I was just sitting here thinking that I probably wouldn’t even go to the polls this year. Then I remembered that someone was running against Frank Wolf, the perpetual Republican congressman for my district. Granted, I had to go look up to see who was running. Local democrats must be hibernating again.

The locals and I have this annual get-together. I call them up to see if they are running anyone. They say yes, and I remind them that their website isn’t mentioning that person, they fix it 2 weeks before the election and then after the election, back in to hibernation.

Candidate Jeff Barnett has offices in many localities, except Prince William County and Manassas.

Frank Wolf needs to start thinking about term limits. I am all for a change here. Wolf has never met a weapon he hasn’t voted for.

12 Thoughts to “Candidate Barnett for the 10th Congressional District”

  1. I can see that this is a heavy hitter in Prince William County. I wonder if the Democrats know he is running for the 10th?

    No one has called me to put up a sign for him or Wolf. Perhaps its too early. Whats on the ballot for this area? Connolly and Fimian I know about. Anyone or anything else? Any referendums?

  2. Wolverine

    Well, Wolf may be long in the tooth but he certainly has this thing about hitting out at violators of human rights anywhere in the world to which I thought some of you might cotton. Moreover, I often see here some mighty good applause for our brave troops, regardless of opinions on a specific war. Support of the troops in my book includes giving them the weapons and other tools they need, especially in view of the fact that we do not have overwhelming numbers of boots on the ground available for combat service.

    Finally, there is one weapon which Wolf has supported long and decisively. It has made a big difference where I live and with regard to what I try to do personally for my neighbors of any ethnic persuasion. Wolf has been the successful pusher for federal funds to beef up our regional and localized anti-gang police forces. I see it working. Although we are not yet there by a long shot, the gangs do appear to be heading for deep cover and even to places like Maryland. It has been quite awhile since I have openly encountered gang trouble on our streets. I don’t know about PWC, but I am seeing a big improvement in that area here. And, since we now have a separate regional anti-gang task force in the Shenandoah (same funding deal), I am hearing far fewer gang horror stories from my relatives who live over there. And Wolf gets my kudos for it.

  3. Tom Seeman

    Wolf hasn’t met a weapon he hasn’t voted for? Awesome! I’ll proudly vote for him again this year.

  4. Wolf has been very responsive to requests for federal funds to fight gang infestation in communities. However, wouldn’t people in other localities call that ‘pork?’

    Wolf is not shy with spending when it comes to congressional approval for various weapons or special projects he believes in.

    Judy Feddor never made many inroads into unseating Wolf. Maybe Barnett will have better luck. Or maybe Wolf will just stay in Congress.

  5. William B. Redpath (L) is also running for 10th District on Nov. 2. There are three proposed Constitutional Amendments on the ballot (Article X Taxation and Finance).

  6. Cindy, does Redpath have Larouche connections?


  7. Redpath is chairman of the Libertarian Party. LaRouche is not a Libertarian.

    “There was never an incident in which I was a Libertarian. There was never an incident in which I was not opposed to Libertarians. So, how can I be a Libertarian, if I never was one, and I’m in opposition to the basic ideas of the Libertarians?” —Lyndon LaRouche

  8. There used to be some link or cross over with him and the libertarians about 15-20 years ago.

    Funny. Apparently I was not the only one who thought that. I feel certain that the Libertarians don’t want anything to do with those crackpots.

  9. Hopefully, the Prince William County Democrats will acknowledge that there is a dem candidate for the 10th. I had to get a Warner yard sign out of Arlington when he ran.

  10. Wolverine

    Moon, your question about “pork” was a very good one, especially in this particular campaign season. I’ve wrestled with that one myself on a philosophical level. My conclusion is that, when the federal government spends money to protect the lives of American citizens and, indeed, of any peaceful person who resides in this country, legal or illegal as the case may be, that is a fulfillment of a constitutional dictate no less than maintaining a military to protect our shores or the FBI to ferret out criminals who prey upon us. Frankly, I’ve been present at several community meetings where this subject of funding for anti-gang task forces has been discussed, and I found no dissent whatsoever from Republicans, Democrats, or independents. This seems to me to be one of the few things which has a very wide approval margin as being a wise and valid expenditure of our tax dollars.

  11. I am all for government ventures that overall improve quality of life. Putting in earthworks to protect from flooding, repairing infastructure, taking care of national parks… and yes, throwing govt money into the economy when it staves off a depression, like what was done with TARP.

    The stop spending slogan is falling on empty ears now because every we hear it, its always the other guy.

    I think smarter spending would be a better slogan and one I might listen to. We all know that there is govt waste and that idiots order up gold plated toilet seats.

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