38 Thoughts to “Corey Stewart Breaks His Pledge”

  1. This was a really stupid move by Stewart.

  2. Lafayette

    “It was about an election, honey”-Hilda Barg (regarding immigration) 2008

  3. Elena

    Welcome Loudon Insider!

  4. Elena

    Lafayette :“It was about an election, honey”-Hilda Barg (regarding immigration) 2008

    Exactly, exactly.

  5. We won’t be agreeing on much, Elena, but we do agree on this!

  6. Its fine not to agree on everything. Finding some common ground is often the challenge. Welcome Loudoun Insider.

    Corey seems to be going out of his way to show his duplicitous nature.

  7. PWCOvertaxed

    Nice blurb to put up Corey’s signed pledge…he does what politicians do, sadly. It was REALLY sad to see them march those poor kids up to the podium to talk about playing football…which has NOTHING to do with the rezoning. Those kids will be in college before anything gets built PLUS there is NO money for it..just land. What a sad night in PWC…..I hope people pay attention to this and remember when these people are up for reelection. Build houses to fix congested traffic…what a joke

  8. @PWCOvertaxed
    It was sad. The parents and kids were being used. You could tell from the comments that very few of them understood the issues. They wanted football fields. That’s very understandable.

    They were used. They even had to pay for their own buses and food.

  9. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Looks like a signed pledge to me!

  10. George S. Harris

    Hey Moon–are you gonna send it to the N&M? Hope so.

  11. They read here daily. Let me talk to Elena though. Maybe they missed a day.

    I should have entitled this thread Liar, Liar Pants on Fire.

  12. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    You wouldn’t by any chance have a copy of Obama’s Birth Certificate? 🙂

  13. George S. Harris

    @Slowpoke Rodriguez
    Give it up SR–If Obama is not a citizen neither is John McCain. And who know who else.

  14. George S. Harris

    Is it possible someone can post the CPA documents we are talking about? One I have read says 125+/- acres, another says 178+/- . Some are talking about 77 acres and 53 acres and who know how many acres. It sure would help, but may be asking too much.

  15. Not the Red Queen

    @Slowpoke Rodriquez

    What a card, you made me laugh out loud.

  16. Elena has the information I feel certain.

  17. Elena

    Loudoun Insider :We won’t be agreeing on much, Elena, but we do agree on this!

    Doesn’t it feel good to have something in common Loudon 😉 Corey also wrote an extended letter, in 2007, when he ran against Sharon Pandak the second time. I have his full page single spaced letter that goes into great detail why HE is the only candidate that truly supports the Rural Crescent. I need to get it scanned onto the RuralCrescent.org website! It’s enough to make you want to throw up, his stunning hypocrisy.

  18. I agree, it totally sucks. No partisan pandering from me.

  19. RingDangDoo


    I generally support Stewart, but I’m with you folks on this. This reeks.

    Nohe needs to called on this as well. Grrrrrr.

  20. Red Dawn

    I just finished reviewing the meeting online and I just have to ask about my buddy, Bob W. Is he still around? Miss that character! I hope all is well.

  21. Hi Red Dawn, no one seems to have seen Mr. Wills lately. I have asked around.

    Ring, I think several people have spoken to Nohe. Grrrr is right.

  22. Need to Know

    I don’t like what any of the Gang of Five did, but the hypocrisy factor applies mostly to Stewart, and somewhat to Caddigan. Covington, Nohe and Jenkins are completely out-of-the-closet as supporters of big developers. I oppose them for that, but they don’t pretend otherwise. Nohe made some noise about smart growth years ago but it’s been clear where he stands for a long time.

    Stewart is different. He got elected on the basis of supporting smart-growth, conservation, fiscal responsibility and putting the brakes on developers. Elena has the documentation of what he said. He flat out lied to us. He’s doing exactly the opposite of what he promised the people who orginally helped him win.

    This is true of Caddigan to a great extent also, but she did not make as many promises on those issues. She’s part in the Stewart category, and part in the Covington/Nohe/Jenkins category.

    I want to see all five defeated next year on the basis of the policies they advocate and actions they have taken. However, I want Stewart driven out of town as a hypocrit, liar and con man.

  23. That is a lofty goal, NTK. I can only handle one at a time. There are several keepers on the BOCS in my opinion.

  24. Gregory Glenn

    Avendale was a travesty from start to finish.

    It is clear that Stewart has been completely compromised, and will do whatever Mike Lubuley tells him to do. (Now that people are starting to realized this watch for Lubuley to put up a case designed for Stewart to oppose with impunity as there will be enough other votes to get it passed.)

