Award-winning film on SB 1070 precursor will reach 100 million homes starting Sept. 26

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(NY, New York) Sept. 7th, 2010 – MTV Networks will announce upcoming air dates for 9500 LIBERTY at a high-profile screening/panel discussion in New York this evening.  The critically acclaimed documentary chronicles the social, political, and economic impact of The Immigration Resolution, a law closely resembling Arizona’s SB 1070 that was briefly implemented in a Virginia county in 2008.
screening, panel discussion, cocktail reception
NY Times Building
620 8th Avenue (Entrance on 41 street), Time Square}
5:30 to 8:00 pm
  • John Quinones, ABC Primetime Anchor
  • Annabel Park, 9500 Liberty co-director and Coffee Party founder
  • Corey Stewart, Prince William County BOCS Chairman
  • Chuck Wexler, E.D. of the Police Executives Research Forum
  • Maria Kumar, Voto Latino Co-founder 
  • Paul Rodriguez, Comedian
  • moderated by New York Times reporter Fernanda Santos

9500 LIBERTY is directed by Annabel Park and Eric Byler, founders of the Coffee Party, which holds its first national convention in Louisville, KY Sept. 24-26, the same weekend as the film’s cable premiere.

Park will speak on tonight’s panel along side Tea Party favorite Corey Stewart, a leading figure in 9500 LIBERTY.  This will provide an opportunity for the two to reconcile conflicting accounts of events portrayed in the film.  For instance, Stewart has publicly denied the vote on April 29, 2008 that removed the most controversial aspect of the law (a key scene in the film), and made claims about immigration and crime that contradict statistics cited in the film. 

 As Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors, Stewart used “The Immigration Resolution” as the center of his reelection campaign in 2007.  Implemented on March 6, 2008, Stewart’s law required police officers to question people they had “probable cause” to suspect may be in the country illegally.  With Arizona’s version pending in federal court and other jurisdictions around the country considering similar measures, Prince William County remains the only jurisdiction in the United States to implement such a mandate.  Stewart is now lobbying to revive the law, this time throughout Virginia.

The cable debut of 9500 LIBERTY will be on Sunday, September 26th at 8pm (ET/PT) on MTV2, mtvU (MTV’s 24-hour college network), and Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más (formerly MTV Tr3s) as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

“The decisions our elected representatives make on immigration reform now will impact our audience for generations,” said Stephen Friedman, EVP & GM of MTV Networks. “As the national debate rages, MTV is committed to engaging America’s youth as informed and active participants – and sharing this powerful film is a great way to start that process.”

“To compete in the 21st century, America needs a new generation of leaders who have grown up thriving in the richness of diversity,” Park said. “People under 30 know intuitively where we need to go as a nation.  We need to hear from them more often.”


“A few years before Arizona passed its new immigration law, a similar law was passed and then repealed in Virginia’s Prince William County. The documentary “9500 Liberty” tells the fascinating story of how that happened, and possibly foretells what lies ahead for Arizona. In Virginia, the law was eventually overturned by a combination of middle-class whites, Republican office holders, the police chief, Latinos and economic reality.”
Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun-Times

“This engrossing documentary traces ugly repercussions in northern Virginia when a resolution is passed requiring cops to
question anyone they have ‘probable cause’ to suspect of being an illegal alien.”
Dennis Harvey, Variety

“There are certain films in certain times that make it exceedingly difficult to shut out the world around you. 9500 Liberty is one of them.”

“With an uplifting turn of events and some extraordinary acts of conscience, 9500 Liberty is as dramatically charged as any fiction movie. And ultimately, it’s as powerful a booster of the democratic process as anything Frank Capra ever imprinted into our collective memory.”
Desson Thomson, The Wrap

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Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más, owned and operated by MTV Networks Latin America, reaches 7.4 million Hispanic TV households (58% of US Hispanic Total TV HH) and 39 million total TV households. The network’s programming embraces the trilogy of cultures that represents Latino life – Latin American plus American equals US Latino – through original productions, key acquisitions, and content from MTV Networks’ portfolio of entertainment brands. Tr3s embraces the key lifestyle aspects of Latino identity — milestones, making it and music — as well as social responsibility through its initiative “Agentes de Cambio”, which tackles issues that affect Latinos today. The network also taps into the growing number of Latinos that are digitally connected thru www.tr3s.com.

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62 Thoughts to ““9500 Liberty” to Air on MTV”

  1. Wolverine

    Moon, I think that, if one wants to separate the Coffee Party from 9500 Liberty in any discussion, it would be tactically wise NOT to put Park and Byler on the bill as founders of the Coffee Party and then throw in a notice on the national Coffee Party convention. By including that part of the resume in the opening thread, one tends to make those activities fair game for discussion, especially when tweets and other quotes of a similar nature may be out there. Better, in my opinion, to describe this pair simply as documentary film makers with a focus on contemporary social issues. Then, if someone jumps in with a comment on the Coffee Party aspect of Anabel’s activities, one would seem to have a more legitimate case for advising that the thread is about the film only, not the Coffee Party. Not a knock on you. I don’t know how and by whom the thread opening was composed. Just a friendly tactical suggestion.

  2. Rick Bentley

    “I don’t think we can stand in judgement of him”

    He does of many of us! And they’ll be airing it soon on MTV2.

  3. Eric sent me the long awaited press release. And I understand your point, Wolverine. I am not knocking on the coffee party. But the topic was about the the panel which included our board of supervisors chair and that a locally made documentary was going to be shown on MTV. I don’t know why several words had to come to the front, in front of the main idea.

    If I am publishing his press release, I am not at liberty to start editing but so much.

    I didn’t see it as a chance to start blasting on the tea party or for that matter, Corey Stewart, who I understand was his affable self for the event. (Remember, Corey is very likeable and personable.) Elena will give us a full report later as to how the panel discussion went.

    I have blasted Corey every which way but Sunday when I think he is involved in bad policy as it related to Prince William County or Virginia. However, when he is not trying to sell bad policy, I am not on his chops, even though people were encouraging that even when he was on vacation. I think both of us needed a rest. :mrgreen:

    By the same token, I have never called him a parasite. I don’t expect Annabel to be called one either.

  4. We are planning on having a moonhowlings get-together the night of Sept. 26 to watch 9500 Liberty. I am checking into City Tavern or Hard Times Cafe in the county near Staples.

    Who will be able to attend?

  5. Rick Bentley

    It’s a nice idea but I won’t be able to come that night.

  6. I am sorry Rick. Do you have other plans? You were one person I really hoped would show up.

  7. Rick Bentley

    Yes, I told a friend i’d be over that night. Well I’ll be there in spirit.

  8. Bring your friend. Eat drink and be merry.

  9. Rick Bentley

    I’ll be hosting a Qu’ran-burning and barbeque event that night. If some guy in florida can get all this press and national attention this way, I figure Why Not Me? No, actually just watching the football game with a friend that night.

  10. Rick Bentley

    That’s a good idea though. Qu’ran burning and barbeque, $15 a head. Drinks will be provided, and roving caricature artists will be drawing Muhammad. Come one come all, strike a blow for freedom.

  11. Well Rick, if it was in my control, I would reschedule the event…but MTV rarely listens to me. You will be missed. I had told a good friend about you. She is the kind of movie buff you are.

    Me? I just watch movies to be entertained. You guys have to disect films.

  12. Negotiations are still in progress re place to meet and watch 9500 Liberty. Who was it who originally asked to do that?

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