The U. S. delegation to the United Nations got up and walked out on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday after he said some people  have speculated that Americans were actually behind the Sept. 11 terror attack.  He gave 3 different theories.  The Americans weren’t there to hear them.

According to the Huffington Post:

Ahmadinejad said there were three theories about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks:

_ That a “powerful and complex terrorist group” penetrated U.S. intelligence and defenses.

_ “That some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy and its grips on the Middle East in order also to save the Zionist regime. The majority of the American people as well as other nations and politicians agree with this view.”

The Americans stood and walked out without listening to the third theory that the attack was the work of “a terrorist group but the American government supported and took advantage of the situation.”

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Ahmadinejad also criticized Virginia plans to execute convicted double murderer Teresa Lewis. He likened the situation to Iranian plans to stone a woman to death for commiting adultery. He apparently doesn’t see the difference in adultery and double homicide.

Good for the American delegates. Ahmadinejad is just offensive.

However,  Ahmadinejad attempts to explain to Charlie Rose why it is really Obama’s fault.  Is he a Republican now??

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Holy Cow, this guy has one excuse after the other.  Yup, its all Obama’s fault for not speaking to him!

9 Thoughts to “U. S. Delegation Walks out on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad”

  1. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    It’s difficult to remember sometimes why we’re funding the UN.

  2. I think so the people of the world can work together towards world peace might have been the original plan. Its probably a good thing that its there, even if there is a lot we don’t like.

    I liked the Congo part of the skit. People can be called out over their nasty tactics.

  3. Wolverine

    On Wednesday last, a bomb went off during a military parade at Mahabad in northern Iran. Twelve people killed. No identification yet of the perpetrators, although there are reports of some arrests. Some think Kurds. The Kurds say not. This follows months of citizen unrest in Tehran, and some increased violence against the government and Republican Guard in Sunni areas of southern Iran. Methinks this chap is going to have to start paying more attention to his own backyard.

  4. I don’t disagree. I keep wondering how much is really lost in translation. Surely he can’t be that….much in need of a reality check?

  5. Wolverine

    Jon could have done better in this one. That camera shot of the Congo delegation was really a misfire, and Jon should apologize. Those rapes reported recently were not committed by government forces. They were committed by anti-government rebels and assorted troublemakers in Eastern Congo, including Hutu rebels from Rwanda, local anti-government forces self-styled as “militias;” and, some opine, by rebel forces loyal to Congelese Army deserter Colonel Emmanuel Nesengyima. Nor is this exactly the first time that this has happened in warfare. The UN distress is also over the fact that their own peacekeepers, as well as the Congolese Army, were not up to the job of preventing this sort of thing. Maybe they are right. But the Eastern Congo has been a hell hole for a long, long time and one of the most difficult places in the world for any peacekeeping force to seize and keep control. It has always been one of the places which opponents to the national government in Kinshasa have chosen to use as a base. It is a chaotic and uncertain political place, even in peacetime. That’s why the current crop of rebels and troublemakers are there. I fact, I saw one report which posited that these villagers were attacked and treated so viciously to deter any loyalty on their part toward the Congolese government.

    I suppose he would never have been able to figure this out; but Jon would have done better to use a shot of the Guinean delegation on the issue of rape as a weapon. That recent deed against women protesters in the opposition was alleged to have been committed by soldiers of the Presidential Guard in Conakry.

  6. I do not dispute one word you said, Wolverine. However, I am not sure about what you just said. The fact that rape is a weapons is just an anathma to me.

  7. Wolverine

    And you would be absolutely correct in your attitude toward rape as a weapon of war, Moon. Unfortunately, it has a long, long history. My point is that Jon used a camera shot of the Congolese delegation to the UN to illustrate his point about rape and war. But those guys in that camera shot didn’t do the deed. Nor did their government. Their enemies did it. Not quite fair for Jon to pull a stunt like that. It also makes it look like Obama had the Congolese government and not the rebels in mind when he discussed this subject, which I think was another mistake by Jon and a disservice to the President.

    The reason I threw Guinea in there is because the women in that recent incident were protesting against the government, and the government responded by sending their elite unit, the Presidential Guard, to put down the demonstration. Things got immediately out of hand, to put it mildly. In that case, to discuss the rape of women in a political or military context and then put on a photo of the Guinean delegation to the UN would have been the thing to do.

  8. I don’t know anything about it so I won’t even comment further–I mean who done it. If he directed that to the wrong country then he should apologize. He is not a person who doesn’t admit he is wrong. Drop him a line and let him know. See what happens.

  9. I haven’t heard any commentary about the Prez’s response to Ahmadinejad.

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