    Caddigan is as reliable as she has always been, which means not at all. Covington, Nohe, and Jenkins are a disgrace. (Sorry Moon – you seem to defend Nohe but one bright moment does not offset all the misdeeds and bad votes Nohe has made. Jenkins voted in 1998 to create the Rural Crescent. Does that give him a pass on the fact that he’s been complicit in attacking it ever since, along with all his other sleezy dealings?)

    So, here’s my list of the four supervisors who gotta go, in order of most definitely need to be dumped, to least, on land use and land use related issues – also on smell test: Stewart, Jenkins, Covington, Nohe.

  25. And I have my reasons for defending Marty.

    I tend to think small. I only have a couple of folks I want rid of.

  26. Elena

    Are we sure Corey will run again in PWC? Maybe Corey has a slash and burn mentality because he believes he will move on to bigger and better. What a calamaty that would be for the state or possibly even the Country.

  27. It sounds like he is considering a congressional run for his money. The good thing about Corey is ….he will step in it before he gets that far. He loves the mic too much.

  28. Corey just got too full of himself , elevated his nose so he could better look down it, and walked right off the cliff.
    And he was on the fast track to better things, too.

  29. Welcome Bulletproof.

    I can’t disagree about walking off a cliff. Whatever he thinks it will take to get elected, he will do, it seems. However, he has stabbed too many people along the way. He isn’t who he says he is.

  30. Censored bybvbl

    I’m not so sure that Corey’s big mouth and flip-flops will stop him at the state level – unless he’s stopped by his party. I think the average voter is pretty damn gullible and he, Corey, may snooker many in the rural areas with his immigration crapola just as he snookered those who followed him in PWC. His immigration campaign has a bunch of easily recited talking points. Whether those points are valid or legally enforceable won’t matter to the xenophobes or nitwits.

    He’ll have a hard time if he chooses to run for a US Rep as people around the region are more familiar with him.

  31. Gregory Glenn

    Elena – We’re not sure about anything when it comes to what Corey will or will not do except knowing that he is a tireless self-promoter we know that whatever he does it will likely be to get his name in the paper and his face on the tube. From a tactical point of view he knows it is easier to run for office from office then to run from the outside. So, since he’s not running for Congress this year, and can’t run for Lt.Gov until 2013, he will most likely run for BOCS chair next year so that he can run for Lt.Gov in 2013 from office.

  32. And meanwhile he can brush Avendale under the rug while he trumpets his new-found crisis du jour–the nun wreck. And he is really going to town with this one.

  33. George S. Harris

    Had a long talk with Marty which I won’t put up here, but if you take time to listen to him, his reasons are pretty sound. As I said a long time back, this is not a wrist slitter–people have really blown it all out of proportion. Everybody is guessing at the number of homes–I mean really guessing–blowing possibilities completely out of sight. 700 homes is a VERY remote possibility, even 500 may be a stretch. Perhaps 400 ultimately. You can vote all of them out, but remember, the devil you know may be better tthan the devil you don’t know. As for Stewart–he has to go–is recall a reality or is there some rule against it? Or is all that folks are going to do is bitch, bitch, bitch?

    1. @George, I haven’t advocated voting them all out. I have advocated voting 1 out. El Jefe.
      Corey is who took the pledge, ran for office on land use issues originally, and the one who broke the pledge.

      Every excuse to take a chunk out of the rural crescent can be seen as making Prince William County just a little closer to looking like easter New Jersey. The citizens of PWC should have some say so in the growth in their county. This developer puts in 200 houses, which is far and away worse than 27 houses as far as roads and schools go, the next developer puts in 225, and so on. Soon there IS no rural crescent and you also need 3 new schools.

      Who pays? Not the developer.

  34. Gregory Glenn

    @George S. Harris
    Very convenient saying you spoke with Marty and he has good reasons but you won’t say what he said or what his reasons are for voting for an indefensible proposal. Perhaps his reason was that he owes Wally a favor, or Stewart promised him support for something else in exchange for his vote, or Brookfield homes or some other of Lubuley’s clients promised him a nice fat campaign contribution. That’s how it works. Marty is ALWAYS willing to take the deal if he thinks he can get some juice out of it.

    As far as recall on Stewart the law requires major petition effort and can only be filed for malfeasance.

  35. Better to suffer with the devil we know and just make sure he doesn’t get re-elected locally or anywhere else.

  36. Gregory Glenn nails it. G.Harris, I’d have to be nuts to take your thumbs-up that Marty’s reasoning was just “hokey-dokey”….all without you having the guts to post his measure for me to judge myself.

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