Moan, bitch, beef, whine, complain. It is just freaking hot out there. For the past 24 hours I have been without air conditioning and my neighborhood has lost electricity 3 times today. The first episode of no-juice was for over an hour.

Elliot (the Wonderful…..who has been cursed by me many times over since last night at 8 pm) finally rescued us today. He is our heating/cooling tech specialist. We weren’t getting the full 240 voltage to kick on the AC, so when it took a break, it couldn’t kick back on. Lafayette diagnosed the problem before Elliot ever got there. She said she just didn’t think they were giving us enough juice. She was right, although Elliot was more scientific.

For future reference, the Red Roof Inn takes pets. I was headed there when Elliot showed up. I had packed a tooth brush, dog food and water bowl, the ipad and a laptop and the latest netflix movie. I figured when I was done with that one I could call up one on the ipad.

What are the contributors doing during this horrible weather? Emma, how many movies total have you watched? I haven’t heard one nay-sayer anywhere make one of the usual snide cracks about global warming. If I had a choice, I would take a blizzard. My furnace is more reliable than the ac.

This weather is totally extreme. Who has the statistics?

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  1. Emma

    I’ve watched literally dozens of movies and episodes, Moon. Not to rub salt in your wounds or anything, but we made a last-minute decision to escape to Ocean City. It’s hot, but the air is fresh and breezy. I couldn’t stand even one more day of being landlocked in the awful heat.

  2. marinm

    Global warming is a myth.

    Having said that yesterday was bad and today wasn’t great but still beats yesterday. Hoping the rain we just got cools things down some.

    On a side note. Stolen Valor Act was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in Colorado. I agree with his reasonings.

  3. punchak

    A wild, intense but short rain and thunderstorm went through my area. Temp dow abt 10 deg; humidity up. Great to get some water on the plants!

    Emma – how can you even think of being on a beach in this beastly weather? Furthermore, first you have to drive all that way on an extremely boring road. Home is the place to be –
    for me anyway.

  4. Emma

    The ocean water is pretty chilly. And the added bonus: No tarballs!

  5. Big Dog

    M-H, maybe you should move to “Cool Town” Manassas.

  6. IVAN

    The Mrs. wanted to go out and get some exercise this morning. Off we went a 9 a.m. to hit some tennis balls around. Boy, that didn’t last too long. We’ve stayed in the rest of the day and prayed that our AC didn’t die on us.

  7. Big Dog, I got the Cool Town fan over here now. Cool Town Man delivered it this afternoon. It is a serious fan…like jet engine serious.

    Marin, keep thinking that about Global warming. I actually don’t know but but I would prefer to err on the side of caution. Science never knocks it out of the ball park the first time.

    I think it should be crime to lie about military honors and service. How about lying to the cops and the fbi? Should that be a crime?

    Emma, when are you coming home?

  8. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    My wife’s having a blast. It’s 177 degrees outside and she’s full term. The good news is, doesn’t hurt me a bit! (she doesn’t read this blog, or any blog for that matter, which is why I can say that here).

  9. Slowpoke, Is this when I remind you about murder being legal if committed by pregnant women?

  10. TWINAD

    That is awful, MH! I’m glad you are back up and running. I brought my son and some of his friends to Skate N Fun Zone yesterday…they SAID the air was running at full speed, but it was RIDICULOUSLY hot in there! My husband had a job and some estimates yesterday so he was outside all day and he was dying. He said it was definitely the worst he ever remembers. He is in really good shape and he said he had to keep taking breaks because he felt like he wasn’t getting any air. Yesterday had to be the worst day of all days to be without air.

    Our air was down for a week in July a couple of years ago…we had to replace the unit and that took awhile. That was the worst week of my life in recent memory. It is hell. The hell I’m going through now is going to the Laundromat! Still waiting on a part to come in on our washer…second week in a row we had to go to the laundromat and I’d forgotten what a haggar that is. The only good thing is a huge pile of laundry is completely done in less than 90 minutes.

  11. punchak


    “…the worst week of my life in recent memory”. Lucky you! According to the WashPost it was 107 in Baghdad and 103 in Kabul today. Out military personnel is there wearing flak jackets, helmets, heavy boots AND carrying weighty weapons. Don’t know whether they have AC when they get back to base.

    I don’t know what Skate N Fun Zone is, but I’ll tell you, it couldn’t have been “ridiculouslier” hot there than it was in the above mentioned places. – Your husband was dying. Hopefully, he’s still alive, having had plenty of cold liquids taken out of a refrigerator that’s working; maybe even making ice cubes. Imagine! Quit our kvetching, please. Go take a cool shower! Hope you have water available.

  12. There is a place over in the city where you drop your laundry off and it will be done for you, all folded and everything. It isn’t cheap but it also doesn’t break the bank. I will email you when I find out where.

  13. Everything is relative. No one shot at us here today either. Heat is a killer. All extreme weather can kill. Some people are better equipped physically, mentally to deal with it than others.

    Glad I am not in Iraq or Afghanistan but that doesn’t keep me from bitching.

  14. Has anyone else had brown outs or lost electricity?

  15. TWINAD

    Jeez, Punchak. What bug is up your ass? Of COURSE I realize I am lucky I don’t serve in the military, or live in a third world country with no hope of getting out, or live in any one of a huge number of undesirable circumstances. Of course all my problems or living in hell do not compare to those less fortunate or to those serving in Iraq, which by the way, I would NEVER volunteer to do. Wouldn’t be able to hack any of it…the heat, seeing people maimed and killed, and everything else that comes along with “serving” this country. The thread is about bitching about the heat. So I did.

  16. punchak

    Did a good job of it too.

    My dearly beloved and much missed husband had this to say:

    As a rule, man’s a fool
    When it’s hot, he wants is cool.
    When it’s cool he wants it hot.
    He always wants what he has not.

    PS / I don’t have a bug up my ass. Strange expression! I guess your expression of living in hell and you husband dying got to me. Want an apology? If so, here it is: I gladly apologize.
    Hope your AC is working so you can cool off and get a good night’s sleep.

  17. Wolverine

    Slowpoke, I agree with Moon. You coud become a dead man walking. Sure as shootin’, a little devil will appear on the shoulder of your Mrs and whisper: “Go read the Moonhowlings. See what your Poke is saying these days. You may find it very interesting, my Dear. Then think of something very, very expensive that you would like your Poke to purchase for you.”

  18. bwaaahahahahaha…Good one Wolverine. And you are very very right. Slowpoke, get ready to pay the piper.

    Did anyone ever hear that old Bill Cosby recording about him pissing off his very pregnant wife? I believe the skit had something about the wife pulling his bottom lip over his head.

    This skit is ancient. I first heard it long before I had kids.

  19. Amazing how great it feels to only be 83 out at noon.

  20. Emma

    And I am leaving the beach…kicking and screaming all the way.

    1. Same a safe, short trip.

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