Its that time again. The weekend is upon us. That other open thread was getting long.

No one has said they are interested in a blog get together to view 9500 Liberty. I am not going to try to get a place for Elena and me. If you are interested, let me know.

103 Thoughts to “Open Thread Friday, September 17”

  1. marinm

    PWC, the moral hazard you speak of is what Rick Santelli ranted about. 🙂 See other thread for your daily dose of it. It improved my morale for the week just watching it again!

  2. I guess you want to defend your own yard from invaders then. The hell with paternalism. Get rid of the military.

    Many people who are unemployeed now have spent 45 years in the work force. Give me a break.

    I am ready to say go set up your own country. I don’t share the vision.

  3. Big dog, I don’5 know why women are dispairing or why men are fuming. I think people want miracles.

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