In a recent interview with Corey as a guest on his radio show, Alan Colmes tried to convince Corey Stewart that begging the US governemnt to sue Virginia is fool-hearty and expensive. Corey disagreed that such a law suit could cost the state millions defending itself.

Furthermore, Stewart continued to say that our local law is almost identical to Arizona’s law. That statement simply is not true and Corey knows it. Why lie if he is so sure he is right.

14 Thoughts to “Alan Colmes Gets Corey Stewart on the Ropes”

  1. RingDangDoo

    Looks like Skeletor is doing his show from a roadside storage unit. 😉

    The dude is a loon!

    Go Corey!

  2. New cartoon: Skeletor has Capt. Sound-byte on the ropes.

    Loon Dude points out the obvious to Capt. Sound-byte.

  3. Rez

    I do think it was really a bit strange when Alan Colmes claimed that Arizona had already been accused of racial profiling when the law doesn’t even take effect for another 8 days (about 4.5 minutes in). Guess it is okay to say what you want and expect people to believe you. LOL

  4. I think there are other law suits pending. I heard 7. I don’t know what they are though.

    Corey needs to stop saying our laws are the same as AZ’s new law. That is simply not the case.

    My concerns aren’t that racial profiling will take place. Racial/gender profiling can take place anywhere. My main concern is that immigration is being used, as it was here, for election purposes. Additionally, I don’t like the idea of a patchwork of laws. Regardless of how much sb 1070 models federal law, it sets a precedent. Furthermore, if AZ is having trouble with gun cartels and violence, it sounds like they need to beef up those laws. Surely they have laws against drug smuggling, kidnapping, maiming and murder.

    Rather than poke at the feds, it sounds like it would be prudent to work with them to get more border patrol agents or more military on the border.

  5. Elena

    Maybe its because I am totally PMS’ing, but WHY DOES NO ONE FACT CHECK??? Prince William County does not have anything like, not even remotely, what Arizona has implemented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is Corey such a bold faced effin liar? We haven’t been sued because COREY VOTED TO REPEAL PROBABLE CAUSE due to FEAR OF LAW SUITS!!!!!!

  6. Elena, he didn’t willingly vote for it. I seem to recall something about over his dead body????? 🙄

  7. Elena

    Excellent point M-H! I wish we had that video, that would be a classic to put up!

  8. Captain Idiot-Face

    “on the ropes”…..uh-huh.

  9. Captain Idiot-Face

    A more accurate assessment would go something like this: “Colmes fails to convince Corey Stewart to surrender to stupidity”. Throughout the interview, Stewart is absolutely correct and Colmes’ arguments are the weakest I’ve heard. Go Corey!!

  10. Need to Know

    Ronald Reagan said once in a debate with Jimmy Carter that there are two ways of getting facts. You can make them up or look them up. Reagan called Carter to the mat for making up “facts.” If you can create “facts” to support your argument you are much more convincing unless someone declares that the emperor has on no new clothes.

    Many people are letting their frustration with the government’s (national, state and local) failure to deal with illegal immigration blind them to the rhetoric of a con man. One poster on this blog wrote not long ago that Corey “puts a face” on what people are feeling. I agree; he does do that. But he builds support for himself and sympathy for his cause (which is really just his own political career) on a foundation of lies. His supporters follow him blindly without looking for themselves as to the truth of what he says. The same poster was unable to cite one tangible way that their life in Prince William County was better because of Corey Stewart.

    As I’ve written here before, until Corey takes concrete measures to deal with employers of illegal alien labor, the true cause of the problem, he’s nothing but a charlatan and hypocritical fraud. I’m not holding my breath because Corey is now too beholden to his developer and Chamber of Commerce pals (needs their money to run for Lt. Governor) to deal with illegal immigration in any meaningful way.

    Please, all of you Coreyites, realize that the person you are supporting is going to do absolutely nothing to promote any substantive solution to illegal immigration or its impact on Prince William County. Look behind his lies and distortions and understand that you are only helping him move on to his next level of elected office, where he will find another issue and do exactly the same thing again to someone else.

  11. Silent Knight

    While Stewart is currently mostly just a bit player, everyone starts somewhere and clearly his ambitions are unbridled. His talent is for taking tiny bits of factual accuracy and inserting them into misleading and/or disinforming propaganda intended to stir emotions and negate rationality. It is quite remarkable to watch him do this. There are a few political figures in history who have mastered this technique and they have all done enormous harm. It takes a while for people to recognize this for what it is but once they do, once the scales fall from the eyes, it all becomes very obvious and the frustration comes from realizing that others are not seeing what you do.

    Moonhowlings is doing a remarkable job of trying to get the reality into the public consciousness. Keep up the good work.

  12. It sounds like a hopey changie thiing to me. Corey makes some people feel like there are simple solutions to very complex problems.

    How on earth can people let him fool them TWICE?

  13. @Moon-howler
    Will you be saying that about Obama n 2012? 🙂

  14. Not sure what I will be saying in 2012. To quote Bob Dole, “Depends.” 😈

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