The unnamed group is now the hunted.  It is thought to be an inside job.  Apparently someone has access to inside information. About 1,300 people’s names appear on the list. There are more than 30 pages.

This behavior belongs in the Hall of Shame. The State of Utah is doing the right thing in attempting to find and prosecute those who published these 30 pages.

49 Thoughts to “Unnamed Utah Group Outs Illegal Immigrants”

  1. El Guapo

    Having not seen the actual document, I only have a couple of questions. First, does the document describe how the legal status of the persons identified were determined? Sadly this list will probably appear on the web by sundown today so we’ll know the answer to that soon enough.

    Second, what are law enforcement agencies going to do with it? Hopefully, nothing. Imagine if your name were submitted to the fuzz saying that you’re a child molester. “Phil Heinricke is a child molester.” What are cops supposed to do? With no evidence should they go harass a human being based on this alone?

  2. Second-Alamo

    Actually anyone can file a complaint against you, false or otherwise, and it’s up to you to hire a lawyer and defend yourself. This is a fact, and I have the bill to prove it. After the charge was dropped I asked if the person could do the same thing again, and I was told yes. There is no way to prevent it…………..unless of course you complain that someone is an illegal immigrant that is.

    BTW, if I come across evidence that someone has committed a lawful offense I’ll be sure to just keep it to myself. This country seems to make a career out of defending the ‘rights’ of illegals over the rights of the citizens.

  3. Rick Bentley

    This is interesting though. It’s extreme behavior. If all 1300 are actually illegal though is this really a violation of anyone’s rights? I’d say no.

  4. Second-Alamo

    So let me get this straight. The information was on file with a state agency, and the state wasn’t doing anything about the presence of these possible illegal immigrants, and so a whistle blower type published the information? So now the state is embarrassed, and is making an example of the whistle blowers? Just guessing, as I have to run.

  5. Rick, no one knows if they are illegal immigrants or not. They are hispanics and there is insider information, like when women had babies etc.

  6. In June, 2008, Alanna ran a very polarizing thread on that was an article from Genocidal Watch. At the time, she was not suggesting genocide was happening. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is gradual. But it has to start somewhere. One of the steps in the process is making lists of people:


    Preparation for genocide includes identification. Lists of victims are drawn up. Houses are marked. Maps are made. Individuals are forced to carry ID cards identifying their ethnic or religious group. Identification greatly speeds the slaughter. In Germany, the identification of Jews, defined by law, was performed by a methodical bureaucracy. In Rwanda, identity cards showed each person’s ethnicity. In the genocide, Tutsis could then be easily pulled from cars at roadblocks and murdered. Throwing away the cards did not help, because anyone who could not prove he was Hutu, was presumed to be Tutsi. Hutu militiamen conducted crude mouth exams to test claims of Hutu identity.

    Link to the thread on

    People need to be very careful about what they feel is acceptable behavior. Utah is doing the right thing trying to determine who was behind that 30-page list. Perhaps many people in Utah have ancestors who might just know a thing or two about persecution.

  7. I saw Goody Proctor reading from the Devil’s book!

  8. Rod, you took the words right out my mouth.

    Welcome back to Salem.

  9. @Moon-howler
    MH, thank you for posting this. You know it has been my longstanding belief that the kind of behavior PWC, AZ and now Utah is perpetrating is indeed ethnic cleansing. I will not bring up the “N” word again, but if the shoe fits…

  10. PWC Taxpayer

    Accoring to the Salt Lake Trib, the anonymous list was sent to Federal immigration officials in April. News outlets then received an updated version of the list Monday, along with a letter challenging immigration and law enforcement officials to immediately deport the individuals on the list.

    There is suspician by some that the information came from the State’s Department of Workforce Services, which is apparantly linked to social services benefits. Others fear the list was derived from Federal Census data because of links to those that have filed for Children’s Health Insurance and Medicaid.

  11. @PWC Taxpayer
    I hope the census data theory is just rumor. We are suspicious enough of the census. This would be very, very bad.

  12. That is what both videos say…that the lists were an inside job because of the type of information gathered.

    What would the census have to do with schips?

  13. Rick Bentley

    Of course lists are drawn up in any legitimate, or illegaitimate, process of enforcing immigration laws! The drawing of lists does not seem to me an impending sign of fascism.

