God Squad Logo Taken

Father Luke who has the God Squad logo on the side of his car is being challenged by Best Buy and apparently he is caving. Best Buy is claiming they have the copyright on the logo because of their Geek Squad.

I hope the good father stands them down. I have been saying ‘God Squad’ (albeit somewhat disrespectfully) for decades–long before Best Buy was invented. I think he should keep the name and have the actual logo, the insignia part look different and be done with it.

Best Buy shouldn’t be able to trump God and they don’t own the word ‘squad.’

Glenn Beck Attacks the Jobless

I don’t doubt for one second that there are people out there gold bricking, but to make sweeping generalizations? I know of several people who just haven’t been able to get a job. Perhaps there are better people to attack than the jobless.

Much of the unemployment situation depends on location. Those of us living in Northern Virginia are fortunate. We haven’t been hit as hard as other localities.

Was Beck lacking sensitivity? Is it fair to attack people for being unemployed after 99 weeks?