Give up? They will all be on a panel together, September 7th, in New York.



The Screening of 9500 Liberty will have a full “cast” to debate the impact of the events in the movie and probably, the broader questions of immigration enforcement and immigration reform.

Honestly, I never would have thought that Corey would have the chutzpah to be in a real debate with knowledgeable people, not only on immigration, but what happened, specifically, in Prince William County. Hats off to Corey for having the courage to do so. I wonder what he will do when faced with facts counter to what he has been spewing. I think just a couple of my favorite inaccuracies have been “Arizona has implemented exactly what we did in PWC” and “crime increased with the immigration influx and decreased after the resolution”.

Boy, I wish I could be on that panel. I wonder if we will finally hear his explanation for the old ” over my dead body will I repeal probable cause” and, well, we all know what happened. Probable cause was repealed AND Corey is certainly still up to his horse and pony tricks!

My hope is that people will no longer extrapolate what they WISH the facts said, but instead work within the the context of truth.  No one is denying that there are problems associated with illegal immigration, but we can’t fix them if our foundation for finding solutions are based on propoganda  and inaccuracies.

15 Thoughts to “What Do Corey Stewart, MTV, and The New York Times Have in Common?”


    Perhaps we might see a repeat of what happened to Brewer? LOL. That’s right…he’s an attorney though. Won’t happen to him. Thanks for the head’s up…I will tune in!

  2. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Does Corey actually have watch the mockumentary? That would be tough to sit through.

  3. We will be finding out more information as we get closer to the 7th.

    I just hope someone calls Corey on the inaccurate information that he is putting out on the crime statistics. He can walk away with any opinion he wants, but I don’t like him misrepresenting the facts out of PWC. The thing is, no one ever goes behind him and calls him out on it. He gives out false information (for example: our crime rate drastically shrunk when the immigrants left) knowing that he will not be challenged.

  4. No one held a gun to his head for him to accept the invitation. re Corey

    There are some people who don’t embarrass easily. I expect he feels like he has God on his side so he will be fine.

    Slow, do you think it is ok for him to give erroneous ‘facts’ from our crime stats to prove his point? He is entitled to his opinion. I have no problem with that. I have a problem with the distortion.

    On the other hand, this panel discussion with MTV could be a big break for Corey if he wants to go national with his political ambitions. Depending on what happens with the panel, he could easily get some national coverage in a setting with some heavy hitters. Remember what MTV did for Clinton and Gore. He knows there is no free lunch. I expect that is the risk he is willing to take.

  5. Censored bybvbl

    He’ll be called on his inaccuracies only if someone on the panel is knowledgeable enough to challenge him with the facts. Most people who have interviewed him in the past have had only a cursory knowledge on what happened in PWC. Therefore, he got away with telling some whoppers. It looks as though we’ll have to rely on Annabel to challenge his statements.

  6. Elena

    I am sure Annabel is getting prepared. I wish I could be there, I had such a good time debating Greg L on the radio show. It really was the first time there was someone to instantly counter the “narrative” he had created.

  7. Censored bybvbl

    Elena…and you did a great job!

  8. Kenny Anderson

    What is the line to the Elena and Greg debate?

  9. Elena

    You ladies are too kind, thank you 🙂

  10. Elena

    Hi Kenny,
    I will try to look for the thread and repost it for you.

  11. Elena

    Here you go Kenny, here is my debate with Greg. Let me know if you have any problems listening!

  12. Welcome Kenny. Happy listening.

  13. Will we be able to watch the panel discussion as it is happening? Will there be a delayed broadcast?

  14. Elena

    I don’t know, I am hopeful we will be able to see it somewhere!

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