Several days ago someone on the blog said they were just waiting for the pictures of the people who looked like the biggest idiots or who had the worst signs.  In other words, the liberal media has been accused of cherry picking.  Perhaps. 

At any rate, whoever said that would happen was correct.  Here it is:

The misinformation is astounding. What do Americans do to combat this kind of misinformation?
This video is about political perceptions, not the rally. It must have seemed like a good place to dip-stick.

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  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    @George S. Harris

    On that, we agree.

  2. Wolverine

    Cindy B – I just saw what you see. Several thousand miles through West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Kentucky. Small towns with empty stores and nobody on Main Street. Shopping centers with boarded up stores and plenty of available parking spaces. Used car lots which I have seen on numerous previous visits either closed down completely or with a minimal amount of vehicles on the lot. Parks and even cemeteries going to seed because localities are strapped for cash and have to depend on volunteers to step in and pick up the burden. My hometown on Lake Michigan had to let its lifeguards go because they did not have the money to pay them. Numerous drownings this year up and down the coast in an unusually strong lake undertow. Our city is even asking for volunteers to put up the beach warning flags to advise swinmers of dangerous conditions. One day at the public beach I heard the Coast Guard sirens go off multiple times because of swimming accidents. At the cemetry, we had to clean off the graves of my father and my grandparents ourselves because the maintenance has been cut severely. In Batavia Township, Clermont County, Ohio, along SR 32, I saw a magnificent industrial complex which was once a Ford transmission plant and the largest single employer in the area. It closed in 2008. The word is that Ohio and the county, along with a private buyer, are trying to revive this plant, beginning with a small extension of the University of Cincinnati East (100 professorial jobs) and trying to fill the rest of the manufacturing space with small firms. When I went by that plant just this past week, there was not a soul in sight, not a car, not a truck, not a piece of equipment visible, and absolutely nothing on the large entrance signs which once carried the Ford label. Sad, almost ghostly. In Michigan I met by chance a member of the Ironworkers Union who told me he had to retire early because there were just no jobs available. He and his unemployed buddies went down to Florida and Georgia to find work. They did find some jobs but then found that they were limited because their firm was being outbid by companies using illegal immigrant labor. So, he and his buddies came home and quit looking. And in the Kansas City suburbs where many of our relatives have long been in the home building business, the clients have all but disappeared and the workers are finding it necessary to take on any additional part-time jobs they can find. It is tough out there. What does not sit well for us in our Northern Virgina bubble of unreality is that these same people have noticed the quantum jump in the size of the federal government and now the level of salaries and benefits being handed out to federal employees. There are not a lot of happy campers in the Heartland from what I saw, but that is just one observer’s opinion.

  3. What jumps out at me is how protected we here in NO VA really are. Actually, much of Virginia is protected since it isn’t heavy industry for the most part.

    As for the illegal immigrant situation, I can’t speak to what is happening in other localities.

    I am curious how people outside of NOVA, DC and MD notice the increase in the size of the federal govt. I think I am fairly aware of what is going on and I haven’t noticed. How much of that growth had to do with the census?

  4. The people on the mall did not look unprosperous. These people shown in the video don’t seem to be wanting for anything. I would just like them to deal with facts. Then if they want to disagree then fine.

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