2 state employees in Utah compiled and stole a list of 1,300 people thought to be illegal immigrants. They were caught and have been fired. However, the debate continues.

The Latino community is concerned. What stuck me in particular is the charge that illegal immigrants need to learn to speak English. Jesus seems to speak pretty good English. He came here as a 15 year old–brought by his parents. He is now 25.

What happens in Arizona very much affects Utah since it is directly north of the Grand Canyon State. Utah is also the most homogeneous state in the Union, according to Pat Buchannan.

14 Thoughts to “Update from the Utah ‘List””

  1. PWC Taxpayer

    Here we go again….

    From the Salt Lake Tribune (3 hours ago).

    Teresa Bassett, one of two women suspected of compiling a list of 1,300 people purportedly in the country illegally, isn’t saying much.

    “I have no comment to make to you, and that is on the advice of an attorney,” Bassett told The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday from Cache County, where she was caring for her ailing 82-year-old mother.

    Bassett has been bombarded with calls since The Tribune first reported her identity Thursday morning.

    She told KSL-TV: “I’m very hurt, I’m very angry, I’m very confused. … I did not do this.”

    Bassett, 58, is a 15-year veteran in state government, beginning her career as a computer specialist at the Department of Corrections. This week she was notified that the state had begun the process of firing her from her Department of Workforce Services position, where she made nearly $69,000 last year.

    This week, Bassett sought the assistance of the Utah Public Employees Association, the union representing state workers, although she was not a member of the organization.

    “Teresa approached me for some advice and I gave her the advice that she probably ought to seek representation by an attorney,” said Dennis Hammer, deputy director of UPEA.

    Bassett also asked to join the union, filling out a membership card that Hammer said he would hold onto until the criminal investigation into her activities is complete.

    1. Funny how people all flock to unions when they get their ass in a sling. That union owes that lady nothing. She should just go out and hire an attorney if she feels she did nothing wrong or illegal. If she did help compile that list, then she should take her licks and go quietly into the sunset. The information was confidential.

  2. PWC Taxpayer

    I think the better question is why the publication of such such lists could be illegal – with some risk of slander if done by a private person. ICE, for example, should release its lists of all those who have overstayed their visas to assist law enforcement.

    1. Why would ICE want the general population causing a problem with their law enforcement.

      The reason why releasing the Utah list was illegal is because it contained confidential information. The list was gathered from confidential information. Who is to decide what should be confidential and what should not? I believe that the list was linked to citizen children who have parents who may or may not be illegal immigrants. Do you want your kids records pulled from various places and your name released?

  3. Pat.Herve

    Law Enforcement should have unfettered access to alot of information that it does not have access to, but it should be done in a legal manner. Creating a list, and distributing the list to media outlets is not the legal or proper way. Unfortunately, the people who did this, has probably created a setback in the sharing of information like this. Same as the people who looked up the joe the plumber information – it is not right. A good question is – was the information even accurate?

  4. Rick Bentley

    If the list is compiled in a manner that doesn’t violate an agency’s privacy rules, it’s not illegal to do this. If HSM or some other local organization were more militant, it could be undertaken – and online.

    The main benefit of doing this would be to show ICE up.

  5. Rick Bentley

    For example, the people in PWC could each report suspected illegal immigrants in their neighborhood. Perhaps more productive would be to keep a running list of flophouses.

  6. Pat.Herve

    Rick, how do you report suspected illegal immigrants?? Because of how they look, or they have an accent? SHould that person have to show papers to any and all that walk up to him and ask for them, for fear of being reported (even if legal). And ICE is going to act on what an untrained individual *thinks*. No, I do not want to live in an area like that.

    Joe the plumbers privacy was violated, and so was the privacy of all those individuals on the list (if they are legal or not is in dispute).

  7. Rick Bentley

    If I were tasked to do this, I’d just set up a website where people could report other people ala http://www.wehirealiens.com/

    Now if you ask me which areas would pay off the best, I’d say :

    A. Flophouse tracker
    B. Track businesses who are hiring illegal workers, based on info including from employees who worked with them and/or were let go

  8. Censored bybvbl

    Rick, you’d better have deep pockets and proof before you undertake such a task. I see no difference between your list and a “report a sex offender, tax cheat, philandering spouse, etc. list”. Every time my sister flies, she’s pulled out of line and questioned because she shares the same name as an Irish terrorist. A name alone is practically useless as far as proving someone is here illegally.

    You don’t think some former employee (fired) might make up a crock to get even with his employer, do you?

  9. Rick Bentley

    Sure, it’s possible. But in the absence of our government compiling an official list, better to undertake one as citizens than not to undertake this at all. perhaps states will start to compile the lists based on best information.

  10. And so then what happens with those lists before you get sued? Do a group of concerned citizens go burn them out? Burn a cross in their front yard hoping that the supposed immigrants who may or may not be illegal get afraid and know to leave town?

    Apparently some of the Mormons have forgotten how they got run out of Dodge 150 or so years before. They were demonized and killed also before they settled some place no one else wanted to be.

    All this is beginning to sound mighty unAmerican.

  11. Montana

    Utah Welfare list? I thought the majority in AZ, NM, TX, NV, UT, CO, OK, on Welfare, are old school Mormons (FLDS) who still practice polygamy with underage girls and send these girls in to claim they are single parents and get their checks. You should see some of the palace homes that are paid with welfare checks.

    1. If that is the case then it certainly would be up to the people of Utah to correct this injustice.

      I have heard there is a great deal of abuse from some of the polygamists.

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