Who Told The Gainesville Grizzlies They Were Getting Free Parkland From The Avendale Rezoning?

So, WHO exactly told the Grizzly leadership, behind closed doors, that they would be getting free land in the Avendale rezoning process? I sent this letter to the Grizzly leadership and have not heard any response. In the mean time, tomorrow night should be a real show, as planned, by whom, no one knows!secret agent

Dear Grizzly leadership,

My name is Elena Schlossberg and for 8 years now, citizens, like myself, have invested their energy in protecting the best land use tool this county possesses, the Rural Crescent. I am aware that this organization may not be aware of the severe negative consequences of approving Avendale. Every year, a developer proposes to dismantle, via a housing project, the Rural Crescent, for the past two years, citizens have been fighting Avendale, one way or another through a very long process.

Why does Avendale matter? Because the developer would turn a maximum of 12 homes into a possible 700. Can you imagine the strain on the infrastructure for citizens? Schools, roads, emergency services, etc!

The PWC school board sent a strong letter to the Board of County Supervisors rejecting Avendale, the overcrowding is simply too much from past unrestrained development. Haven’t we learned our lesson from overdevelopment given the past housing crisis that contributed to an economic meltdown?

The fact that you all have been “promised” football fields behind closed doors, or as it certainly appears to citizens, is incredibly unethical by any open government standard. Government cannot promise ANY “free” land to a private sports team. There is a public process via the Park Authority that must be followed if park land is proffered.

Nothing is for free. In return for you outcry and “show” at Tuesdays Board meeting, you will be complicit in destroying the Rural Crescent. The rural crescent, in place for over a decade, keeps all our taxes lower, reduces the stress on our school system, our roads, our emergency services, our drinking water cleaner and keeps our air just a little less polluted.

This vote Tuesday is so much more than football fields and I strongly believe that the parents in your organization should be aware of that before they attend the hearing. Shouldn’t they know before they get there that citizens, having fought to protect the Rural Crescent on behalf of ALL PWC citizens will be there in opposition of Avendale? Would your parents feel comfortable fighting for this “free” land to play football if they knew the consequences? Is the message the Grizzlies want to send “the end justify the means” ?

Elena Schlossberg

Advocates for the Rural Crescent

Junk bonds: Savvy investment or fool’s gold?

What is a junk bond?

According to Msnbc:

CHICAGO — A sideways stock market has investors searching for other places to make a decent return on their money. And junk bonds, for better or worse, are starting to look like gems to many.

The appeal is easy to understand.

Junk bonds, known more politely as high-yield bonds, are bonds with very low credit ratings that corporations pay more interest on so they can attract investors. As of last week, they were yielding 8.34 percent, down from 9 percent earlier in July.

That number is mighty enticing at a time when the Standard & Poor’s 500 index is up just 1 percent for 2010 and down 22 percent from a decade ago. And a murky economic outlook hampers prospects of a strong rebound any time soon.

Virtually nowhere else can you get 8 percent back on your money these days. The going rate for a 10-year U.S. Treasury note last week was 3.05 percent, low by historical standards. It’s not much better for investment-grade, or more highly rated, corporate bonds: 3.8 percent, as measured by the Barclay’s Capital U.S. Credit Bond Index.

Return-starved investors have noticed. High-yield mutual funds have seen nearly $3 billion in inflows over the past three weeks, according to Lipper FMI, a unit of Thomson Reuters.

But investor beware: They’re called junk for a reason. Bonds below investment grade, or those with S&P ratings below BBB and Moody’s ratings below Baa, are much likelier to default.

Has anyone ever owned junk bonds? I have and they did quite well. They were part of a mutual fund I had in a retirement program. They made all sorts of money. I rolled that acount over a while back and I don’t know how that bond fund is doing now. My great risk-taking was when times were good and not a great deal of money was involved.

Are these junk bonds worth the risk? It seems like all of us have taken a huge risk just having a 401k. I honestly have thought about just jumping off the merry-go-round.

Who knows where some good rates of return are outside the stock market? I have a retirement account that guarantees me 4.5%. I used to laugh at it. Now I am not so sure.

Stewart To Media: ‘Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F**king Happy’ (VIDEO)

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I will answer that question. No. For some people there is absolutely nothing the President can do that will make them happy. What a shame.

Jon Stewart calls it as he sees it in this video. And as we all know, Jon Stewart has not given him a pass.