Open Thread Monday, July 19, 2010

  Time for another free for all.  For those interested in the City of Manassas, there was  a great article in the Washington Post on Sunday about Councilman Steve Randolph and his 25 year of service to his community.  The title of the article is 25-year council member Randolph reflects on changed Manassas.   It is a great read.  From what I hear, no one represents the City with any more zeal, gusto  and energy than Mr. Randolph.

Virginia AG continues to go rogue, over-steps boundaries

The latest stunt that AG Cuccinelli has pulled is filing an amicus brief on on behalf of Arizona, along with 8 other states. Bacon’s Rebellion Blogspot has an interesting take on the antics of the AG and just how much he is costing the commonwealth:

Sooner or later, someone is going to have to pay for the dogma-saturated legal forays of Kenneth Cuccinelli, Virginia’s firebrand Attorney General.

It’s a shame because hardly any of Cuccinelli’s high-profile legal actions seem to be worthy cases that protect citizens of the Old Dominion. Instead, his actions are aimed at firing up the hard-right fringes of the Republican Party and maybe dragging some in the center along as congressional elections approach this fall and General Assembly races follow next year.

Meanwhile, “The Cooch’s” legal initiatives are getting some substantial push-back and they are far from litigation slam-dunks.

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Top Secret America

From the Washington Post:

Perhaps everyone is worrying about the wrong thing. How much does this opaque network of top secret agencies, departments, private companies cost the taxpayers  How much duplication is there?  ? How effective is it? Who is really in control?   How do we evaluate it?  Has terrorism become even more politicized?

I think I am growing concerned. It sounds like the Patriot Act is on steroids and we didn’t know it.

This story uncovers a tangled web of inner departments that exemplify that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.  Often there are multiple departments doing the same thing.  Our own counter terrorism now becomes too big to fail. Where has the Congressonal oversight been the past  5-6 years?  GAO cannot investigate intelligence.

The Washington Post uncovers 2 years of investigative reporting. A 4th branch of the government is not mandated by the Constitution. Perhaps the Tea Parties need to start demanding some answers. Perhaps they don’t know who to direct those questions toward.  Is this the new Intel-gate?

Dana Priest and William Arkin, the inevestigative journalists  just might be the next Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.  This is the first of a three part series.