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Fri, 08/27/2010 – 11:14am — AnnabelPark
I have been asked many times in recent days, “What do you think about Glenn Beck?” I haven’t commented because I haven’t been focused on him enough to really know. But since his rally at the Lincoln Memorial this weekend is distracting so many Americans who could put their time to much better use, here is my take:

I wrote the following in Wednesday’s Facebook post, without mentioning Mr. Beck but with him partially in mind:

Before we call someone a racist, we should ask ourselves: are we moved to call someone a racist because we feel compassion for the victim or because we feel hatred toward the perpetrator? What if, instead of being divided against each other over race, we stood together against those who perpetuate economic injustice against us all? Imagine how the world would change.

Martin Luther King’s march was called the “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” While so many of us are immensely distracted by Mr. Beck and other wedge issues of the day, Rome burns. If we continue to follow Pied Pipers who want to see our country fight itself rather than come together to solve our problems, what problems can we expect to solve? We are headed for a deep economic depression if We the People fail to show our leaders that we want solutions not distractions. To do that we must lead by example.

In short: Glenn Beck’s rally is a corporate-sponsored ragtime show. An unfortunate distraction in tough times when we should be pulling together.

Over the past decade, millions of Amerians have been shoved into poverty, with no safety nets and no healthcare. And what are we doing about it? We are dividing and arguing over race. That is Dr. King’s dream gone wrong. That is the American dream gone wrong.

The game that Mr. Beck plays is so obvious, isn’t it? He prances and dances around the line of what is responsible, what is inappropriate, and, yes, even what may be “racist.” His hope is that the entire nation will notice, that some will condemn him, and others will defend him. If so, he becomes the center of attention, his ratings go up, and his devout followers are thrilled to have another reason to be angry at the rest of the country. I don’t see any winners in this game other than Mr. Beck and his corporate sponsors.

If you have the energy for active citizenship in this crucial period in American history, consider volunteering for a non-partisan organization that is trying to help fellow Americans cope with tough economic times, and/or trying to unite our country rather than divide it.

An additional message from Eric and Annabel regarding the Coffee Party:

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  1. hello

    Ah yes, Annabel Park… put a camera in her face and she says she started the ‘Coffe Party’ to be a place of civil discussion. However, in her own words via her twittering:

    “we need to re-engage the grassroots movement that got Obama elected.

  2. hello

    Sorry, didn’t finish the post…

    “we need to re-engage the grassroots movement that got Obama elected. we need to get busy. can not give it away to tea baggers” – Annabel Park – 1/26/10

    “we are not going to take this tea crap anymore. lets work for change!” – Annabel Park

    What a hypocrite, has zero credibility. This is a great site which exposes Ms. Park for what she really is:

  3. hello

    “And as a reminder, Annabel is a guest contributor here. I don’t think that the piece is even about the Coffee Party, is it?”

    Really Moon, have you even looked at the video that came along with this post? Just on the screen shot of the video ‘coffee’ is on their 5 times. It kinda reminds me of a minor league baseball stadium that has a million local adds on the outfield wall.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Elena :Slow,I think you need to get a good nights rest, a full 8 hours at least. Take a brake from blogging.

    It’s funny you mention that.. I got EXACTLY 8 hours last night….no more, no less. Coincidence? I don’t know!

  5. hmmm….I didn’t watch the video. Did you want me to get you a membership form for the coffee party? I can email Eric for you. I am not sure it would be your cup of tea, so to speak, but that is for you to decide.

  6. Elena

    @Slowpoke Rodriguez hmmm, maybe you needed a little more?

  7. Elena

    Oh, I get it, you DID get a full 8 hours last night. Do you feel a little less sarcastic and bating today?

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