The Feds have sued Fox News for allegedly retaliating against Catherine Herrity for complaining about unequal pay and unequal job conditions based on her age and gender.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)says Fox News Channel reporter Catherine Herridge filed an internal complaint about allegedly discriminatory practices in 2007.   Fox News supposedly found no bias but later included language in Ms. Herrity’s contract that would prevent her from complaining.  She refused to sign her contract.

According to Huffington Post:

The network agreed to remove the language after she complained to the EEOC.

The EEOC seeks unspecified monetary damages and a court order enjoining Fox from retaliating against other employees.

Should we be surprised?  Is there any woman on the show who is not attractive?  Men certainly aren’t held to the same standard of attractness.  Other than Shep, there seems to be an absence of male counterparts.    There seems to be a hook for the men…pretty women with cleavage and leg.  Bring in the men and the women will follow?  Is that how it works?  Probably the good car chases don’t hurt either.

Does Catherine Herrity still work for Faux News or has she been turned out to pasture?


9 Thoughts to “Feds Sue Fox News”

  1. marinm

    Probably would’ve been better to use a different source like Politico to get less biased info.

    What’s interesting is I don’t see any mention that the EEOC sides with her on ‘discrimination’ rather they side with her on the portion of her contract where she couldn’t complain.

  2. marin, I check out several sources usually. I only list one…low hanging fruit. I am not sure I would say that politico is less biased than Huffington anyway. What do you base that on?

  3. marinm

    I would never quote to you a FoxNews article on Obama because I acknowledge while they do bring truth to power they tend to be biased on the right. Huff and WashPost are biased on the left. If I want more neutral sources I go to CNBC and Politico. They’re pretty good at just putting out the facts.

    For those interested. has the actual lawsuit.

    1. I think of cnbc as the money channel. I have to admit I use Fox but only after verifying from other sources. I do the same with Huffington. The Richmond Times Dispatch is often a good starting point.

      I find Huff.Po easier to navigate than Politico.

  4. Heck, Fox? I couldn’t even find her on Google Images.

  5. Second-Alamo

    Oh, you mean those women on Fox were discussing the news? I hadn’t noticed, the news part that is! Works for me.

  6. Too funny, SA. I rest my case. 😉

  7. iI just saw Catherine Herridge on TV. She lives!!!

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