Some of the slogans and buttons seen around town this past weekend simply do not represent the truth.  How do we break these sort of misconceptions and report history accurately?

Seen at the Glenn Beck rally
Seen at the Glenn Beck rally

George Washington never said it or wrote it, accordingn to most  sources.

How about redefining what some of the founding fathers were?

From the Glenn Beck rally
From the Glenn Beck rally

Right Wing Radicals? There was nothing right wing about these guys.  If one defines radical as:  One who advocates fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions, then most definitely radical, just not right wing radical.  I used to think that expression was an oxymoron.  Not any more. 

Glenn Beck gave a post mortem on his Restoring Honor rally.  He was very concerned about the crowd size numbers being reported.  Every organization is always concerned with numbers.  It is going home with the most marbles on a grand scale.  He did bring in a huge crowd.  Good for him. It was peaceful and no one carried offensive signs. 

Beck seemed to be much calmer.  Perhaps he has had time to reflect on being the kind of person he wants to be and he challenged others to be.  I listen to Beck a lot.  I figure if I am going to rail on him, I need to have some first hand knowledge and information.  He has said some very horrible things in the past; things that have served to stir up the masses, regardless of who it hurt or  whether what he said was true.  He played real loose with the truth. 

Hopefully, Beck has decided to live up to that which he preaches.  If that happens, then I take my hat off to his rally.  If those in attendance are kind to their fellow man, discuss their politics without hating and sputtering, and try to work with others rather than practice  the politics of personal destruction, then it will have all been worth it.

Hopefully he  will start always telling the truth.

26 Thoughts to “Not Even Close”

  1. I don’t think his audience wants him to change, after listening to the video. Would he lose his listeners and TV audience if he because a decent person and stopped railing and screaming over Democrats and Liberals and the President and the Left and all his other enemies, real and imaginary?

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I’m LOVING watching liberals squirm. They know what’s coming, and they’re starting to get a little scared. It’s like a beautiful painting!!

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Only problem is, the journey is going to be more fun than the destination, I fear.

  4. You just hit the nail on the head…the destination will be rough for whoever gets there. Congress will still be obstructionist in nature.

    What will change?

  5. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    There’s actually a down side to possibly taking back the house and senate that I don’t believe the Republicans are visionary enough to see. Once they’re in, they’ll have to do something. That will be easier said than done. You wait and see, I’ll be bashing them just as hard if they go back to their neo-con ways. McCain winning the AZ primary is the first harbinger of disaster. I don’t think Palin would stand as strong as folks might think, either. Never pin your hopes on a politician.

  6. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Oh, and Boehner just rubs me the wrong way.

  7. Those are probably good words to live by.

    Boehner is just too orange.

    I could live with McCain. It is Palin who I just feel is unfit for office. Truthfully, I have never gotten past the sound bytes. No substance that I can see.

    As I rattle both parties through my mind, no one with great leadership qualities springs up.

    I would not want to be elected to even dog catcher these days. Definitely it is a ‘be careful what you wish for.’

  8. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Moon-howler :Those are probably good words to live by.
    Boehner is just too orange.

  9. I fixed your block quote thing.

    He really is getting in the day-glo orange category. So is Gretch on faux. I know it isn’t my tv because some people look normal. My TV tends to overdo greens, not orange.

  10. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I suppose in theory, Boehner would be ready to hunt deer with that skin. Couldn’t be mistaken for a deer, right?

  11. Slap some antlers on that boy and let’s see.

    All kidding aside….how is he doing that? Lots of people use tanning booths. They don’t turn orange. Is it a make up gone bad?

  12. Emma

    @Slowpoke Rodriguez The Republicans darned well better do something if they take back the majority. But if they don’t, at least we can be sure that both sides are abject liars and posers.

  13. hello

    Why did you rip this off of the HuffingtonPost and not give them credit for it? I thought that they were your ‘go-to’ site for any and all news. Every other post is from their site, why not say that with this one?

  14. hello

    “George Washington never said it or wrote it, accordingn to most sources.”

    – It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible. – ah, okaaaay. what sources are you referring to? Huffingtonpost?

  15. hello

    oh, I see, it was the Huffingtonpost comment section. I just saw it a while ago… sorry Moon, I stand corrected. Some HuffingtonPost commenter said it so let it be so!

  16. hello

    Please everyone, check out the full set of pics that Moon ripped off of the Huffington post in which had the headline of “Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally: The Most Ridiculous”. You tell me, which ones are “not even close” or “The Most Ridiculous”:

  17. hello

    If that is what you on the FAAAAAR left are reduced to complaining about then I truly feel sorry for you.

  18. It’s that time again.

    In your rush to insult me personally you missed the entire point of the post. Completely unnecessary. Make no mistake, that is why you are being sent to the corner. You were rude.

  19. Regarding George Washington:
    That is just one of many.

    Feel free to disagree. However, the rudeness is inexcusable and is going on way too often. My patience for those without manners has run out.

    We have been through this conversation before, Hello (and anyone else who insists on being rude to Elena or me). When you go into other people’s homes (or blogs) you go by their rules. If they don’t want you to smoke, don’t. No feet on their coffee table. Try discussion, instead of coming to the blog to insult the hosts. In a civilized society, we should not even have to have a discussion on bad manners.

  20. marinm

    MH, who are the Beatles?

  21. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Was never big on the Beatles. Elvis, however, was the King.

  22. Strange that only 2 of them are left. I was never had Beatle Mania. Never had Elvis mania either but he certainly was talented. The beatles were more of a phenomena…at least at first.

  23. Scout

    It does amaze me how cavalier people have been about making up quotations to attribute to the Founders, particularly on religious issues. Somewhat in defense of modern Tea-Partiers (who are so incapable of fact-checking that they end up wearing some of this phony-baloney stuff on t-shirts or get paid millions of dollars to perpetuate it on cable TV), I sense that a lot of this creativity is attributable to 19th century hagiography. The 19th Century was a much more religiously primed environment than was the late 18th in America and it seems that some biographers just couldn’t leave well enough alone when they were writing up their heroes from the formation days of our country. Once inserted into print, the language gets repeated. Usually you can sniff it out if you know the purported author well. There have been some real doozies attributed to Jefferson that really grate if you think about them (and him) for more than a second or two. “Hello” was amazingly energized (in a negative sense) by something that has no scholarly support, but you might want to just give him a time-out (I assume the male gender simply because of the repetitious indefatigability of the comments – once would have made his point). It’s helpful to have people like that around to illustrate how completely some folks have checked their brains out of modern political debate without even the slightest twinges of embarrassment. Indeed, the repetitive nature of his comments on this subject show that people do this not only without being ashamed, but with some sort of obstreperous pride. What would the Founders think of that? How can you govern a free Republic if large swatches of the population simply stop thinking about complicated issues?

  24. Elena

    Wonderful comment. I had to look up obstreperous! I love learning new words, thank you!

    “marked by unruly or aggressive noisiness : clamorous . 2. : stubbornly resistant to control : unruly. — ob·strep·er·ous·ly adverb …”

  25. Scout

    My mother used to turn around and admonish us kids in the back seat by telling us to stop being obstreperous.

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