Vice Mayor of Phoenix Tells a Different Story

Michael Nowakowski, vice mayor of Phoenix, paints a different picture of what is going on in Arizona. He also feels that sb 1070 is being used to parlay people’s fears into an election win for the current governor. He speaks of the crime rate being down in his state. He believes people being scared off and he is tired of the governor telling the nation that people are being beheaded in Arizona all as a political ploy.

Maybe the vice mayor isn’t running for re-election this cycle?   A ruling is expected today or tomorrow ruling whether the injunction to halt 1070  going in to effect is granted.

He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Thank goodness, Jon Stewart is back from vacation. I was afraid he had quit. Elena and I have been discussing how he was going to cover Shirley Sherrod without being outdated by a week. He managed and shed light on a topic I thought had been discussed to death.

He declared Breitbart the most honest player in the whole mess. He has Breitbart on video saying he wanted to be the one to take down the institutional left. (whatever that is)

Lost in Race

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Lost in Race
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Open Thread Tues. July 27

Much is happening in the world that I just don’t have the understand to discuss.  Let’s go with an open thread so the contributors will have a place to discuss all the wiki-leaks and Scotland-gate, Afghanistan, Senator Webb’s backlash.  That way we can keep the other threads on topic.  Here is the spot for the free for all.