    It’s not that I’m obsessed with child molestation that I keep drawing NAMBLA into this. but the arguements many of you make are so obviously something that the boy-lovers at NAMBLA might cite as evidence of their persecution, and of the evil of a society that prevents man-boy love. “They make lists of us. They note where we live. “

  14. The census data cannot be used for such, since most illegal aliens refuse to give their names. Heck, most refuse to answer the door…..

    When we took down the data that we could get, we would get number of persons, hispanic nationality, and race that they claimed. That last always confused them because only Americans worry about that. Down in Mexico and Central American, the concern is “Are you Spanish (high class) or Meztizo (Peon)?

  15. NAMBLA is an organization of perverts, Rick. They advocate doing something that is illegal and violates a strong social taboo.

    As for lists, I think it depends on who is making the lists. There is a huge difference in a class roster and some kid who makes a hit list of those he wants to bump off that go to his school also.

    The information was improperly obtained. What was done with it was illegal. There are lists and then lists. It is all about intent.

    @Cargo, I haven’t heard that Meztizo term for many years. I think I read it in geography class.

  16. Rick Bentley

    But we’re making LISTS of them and noting WHERE THEY LIVE, Moon. It’s one short step to genocide.

    Depending on what happened in utah, I might be ready to defend the “terrorists”. Probably, they are doing the job our government should be doing.

  17. Rick Bentley

    I do think that some should set up a website where suspected illegal immigrants can be identified.

  18. An interesting read here about Mestizos:

    Ask any Holocaust survivor about lists or here in the U.S. ask any Japanese-American who was around during WWII about lists. The issue here is the illegality of how the lists were obtained. Think of it like someone who steals stolen property. Illegally obtaining a list of illegal immigrants is not negated by the fact that the immigrants are illegal. Stealing stolen property does not negate the second act of theft.

  19. Rick Bentley

    I think the taxpayers have a right to those lists though.

  20. PWC Taxpayer

    Agreed Rick, and we are keeping that list. Those facist federal immigration types are using E-Verify Data to identify and locate illegals and, OMG – trying to prevent them from accessing jobs, educationm, health and social benefits. Certainly it will be used to round them up and send them to “the camps” — oh yes we are already — to the detention centers, an euphanism I am sure for death camps here in the US. So much crap — Too funny!!

    It should be public information.

  21. Rick, you have gone over the edge. You think that the taxpayers have a right to lists of people who may or may not be illegal immigrants? How about we just give the taxpayers a list of your block and the social security numbers. Do you not see the privacy violations here? Do you not understand that the list was obtained illegally? That is the problem. The names were stolen. I see no difference in this and identity theft.

    TP, are you ok with identity theft as long as it is a group of people you don’t like? Whatever happened to the concept of rule of law?

    As for rounding people up…Should I find it strange that you don’t understand that this kind of behavior starts out small and gathers steam. making lists of political enemies or people one doesn’t like is where much of the genocide in the world has begun–at least with those who were organized.

    Even thinking it is appropriate to steal information on people is totally unacceptable and UN-American. A newsflash just came out on the topic of a stolen blackberry. Over 600 PWC health records have been compromised because they were on the blackberry. Should we just shrug that off?

  22. George, very well put. Thanks for the link.

  23. Rick Bentley

    I think freedom of speech is such that anyone should be free to compile a list of suspected illegal immigrants, yes.

    Thing about the SSN numbers is – illegal immigrants can’t have them, right? They would be fake ones?

    I agree also with PWC taxpayer, the taxpayer does or should have a right to such lists, collated and printed neatly.

    “making lists of political enemies or people one doesn’t like” the real comparison is to criminals.

  24. Some illegal aliens have social security numbers assigned to them. Some have ITIN numbers.

    I don’t think stealing lists of people is ever a good thing.

    What does the public need with the names of those people for? They don’t.

  25. Rick Bentley

    Ideally, ICE would be gathering and vetting this information. But they aren’t.

    So, it’s apparently up to states, localities, and individuals to do this work.

  26. So what do individuals do with that information? Can you not see room for abuse? Do they go run them out of town? Burn their house down? Shoot them?

  27. Rick Bentley

    Moon – if people wanted to be violent on the issue, do you think they need an anonymous list to do that?

    An individual with bad intentions could take a baseball bat over to the Coverstone 7-11 right now and have at it.

    I think the point of the list is to show Federal and State governments up. Maybe it’ll show people like Harry Reid that illegal immigrants do exist and do take taxpayer funds. According to Reid, illegal immigrants don’t have construction jobs in Nevada –

    Perhaps the point of the list is to continue an unwelcoming climate for illegal immigrants.

