The earth may be beginning to turn counterclockwise. There is a slight chance I might be in agreement with Corey Stewart, who just returned home from his trip to NYC where he was on the MTV panel regarding illegal immigration. He joined Annabel Park, Eric Byler, Paul Rodriguez, John Quiones, and others in a discussion led by Times Reporter Fernanda Santos. 

The panel discussion was a prelude to the premiere of 9500 Liberty, the award winning documentary directed by Byler and Parks.  According to the News and Messenger, Corey was nervous about going and felt that he might be getting set up.  He was afraid of MTV using footage to cast him in an unflattering light, completely out of context. 

The first showing of 9500 Liberty will be Sunday, Sept. 26 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV2, MTVU and Tr3s MTV.

Stewart obviously was pleasantly surprised:

“I didn’t expect there to be much common ground,” Stewart said. “But there at the end, much to my surprise, some of the panelists and I believe most of the audience agreed that if you are here illegally and then commit a crime and pose a danger to society, you should be deported.”

What’s to not agree with?  I don’t think any of us want to be rubbing elbows with criminals.  That is why we here at have supported the 287(g) program as well as the physical arrest resolution.   So if we are to take Corey at his word in the above statement, then yes, today the earth reverses its spin.  I agree with the above quote made by Corey Stewart.  I have always felt that way. 

Stewart doesn’t think that the MTV experience will garner him votes from young people.  I don’t agree there.  Young people are all over the political spectrum.  Perhaps if that panel discussion is shown and Corey illustrates that he is reaching out for common ground rather than crushing his opposition, he might pull in more votes than he thinks.

14 Thoughts to “Corey, We don’t like Criminals Either!”

  1. Oh come on. Since this debacle began, many of us have been saying all along that we don’t want criminals here. We’ve said it over and over and over and over…etc.

    Did Stewart’s light suddenly turn on, had he been ignoring us before or was he just playing his usual con game, this time on MTV?

  2. What I read I got out of the local paper. I will give Corey a chance to continue to take a more moderate view. I hope he doesn’t want to advance legislation that would require local police and state police to round up suspected illegal aliens, as was first proposed.

    Even if that behavior doesn’t bother Corey on a human level, perhaps it does on a financial level, since all of that would be very expensive.

    I think almost everyone wants criminals out of here. That much we can all agree on.

  3. Rick Bentley

    Thing is, each and every illegal alien is a criminal.

  4. And you are entitled to that opinion. How do you feel about people who speed?

    To me, that is tired rhetoric that does nothing but obfuscate the more important issue. It also allows those who wish to ignore criminals a way out. Since we obviously can’t remove all illegal immigrants, it gives the powers that be an excuse to ignore real criminals

  5. Rick Bentley

    People who speed and get ticketed pay the fine. They don’t cry out for Amnesty and play the victim, generally.

    I don’t think that pointing out that illegal immigrants are illegal makes it easier for anyone to ignore the “realer” criminals. It actually puts much-needed pressure on public officials to remove them from our communities instead of fumbling around angling for the Latino vote.

  6. Rick Bentley

    I was speeding Judge, yes I was, 100 mph in a 25 mph zone, but I was on my way to work. I do a job that other people don’t want to do. I deliver pizza, and my employer pays me a bit less than he would someone with a drivers license, so the pizzas are cheaper for you. Anyway, you can’t ticket me judge because I’m white and there are mostly white people in this courtroom. Until you prove that the demographics here aren’t skewed from the population, you can’t ticket me, and I expect to be given indemnification from all further speeding offenses. I’m onky trying to make a better life for myself, you xenophobic racist pig. Si si pueda!

  7. Most people don’t get caught who speed. The ones I know who do have all sorts of excuses, myself included.

    And, I am not comparing speeding to being an illegal immigrant. I am saying it is the same kind of infraction, legally. You aren’t going to get the death penalty.

    And having said that, the main idea is that Corey redefining his rhetoric. He felt he was being set up and he wasn’t. He did have to tell the truth about what happened. For the first time, there were people there to challenge remarks like ‘our crime rate plummeted’ when indeed, it did not.

  8. Censored bybvbl

    “I didn’t expect there to be much common ground,” Stewart said.

    That’s the problem in a nutshell. He didn’t look for common ground. He brought on a campaign of fear and used it to his political advantage.

  9. Bingo! 100 % agreement. Let’s see if he has learned a lesson. Censored hits a homerun out of the ballpark with that one!

  10. PWC Taxpayer

    Pulled over for speeding and illegal – deport. Pulled over for filing illegal welfare or helalth benefits claims and illegal – deport. Pulled over for accessing illegal education benefits and illegal – deport. Pulled over for having a false Social Security card and thereby having displaced a legal citizen’s job opportunity – deport.

    Do we have common ground – or does the illegal have to rob or kill somebody first?

    Do we have common ground and its just a question as to how and when the checks are made or does the Government not have the right to ask the question(s)?

  11. Lafayette

    @PWC Taxpayer
    I think we’ve only agreed one other time. I will tell we have common ground on your first paragraph. It’s a crying shame it took the death of a nun and seriously injuring two other nuns for a change in policy. Of course the question is will ICE follow through? Or just have another policy on the books that they won’t have the resources to enforce it?

  12. PWC Taxpayer


    My head is spinning !!!

    And your point is well taken. This Admistration is overtly trying to prevent local governments from independently supporting ICE and current law – while ICE and CBP are crying for help. Who would have ever thought that the ICE and CBP officers unions would have broken ranks with this Administration?

  13. And if they have broken rank with the administration, then they will be fired. There are 10,000 border agents. The fact that 250 of them have publically stood up and disagreed is basically nothing. I hope they can outlast this administration. Reagan would have fired them.

    TP, that isn’t how it works in our county, regardless of what you want to happen. They have to be arrested. Then status will be checked.

    The changes were made in how ICE handles the detainees and the triage for drunk driving type offenses. That probably is a good idea.

  14. Dulce Montana

    I saw 9500 Liberty last night with my husband and we were amazed with all the people that spoke up and stood up for what was right. I would like to thank you for all your hard work. Love the blog!

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