5 Thoughts to “E-Verify Tutorial”

  1. Need to Know

    This video reinforces my conviction that E-Verify is a great system that should be used much more widely. It is nearly one hundred percent accurate and virtually all employees who get a negative response clear up their situations quickly just by producing additional documentation of their situation.

    If Corey is serious about the “Rule of Law” in Prince William County he will drop his bombastic rhetoric in favor of mandating use of E-Verify by his developer buddies before they get a building permit, by all businesses as a requirement for their business license, and by all contractors and sub-contractors doing business with the Prince William County government.

  2. Wolverine

    Thanks, Moon. That video was a good idea. As someone whose job it was in part for many years to supervise people who received somewhat similar requests and had to provide responses which were as full and accurate as possible, I know that this kind of system depends heavily on three principal things: (1) the skill, dedication, and work ethic of those employees charged with responding to the requests; (2) enough personnel to handle the volume of requests at a reasonably rapid yet accurate pace; and (3) constant, hands-on supervision from that particular sub-level of administration. For me, assessment of No. 3 was a critical part of the evaluation for promotion to higher supervisory levels. Especially important was the ability to induce employees to dig deep for answers when the answers were not immediately available The final responses provided were often a key factor in decisions with regard to subsequent action. I would hope that the fellow from Homeland Security was being straight with us in the video and that his reference to criticism as being a historical rather than a contemporary thing was the correct one. I agree with NTK in #1. Stewart would do well to implement such a system. Our county has refused to do so, even for private sector employers with county contracts — something which put the BOS majority on a poor footing around here right from the beginning of their term.

  3. What is the reason for counties refusing to mandate its use? I can’t remember what was said.

  4. Wolverine

    The Loudoun BOS reversed by 5-4 a decision by the previous board to implement the program on contract verification. Virtually the only rational? Illegal immigration is a Federal problem. That was before Eastern Loudoun exploded in citizen anger at the BOS for the hike in crime and the rapid deterioration of quality of life. The BOS has never reversed the initial policy, but they sure scrambled to use county government and local, area, and federal law enforcement to try to mitigate the citizen complaints bombarding them.

  5. I don’t think it is mandated in PWC either.

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