    Those goals are noble, though the effort would be hard to duplicate as the moment you include incorrect info on the report, it’s problematical.

  28. Rick Bentley

    I assume that the people who grabbed this info work at hospitals and schools and are disgusted by what they see.

  29. Elena

    Hmmm, maybe the aiders and abetters of the “illegals” should be next. On what earthly planet is THIS action acceptable? This IS NOT an immigration issue, this is a moral issue and there is NO gray area in in my opinion. good for Utah and their reaction.

  30. Elena

    Didn’t McCarthy have lists? Have we not evolved at ALL as a species?

  31. PWC Taxpayer

    I really hope that Utah is concerned by the unauthorized release of classified or privacy protected information from a Gov’t source and are not simply ideologicaly reacting to the protests of a privilliged criminal class. That said the information should be just as public as the child abuser list – by name, address, and employer – posted on the web and/or available through FOIA – even if non-gov. financial benefits and information redactions are needed.

    McCarthy did have a list of communists during the height of the Cold War, just as the USSR and China went nuclear – but remember it is the socialists that have historically given lists a bad name.

  32. Rick Bentley

    I agree. Let Eric Holder sue if he must, but compiling and disseminating lists of illegal immigrants seems like a worthwhile endeavor to me.

  33. @Moon-howler We already know what some individuals would do if they had access to a list of immigrants here illegally. They would put on military garb, and instead of showing up at a 7-11 to threaten people, they would show up at someone’s house.

    And then you know there would be a list of alleged “illegal immigrant apologists” and these same whackos would show up behind MY door…or yours or Elena’s.

  34. Rick Bentley

    Eventually, individuals will be executing citizens’ arrests on illegal immigrants and deporting them in our own vans, as far as I’m concerned. If the federal government refuses to uphold our laws, somebody has to.

  35. @Posting as Pinko

    Yes, I expect the Day-raider commando would take care of things for sure.

    Rick, I think what you are saying is UN-American. You realize what you suggest is very illegal. Rule of Law works both ways.

  36. Second-Alamo

    Crap, I’m on one of those lists! It’s called a phone book. They have my name and address, and………even my phone number! Damn.

  37. NoVA Scout

    It appears they got some legals on the list. Tsk, tsk.

    There’s no law that requires deportation of uninspected entrants or visa violators. The federal government has a lot of discretion on that point.

  38. Sorry Rick, there will be no lists of people with hispanic surnames, real or imaginery, posted on this blog. I took it down.

  39. PWC Taxpayer

    This is why the lists need to come from only the higly technical and coordinated federal agencies and not from other sources. I have been to Diego Garcia.

  40. Rick Bentley

    couldn’t help it … compelled towards cheap jokes.

  41. Rick, I am just helping you with that OCD. 🙄

  42. Elena

    It wasn’t funny to me. Also, what your “list” demonstrated was that, you, along with the majority of people against “illegals” (translation people who are hispanic), that this “endeavor” for “rule of convienant law” is reallly about ridding this country of too many spanish speakers.

    And Taxpayer, honestly, maybe I am just cranky these days, but I simply will not argue so called “lists”, as the very idea somehow suggests that lists of human beings, are at ANYTIME, acceptable.

  43. Elena

    Just as a historical aside, although these days that doesn’t seem to be relevant in ascertaining points of view, McCarthy’s list was NOT communists, it was a witch hunt. Maybe for those not clear on history, some research might be appropriate.

  44. Rick Bentley

    Elena I suppose I set myself up for that impression of yours. But I think it was just a joke about how similar Hispanic names are and how they appear to an Anglo.

  45. Elena

    What bothers me the most is that I think you are decent human being. It worries me that people like you don’t worry about “lists” regarding ANY person. You never know, someday, maybe your name, or someone you love, will be on a “list” and then it won’t be funny, not funny at all.

  46. Rick Bentley

    But we generally do make lists of lawbreakers. And our government should be collating this list.

  47. But do lawbreakers steal lists and send them to officials? That is what apparently happened here.

    In this case, it was actually a list of ‘enemies.’

  48. Elena

    Once again, CIVIL violation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Rick Bentley

    Well after years of the Federal Government behaving so dishonorably, I guess people are in a “do-it-yourself” mode.

    Okay, it’s a civil violation. So this is akin to compiling a list of let’s say Government officials who park illegally everyday and who are not given tickets for it. It’s like whistleblowers calling out corruption.

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