Taliban Kills 10 Medical Aid Workers

The Afghan Taliban has claimed responsibility for killing 10 medical aid workers, 6 of them American.  These humanitarians provided eye care and other medical services to very remote areas of Afghanistan that can be reached only on pack mule or on foot.

The medical team has been accused of carrying bibles and proselytising.   All ten were shot at close range multiple times.  So much for humanitarian aid.  Where are those daisy cutters (aka commando vaults) when we need them?

Is it time to just let Afghanistan just go the way of the uber third world country?  How many American lives have to be lost and what exactly is our objective again?

ICE to Release Illegal Immigrant Names

From the Manassas News & Messenger:

Prince William County, Va. – Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials will release to Prince William authorites the identities and final disposition of every convicted criminal illegal immigrant apprehended in the county and turned over to ICE, said Chairman Corey A. Stewart on Saturday.

Stewart indicated that this reversed three years of “stiff-armed” responses by ICE to the same question. “They’ve also said they will increase detention center space in Virginia to hold illegal aliens until deportation. It won’t solve the problem, but it will help alleviate the problem.”

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