According to the the Pew Reseach Center undocumented immigration is down since mid-decade. (see above)

The annual inflow of unauthorized immigrants to the United States was nearly two-thirds smaller in the March 2007 to March 2009 period than it had been from March 2000 to March 2005, according to new estimates by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center.

This sharp decline has contributed to an overall reduction of 8% in the number of unauthorized immigrants currently living in the U.S. — to 11.1 million in March 2009 from a peak of 12 million in March 2007, according to the estimates. The decrease represents the first significant reversal in the growth of this population over the past two decades.1

The Pew Hispanic Center’s analysis also finds that the most marked decline in the population of unauthorized immigrants has been among those who come from Latin American countries other than Mexico. From 2007 to 2009, the size of this group from the Caribbean, Central America and South America decreased 22%.

By contrast, the Mexican unauthorized population (which accounts for about 60% of all unauthorized immigrants) peaked in 2007 at 7 million and has since leveled off. The number of unauthorized immigrants from the rest of the world did not change.

Even though the size of the Mexican unauthorized population living in the United States has not changed significantly since 2007, the inflows from that country have fallen off sharply in recent years


What is the cause? Better border enforcement? The economy? Random?

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11 Thoughts to “Pew Research Center: U.S. Unauthorized Immigration Flows Are Down Sharply Since Mid-Decade”

  1. Second-Alamo

    Watch Border Wars on the National Geographic channel wednesdays at 9PM. You’ll get the picture, literally.

  2. I have seen it. You need to give us reminders. I forget it is on.

    So do you discredit the findings of the Pew Institute?

  3. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    They are all here already. There are no more left to cross! Last one out of Mexico turn off the lights!

  4. Emma

    Just in time for the election!

  5. PWC Taxpayer

    Mexico’s economy is growing. These are just the unemployed who need health care or an education for their kids. Its a civil right ya know.

  6. 3/4 of the hispanics in the Prince William area are OTMs.

    Now everyone has had a chance to be snide, does anyone have anything of substance to say in light of these new statistics?

    Is what we see as an increase actually migration from elsewhere within the United States?

  7. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Well, the next trick is finding a way to make the outflow rise just as dramatically.

  8. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    BTW, this report states that 9.4% of the work force in Nevada is illegal immigrants. Now Harry Reid will tell you that this just isn’t the case! Who’s got it correct?

  9. What does harry reid say is the exact count?

  10. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Harry Reid from a news conference a month or two ago:

    “When you go to the unemployment office there’s many U.S. citizens who are unemployed construction workers and they don’t have jobs because right now, some of those construction companies find it easier to hire undocumented workers,” said Reporter Nathan Baca.

    “I think that any information you have in that regard is absolutely without foundation,” responded Reid.

    But a Pew Hispanic Center study shows 17-percent of all construction workers are in the United States illegally. Reid says not in Nevada. “That may be some place, but it’s not here in Nevada.”

    But their latest 2009 numbers show Nevada is the state with the highest percentage of “unauthorized immigrants” in the labor force.

  11. It looks like you got him, dead to rights.

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