs?

    As for why she quit, I think that is an excuse. Better opportunities came along.

    There are all sorts of women out there who aren’t conservative and who aren’t liberal. Specifically what liberal women marches do you mean? The pro choices marches? If so, news flash, that isn’t all liberal women. Not sure what else you are referring to.

  7. Rick Bentley

    She’s getting ready to make hay out of the illegal immigration issue. She at least has common sense enough to read polls. I saw her on O’Reilly last night and she’s obviously planning to hammer on that issue.

    1. She would be foolish not to jump on that gravy train.

      She and everyone else needs to jump on the border security rather than the lawn care end of the immigration issue, however, if they really give a crap about what happens in AZ.

  8. Anne

    She already gave her “thoughts” on immigration reform on O’Reilly’s show. He made her look like the uniformed fool that she is for the second time. She’s used to going on only
    Palin-friendly media, where they don’t care if she is unprepared. But she should have known better than to go in front of him like that. His whole body stance, as well as his expression, revealed his lack of respect for her.

  9. Rick Bentley

    “He made her look like the uniformed fool that she is for the second time.”

    I thought she won that arguement. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away (neither does redefining it).

  10. Rick Bentley

    And I’m quite sure that a vast majority of Americans see it my way. You don’t need a detailed plan to start moving America in the right direction. There’s virtue in starting to move the ship to the right direction.

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