McDonnell Applies for 287(g) for State Troopers

From the Richmond Times Dispatch:

Gov. Bob McDonnell this week formally requested that the Department of Homeland Security authorize some Virginia State Police troopers to perform functions of federal immigration officers.

The request, which was sent in a letter dated Aug. 10 to Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, follows conversations since February on the subject between McDonnell’s administration and federal authorities.

McDonnell is requesting that homeland security enters into a so-called 287g agreement with the state, a pact that at least seven jurisdictions in Virginia already have in some form.

“The [memorandum of understanding] would include how participating State Police personnel will be nominated, trained, authorized and supervised in performing the immigration enforcement functions specified in the agreement,” McDonnell writes in the letter released today by his office.

“We contemplate addressing those aliens who are engaged in major drug offenses or violent offenses such as murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and kidnapping, as well as DUI offenses.”

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Upcoming VCU rap concert raises some eyebrows

From the Richmond Times Dispatch:

Richmond, Va. —
Rap artist Asher Roth loves college, but it’s the reasons why that are causing controversy ahead of his performance at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Welcome Week for incoming freshmen.

Along with fellow hip-hop artist B.o.B., Roth — whose hit single “I Love College” was all the rage last year — is set to perform at a Back to School Jam concert Aug. 28 at the Siegel Center.

In keeping with the themes of Roth’s other work, “I Love College” extols certain nonacademic portions of the collegiate experience, such as excessive beer consumption, marijuana use and casual sex. At one point, the song devolves into the chanting of the words “chug” and “freshmen.”

Event price tag: $100,000, to be paid for through student activity fees from Monroe Park Campus students.

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Virginia schools fall short of new benchmarks, but scores rise slightly

They (test scores) rose slightly, yet they still failed. I am somewhat amused. Firebrands like Ken Cuccinelli went nuclear on the new health care plan because Virginians might be forced to buy a product. Yet, at the same time, no one has even raised an eyebrow over the federal government usurping the state’s power over education and mandating a dramatic educational overhaul that is costing localities literally millions of dollars.

From the Washington Post:

Average scores on Virginia’s Standards of Learning math exams rose slightly and reading performance remained static in the 2009-10 school year, but the vast majority of public schools across the state failed to meet new performance benchmarks for graduation rates and for students with disabilities, according to results released Thursday by the state Department of Education.

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Open Thread Mid-week August 11, 2010

Time for another open thread.  There are too many topics floating about out there. 

There is a Jobs Bill, Charlie Rangel fighting for his political life, the death of Senator Ted Stevens, the injury of former NASA chief O’Keefe and his son who are in critical condition following that plane crash that killed Sen. Stevens, the fed is buying back some US debt, and a host of primary elections that pretty much mean nothing to me.   The local politicians seem quiet for a change.

I hope that Wolverine will bring us up to speed on this serial killer type in Leesburg.  That is all very mysterious.

Michelle and Sasha Obama Dine In Manassas

The First Lady and Sasha came down to the big city last night for some Louisiana cooking.  They ate in the local bistro, Okra’s in the City of Manassas.  It is reported that they did try the okra. 

This outing was very low key.  The Obamas didn’t request private seating and ordered off the menu. 

According to News & Messenger:

And, of course, White House officials scoped out the area thoroughly.

Gilliam said they visited Manassas at least three times and called ahead when the big-name diners were about 20 minutes away from arriving.

“They check a place out fairly carefully, I guess,” he said.

Onlookers in Old Town were checking out Okra’s on Thursday, too, as it was clear that something was up.

Battle Street between Okra’s and Carmello’s & Little Portugal was blocked by what appeared to be Secret Service SUVs, and a state trooper paced around outside a police cruiser.

A Secret Service agent with a handheld metal-detector stood guard at Okra’s front door, and other agents were on the lookout nearby on the humid, rainy August night.

But anyone who hadn’t been tipped off to the celebrity sighting could easily have missed the first family’s exit.

I would say that Manassas City definitely slammed dunked the county on this one.   Let the crowing begin.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t in Okras.  I am afraid I would have been rude and stared. 


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