Thank goodness, Jon Stewart is back from vacation. I was afraid he had quit. Elena and I have been discussing how he was going to cover Shirley Sherrod without being outdated by a week. He managed and shed light on a topic I thought had been discussed to death.

He declared Breitbart the most honest player in the whole mess. He has Breitbart on video saying he wanted to be the one to take down the institutional left. (whatever that is)

Lost in Race

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Lost in Race
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13 Thoughts to “He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack”

  1. Second-Alamo

    What, no comments? Is it because it sheds a sorry light on the beloved administration? Oh well, at least the NAACP weaseled out of it. After all they had the entire tape, yet still got snookered! It’s always someone else’s fault by default and creed.

  2. Actually, National NAACP didn’t have the entire video until later.

    SA, in case you haven’t noticed, I put it up and there are probably more conservatives on this blog than non conservatives. You know…your kinda people! 🙄

  3. Elena

    WHERE is your outrage at Fox News for FABRICATING this story. Yes, I am disgusted that Obama and his administration did not have the balls to say EFF-U to stupidity but maybe you haven’t noticed the frenzied hysteria that Fox News has created regarding Obama that ruination of white amercia. Between Hitler references and death panels, Fox news should change its name to Faux news, like M-H has taken to referring to them.

  4. Emma

    Why would the Obama administration act so precipitously on anything it saw or heard on “Faux News” if it already believes coverage is so slanted there? For a network with so little credibility, it didn’t take much to provoke them out of fear of Glenn Beck

    1. @Emma,

      I don’t think anyone is cheering for Team Obama or Team USDA on this issue.

  5. Emma

    I hope not. While they are entertaining, the musings of pundits and bloggers are no substitute for due diligence in personnel matters.

  6. Totally agree. Crappily handled.

  7. PWC Taxpayer

    Elena :SA,
    Fox news should change its name to Faux news, like M-H has taken to referring to them.

    Just as soon as MSNBC changes its name to Comedy Central or the Obama Channel.

  8. I have started watching more MSBC. You ought to try it some time, TP. I find myself far less depressed during the course of the day. When all one listens to is how horrible their government is, it tends just ruin the day.

    I find this is especially helpful in the morning when Mika (who I don’t even like), Joe, and that flaming liberal Pat Buchanan are on. The tone isn’t all snide and doom and gloom about everything American. If I felt the way the Faux News crew does, I would probably immigrate to another country.

  9. PWC Taxpayer

    Absolutely – on Way too Early. There is at least a modicom of balance there. But I also wactch Mr. Ed and Shivers Mathews for their comedy and entertainment value posing as discussion – then shift back to the join the – what 10 times their audience combined – for more serious investigative reporting of Fox News.

    Most people would be afraid of an Administration, a Govt’ official or a Party that tried to attack a channel or suggesteed that its news and discussion programming be pulled. Sorry you don’t see how un-american that really is.

  10. Wolverine

    Lose the goatee, Jon. They’ll soon be calling it “the geezerdailyshow.”

    1. It’s not particularly flattering, is it>?

  11. I don’t choose my news channels by popularity. The fact that you rely on them for your base of knowledge explains quite a bit to me.

    I have never suggested that Fox News be pulled. I have suggested that they are UnAmerican and care more about political outcome than the country. I have observed this for years now. Faux News needs to behave more responsibly.

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