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S.B. 1070 has been tried once before. Learn the history anti-immigration lobbyists want us to forget.

On Sunday Sept. 26th at 8 PM ET / PT, a game-changing documentary about politics and immigration will be broadcast into 100 million homes.
“9500 Liberty” will premiere simultaneously on MTV2, MTV U, and MTV Tr3s (with Spanish subtitles), and America will see how ordinary citizens, Republicans, and Democrats in Northern Virginia join forces to combat extremism, and regain control of a county government.

MTV 360 presents the
Sunday Sept. 26th
8 PM ET / PT on MTV 2, MTV U,
& MTV Tr3s (with Spanish subtitles)


I hope we get to see the panel discussion with Corey and John Quinones. I will be online tonight during the film. We can use this thread for comments about the film. I am sorry we couldn’t meet as a group. Finding a place seemed pointless with so little get together interest. So…we can do it here.

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  1. Rick Bentley

    I don’t think he’s persuasive as a writer. As a speaker, moreso.

  2. He used to be, back in the beginning…re persuassive writer. Now, I would agree. He has good skills. Was he Hemingway, no, but he was darn good.

    I like his make over he is attempting to do. Have you seen it?

  3. Big Dog

    The Arizona Republic article is simply an outside observation that
    Manassas was, to a large degree, a welcoming and open community –
    not a curled snake full of hate venom ready to strike the first stranger that
    wondered close by.

  4. Rick Bentley

    What makeover?

    His writing is usually overdone … comedically apocolypically so. Sometimes he communicates his rage well i suppose.

  5. Big Dog, do you mean Manassas City (paying close attention to boundaries) or the greater Manassas area that would include my end of town? I am rather glad that was the observation. There are places in Georgia that we still hear about…you know…make sure you go the speed limit if you are going through town and make sure only white people are in your car.

    I am glad we have a good reputation. You know, there for a while after Lorena ….I heard there was a mark decline in battlefield tourist…mostly male of course. Just kidding. Just kidding.

    I doubt that you would have itany other way. Fess up.

  6. Big Dog

    Think Councilman Harrover’s posting on his blog
    – My Side of the Fence – is on target.
    9500 Liberty, like it or not, is a propaganda film
    that doesn’t even try to relay the root causes of the
    conflict. WHY were those people so upset?
    Corey and Greg may have fed the flames, but
    they didn’t start the “fire”.

  7. Lafayette

    I left my two cents on MSOTF. Thanks for letting us know about Andy’s blog on the issue.

  8. Rick Bentley


    As a Council member I didn’t hear from Mexican without Borders or Numbers USA or really any other group who play such a large part in the movie. I heard from people who were having their lives wrecked because the house across the street had 20 people in it. I got a letter from a guy over on Landgreen St. a couple of years ago complaining about the overcrowded house across the street and decided to go knock on his door. It was a hot day and he was a little surprised to see me on his doorstep but he came on out and we talked. I asked him about the For Sale sign in his front yard…he remarked that it was little more than a decoration. Nobody would buy his house due to the house across the street. He was right, it was a free-for-all. Cars came and went – at one point cars were triple parked out into the street. Two of them were running with nobody in them but both had their stereos at max volume in some sort of bizzare unattended battle of the bands. Young men were drinking in the front yard and there was at least one car in the back yard. It was a zoo. I recieved at least a dozen of those complaints in the first year or two of my time on Council. It wasn’t hard to find these places yet none of this appears in the film….

  9. I disagree about propoganda film, Big Dog. To call it a propoganda film implies that the films entire purpose was to sway its viewers to one point of view. I know that wasn’t its purpose. Had that been the sole purpose Chris would not have had a role in the film nor we have been asked to get others to be interviewed.

    I have been present when the discussion centered around finding examples of things that drove people crazy. The problem is, you can’t go up and start filming in someone’s front yard. A school yes, a front yard, no.

    What Andy personally witnessed is one thing. What he can whip a camera out and show publically is another.

    I do not disagree with the fact that there were neighborhood issues because of over-crowding and just plain people being bad neighbors. It was not easy to document. Again, Chris did a pretty decent job of photo-documenting problems around her neck of the woods. She also posted some of those pictures online. I am sure she will come along and post the links again. She had pictures of houses in ill repair, dead rats, grass that was 2 feet tall, and over-crowded streets. She herself took a risk going up and taking some of those pictures. She was an indirect link to the ‘hoods.

  10. Let’s just tell it like it is….

    Much criticism has been directed at Elena and Alanna because they live in Gainesville/Haymarket and not in the hub of where the trouble in the neighborhoods was. I got swooped up in that criticism. That’s a joke. I live very much in or near what has been referred to as ‘ground zero.’

    I also don’t like where the super problems existed like POW, or people like that. My daily life wasn’t horribly affected, but I also live in single family housing. THAT makes somewhat of a difference.

    I have never denied that there were neighborhood problems and I have given support to those who were voicing concerns and frustration. However, I can never condone some of the things I have heard directed publically at some of the immigrants.

    Yes, we had a problem. Much of the problem solving that the county took on was just dead wrong. Efforts should have been poured into neighborhood services and in police neighborhood programs rather than in sending invitations, for example, to everyone in the county, then trying to cut their time to speak down to nothing.

    And finally, to pick up the sign of NTK, had the county not issued a million housing permits, there would not have been the need for some many workers. Corey and others created the very situation they became up in arms over. DUH!!!

  11. Lafayette

    For a real picture of the area, one needs look no further than here.

  12. Thanks Lafayette. That website has changed somewhat.

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