(from SPLC: illustrations by Paul Rogers)
(from SPLC: illustrations by Paul Rogers)

There is no end to conspiracy theories.  Conspiracy theories are a big part of Americana.  However, most are urban legends and few have been proven, if any.  From the Lincoln assassination conspiracy theory to the Roswell Cover-up to the moonlanding being a hoax by NBC, some Americans are convinced that their government is up to something sneaky and un-American.

Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the top 10 current conspiracy theories.



01 Chemtrails
02 Martial Law

03 FEMA Concentration Camps

04 Foreign Troops on U.S. Soil

05 ‘Door-to-Door’ Gun Confiscations

06 9/11 as Government Plot

07 Population Control


09 The Federal Reserve Conspiracy

10 The North American Union



My favorite one isn’t on the list. I like the one that exposes the government hiding UFO information from us since Roswell. I believe that one. These others are strange. I have heard of about half of them. The rest are tin foil hat theories, with accompanying Xfile music.

The explanations are given. It is far too long to provide exerpts. Plus I wouldn’t want to leave out anything.

Do you believe any of this? How far fetched is some of it? Sell us on a theory.

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15 Thoughts to “SPLC Posts Top Ten Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Well, the SPLC would be the authoritative entity on anyway wacko. Talk about X-Files!

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    anything wacko.

  3. Need to Know

    You left out the latest one about controlling the weather. Supposedly after the devastating hurricane seasons of a few years ago, especially 2005, the government started manipulating high and low pressure systems either to divert hurricanes away from the U.S. or to dissipate them. This theory gained credence last year when “experts” predicted an above-average, serious tropical weather season and nothing much happened. These ideas come from many of the same people who argue that global warming is a hoax because humans are not able to influence climate and weather. My view of this one – good work! Keep it up!

    I don’t believe that foreign bases forbidden to Americans have ever existed on U.S. soil but friendly governments send personnel here for training and other activities all the time. Some years ago, perhaps still now, Germans used a base in Texas for missile testing. The problem was that prototype missiles had gone off course and landed in Poland. German missiles landing in Poland still cause some degree of angst so the U.S. allowed the Germans to use areas of Texas where that would not be a problem.

    Academics and foreign policy wonks have been writing papers and holding conferences for years about creating a North American Union along similar lines as the European Union. There’s been nothing secret about this at all. However, writing papers and holding conferences is a far cry from a secret conspiracy to form a NAU against the wishes of the American people.

    The other stuff is too idiotic to merit comment.

  4. Area 51?

    There’s something to that one. I just don’t know what.

    Then there is the JFK assassination…..

  5. Lafayette

    Where’s RedDawn? Conspiracy theories are liable to bring RD back to the blog.

  6. I thought of her when I did this thread. I don’t know where that rascal is. Give her a call and tell her there is a thread just for her.

  7. Lafayette

    No answer at the RD compound. Unfortunately that Mackie person came to mind too when I saw the conspiracy theory. Of course, we know he thinks there’s OWP conspiracy. 😉

  8. RingDangDoo



  9. Beware of the OWPs.

    @Ring- laugh all you want. You still probably don’t want to be on one of their lists. Check out the hate lists from Virginia. Think those are reputable organizations?

  10. Just for you, Ring, a list of the 22 named hate groups in Virginia. Is there any group on here you would like to see come off the list?


  11. I can even do the heavy lifting here. How about the brotherhood of Klans Knights of the KKK. Think they should come off? How about the Nation of Islam Black Separatists?

    Name Type City
    American Immigration Control Foundation/Americans for Immigration Control Anti-Immigrant Monterey
    American Renaissance White Nationalist Arlington
    American Renaissance/New Century Foundation White Nationalist Oakton
    Brotherhood of Klans Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan Richmond
    Confederate Hammerskins Racist Skinhead Petersburg
    Creativity Movement Neo-Nazi Wise
    European-American Unity and Rights Organization White Nationalist Richmond
    Fraternal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan Powhatan
    Fraternal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan Roanoke
    Heritage and Destiny White Nationalist Falls Church
    In the Spirit of Chartres Committee Radical Traditional Catholicism Suffolk
    Nation of Islam Black Separatist Richmond
    National Socialist Movement Neo-Nazi Norfolk
    National Socialist Movement Neo-Nazi
    National Socialist Movement Neo-Nazi Hampton
    New Black Panther Party Black Separatist
    The Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation White Nationalist Vienna
    United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan Gordonsville
    VDARE Foundation White Nationalist Warrenton
    Virginia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Ku Klux Klan Fries
    Virginia Publishing Company Christian Identity Lynchburg
    Volksfront Racist Skinhead Norfolk

  12. Red Dawn

    LOL!!- Lafayette & Moon. I was busy cathcing up on Alex Jones….. 😉

  13. Who is Alex Jones? Should I know him?

    See any conspiracies you like?

  14. Red Dawn

    Alex Jones has a website that talks about these theories @ infowars.com lol
    The JFK assasination is a good one and also the New World order agenda ( that in theory covers all on the above list). I’m still trying to prove them wrong…JK 😉

  15. Oh wow, the global dominance NAMBLA was bumped off the top 10!

    And what about the one that encompassess all 10, the global alliance of the Illumanati, headed by the Queen of England, furthering the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda through every product you buy?

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