A Palin Constitution Moment

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Shannyn Moore

Just a girl from Homer, Alaska

Sarah Palin & company spent several days in Homer filming her “Sarah Palin’s Uh-laska” show. (Eyes rolled).

On the public dock, private security patted down private citizens. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure from their government. Private security searching private citizens in a public place, doesn’t fall under that category. It’s a bit more hinky.

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I.C.E. Ices Corey Stewart

News on the street is Corey Stewart made Obama blink.  Well, is that so?  How funny.  Actually, I think what really happened is, I.C.E. made Stewart look befuddled and confused.  Or perhaps they just caught him lying, again, like he does about the crime statistics.

According to the Washington Post in the political blog:

According to Stewart, ICE officials also said they will increase detention center space in Virginia to hold illegal immigrants until deportation.

But ICE spokesman Richard Rocha denied that ICE will turn over any names or personal information to Stewart.

“ICE told Prince William County Supervisor Corey Stewart the agency would provide available statistics, for instance about the crimes and custody status of individuals referred to ICE by 287(g) trained officers,” Rocha said. “We anticipate that research to take a few weeks. To clarify, ICE will not be providing personally identifiable information — like names or addresses — to Stewart or others. Under DHS’s Privacy Policy, the Privacy Act, which protects against the release of certain personal information, extends to aliens as well as U.S. citizens.”

Stewart said he was disappointed to hear Rocha’s response. “They are backing down.”

Huh?  Who is backing down?  It sounds to me like Corey is backing down and I.C.E. is sticking to its guns. 

We will be watching to see who is the blinker and who is the blinkee.  Place your bets now.

Steven Slater, Mr. Jet Blue, is a New Folk Hero

Flight Attendant ArrestBy now, everyone has heard of flight attendant Steven Slater. He had an altercation with an errant passenger who had stood up while the plane was still taxiing towards the runway, she got in an altercation with another passenger, grabbed her luggage from the overhead compartment, hitting Slater in the head with it.

Slater lost it and demanded an apology. A series of F-yous and F-ing adjectives ensued. Slater had a meltdown, got on the plane PA and made sure the entire plane heard his dissatisfaction with the way things were going (which included a resignation) before he grabbed a few brewskies, deployed the jet slides, and slid out of the plane. He dashed to his car and sped home.

Law enforcement caught him at home (some of his neighbors threw him under the bus) and arrested him. He now could go  to go to prison. Meanwhile, nearly 100,000 support him on Facebook.  His ex-wife supports him and says the passenger was in the wrong.  She said only Steven would go out in style like that.

According to the NY Daily News:

Long before he lost his cool on JetBlue Flight 1052, he complained about some aspects of his job – especially carry-on luggage.

In a series of posts to an online forum, a user who appears to be Slater took a swipe at passengers who try to bring on too many bags.

“I hate to be a bag nazi when i work a flight, but I feel if I am not, then I am letting down all those who cooperate and [try] to help out as well,” said a March post under the handle Skyliner747 on Airliners.net.

“I am frustrated with many of them for their unrealistic approach regarding carry-ons.”

Fess up. How many people respect Steven Slater or at least give him a hat tip (h/t) for his efforts and wish they could do the same thing. I have my own fantasies about the perfect job exit…….

Part 1: Police, Feds: Warning Signs Regarding Implementation of the Immigration Resolution

Part 1. What did the BOCS know?
Part 2 will show that Corey accuses others of ‘having blood on their hands’ when he knew very good and well the situation with I.C.E. Judging from the dates, he also needs to admit that this issue did not start or end with the present administration.

This video was from a BOCS meeting Spring , 2008. It shows the problems inherent in the MOA between ICE and the county. Let’s revisit some of the issues. It seems that many people have forgotten what really happened.

Both Charlie Deane and Jail Superintendent Pete Meletis give their points of view.

Chief Deane updated the BOCS on the status of the Immigration Resolution. Superintendent Meletis warned the BOCS of the problems the ADC was encountering with ICE. ICE was not picking up the ICE detainees after they had served their time in PWC. PWC was attempting to have every illegal alien picked up. ICE rep Mark McGraw told the BOCS that their numbers were overwhelming. He felt that PWC was getting away from the original understanding which was to remove the worst of the worst from the county.

Reminder to his critics: Here you will see Chief Deane salute the job he was given to do. What has changed?

At some point, even the most die hard anti-immigration person has to admit that they cannot deport illegal immigrants themselves. They must rely on ICE and a federal deportation judge. A locality can enact all the draconian laws they want…it doesn’t make ICE get there any faster.

Another area sexual predator arrested

Leonel Vega-Perezm, an illegal immigrant, has been charged with raping a 10 year old girl. We are not going into the sordid details. The incidences occurred in Manassas Park and in Prince William County. The victim was an acquaintance of Vega -Perezm.

We don’t usually run threads on this type of crime. There are other blogs you can go to for that kind of feeding frenzy. Today however, we are making an exception and we made an exception with the Osbourn High School teacher several weeks ago. Why? because there seems to be just too much of this sort of behavior going on in our community. The default answer as to why would be, “why school is out and our kids are outside and we need to keep a close eye on them.” Unfortunately, Kevin Ricks makes that comment less than valid. he was in a school, lurking and waiting and manipulating.

Child molestors come in all sizes, shapes, ages, educational levels, socio economic classes and ethnicities. This is the vilest of crimes to commit. The News & Messenger reported that local authories had called ICE. So what. ICE would have been notified regardless of the severity of the crime. Hopefully, Leonel Vega-Perezm stands trial and goes to prison for a good 20-25 years, if he is found guilty. He shouldn’t be needing ICE until then. He is a scourge on society and needs to be treated as such, if convicted.

I would be furious if he were turned over to ICE. He needs to stay right here in Prince William County and face the music until he is shipped out to a prison somewhere in the state. If he were just deported, he woud go back to his country of origin and do the same nasty, dastardly thing to some child there. Either we care about children, all children, or we don’t. We cannot differentiate our feelings because of their location. We need to protect them from creeps like this man and Kevin Ricks and all the other perverts who want to harm our children.