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Prince William County, Va. – Individual supervisor budgets have become a hot topic among the board since a 5-to-3 vote in favor of a $712,000 increase to the supervisors’ office budgets last week.

That breaks down to approximately $89,000 per office.

The budget item was passed as part of a much larger carryover budget, in which items from the previous fiscal year get carried over to the new fiscal year. According to county spokesman Jason Grant, the $712,000 increase should have been included in the fiscal 2011 budget process, but was accidentally omit-ted.

The intent of the additional money was to allow the supervisors the opportunity to hire a third full-time staffer. According to Grant, hiring a third assistant was “based on the growth of citizens being served by each magisterial district and the complexity of issues being resolved.”

“The supervisors have seen an 83 percent increase in the number of citizens served per district since 1990, from 30,812 per district to 56,497 today,” Grant said.

Supervisors Michael C. May, R-Occoquan, Martin Nohe, R-Coles and Maureen S. Caddigan, D-Dumfries, voted against the budget increase.  The three agreed that this wasn’t the time to add money to the budget when county employees haven’t received a cost of living adjustment the last two years.

Suerpvisors May, Nohe and Caddigan are aware of how things look.  When did regular county employees last receive a raise?  How much overtime to they all get when there is some emergency or when one of the supervisors makes demands?  

Meanwhile, the chairman, Corey Stewart has gone $7500 over budget.  He complains that one of his staffers needed a raise.  Probably everyone needs a raise who works for Prince William County.  Many county employees work long hours that extend beyond the regular day.  Those same employees often take work home over the weekend or go back in to the office to get things done. 

When everyone can get a little bit more of the pie, then the budget should increase to include the supervisors budgets.  Until then, everyone needs to make due with tightening their belts–even the chairman.

11 Thoughts to “Hats off to a few good supervisors”

  1. Lafayette

    How did you you like this quote, Moon? Did it make you think of your “favorite” postcards?

    Stewart stated he also has to make due with the same amount of money for postage, office supplies and other expenditures “when we have many more citizens to serve.”

  2. Yes, I thought of that $30k Stewart wasted inviting people to citizens’ time and then trying to not let them speak. He should have saved his money and he especially shouldn’t have asked the advice of numb nuts in the neighborhoods. No telling who might get blamed.

    Stewart needs to juggle his money better. Perhaps he is using some of it for his other endeavors. I know of one person who doesn’t want so much as a paper clip used for other initiatives.

  3. Need to Know

    The most fiscally responsible Supervisor, John Stirrup, has the smallest budget of all of them, but doesn’t get the headline because he voted in favor of the budget.

    Stewart shows himself again the least concerned about the taxpayer’s dollar. Keep your eyes and ears open in September – some interesting stuff about Stewart’s complete lack of concern for the taxpayers’ well-being will be coming out after everyone gets back from vacation. It won’t be in the Manassas Journal Messenger, which has incredibly become a mouthpiece for Stewart.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I’m starting to get the strong feeling that Stewart “talks the talk” but doesn’t “walk the walk”. That’s not good.

  5. Need to Know

    Hi Slowpoke. Thanks, that’s the message I’ve been trying to pound home. Avendale, “Virginia Rule of Law” that’s just smoke-and-mirrors with no crackdown on illegal employers, ignoring PWC to start a state-wide campaign already, bad-mouthing and undercutting true conservatives such as Stirrup, Miller and Ligamfelter, fiscal irresponsibility (much more to come on that), etc. We need true conservatives and Republicans – not an opportunistic, self-serving con man. There’s still time for us to find someone else to run for BOCS Chair.

  6. I would like to see John Stirrup clean up his image by dropping out of Help Save Manassas.

    That ship has sailed.

    Too many people associate that organization, rightly or wrongly, with big mastiff dog jokes, calling the chief of police a traitor and hunting down the employment of a retired social worker for the City of Manassas. I can’t vote for someone who belongs to an organization who ascribes to those types of behaviors.

  7. Censored bybvbl

    Help Save Manassas still exists? Yeah, he should have bailed from that sinking ship.

  8. Lafayette

    @Censored bybvbl
    That’s the same question I asked myself. 😉

  9. He gains no moral high ground if the organization ceases to exist. That is passive non membership.

  10. Didn’t that organization morph into the Manassas Tea Party?

  11. I think you might be on to something, Cindy.

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