Foreclosures: Banks Trade Bails of Sh!t (according to Jon Stewart)

Jon Stewart tries to make sense out of the mortgage crisis and the subsequent foreclosures:

He says it started with the mortgage companies bundling bad loans and then trading bails of sh!!! back and forth. Then it all came to a screeching halt.



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Foreclosure Crisis
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Meanwhile, according to TV, Jon Stewart is having trouble negotiating the use of 400+ porta potties.  The Marines are using the area on Sunday.  Stewart has offered to split the cost.  The Marines won’t play ball.

“Old Dead White Men”

Fox News reports that some folks are up in arms over a rap song being used in some schools called “Old Dead White Men.”  The rap song teaches about Monroe and Andrew Jackson.  The rap music is being used with at-risk kids in Oklahoma City Public Schools and is a product of an educational company called Flocabulary. 

In particular, the song lyrics include the following about Jackson:

“Andrew Jackson thinks he’s a tough guy. Killing more Indians than there are stars in the sky. Evil wars of Florida killing the Seminoles. Saying hello, putting Creek in the hell holes. Like Adolf Hitler he had the final solution. ‘No, Indians, I don’t want you to live here anymore.”

Sooooo…what here is inaccurate?  It appears that the accuracy isn’t in question, just the wisdom of using such inflammatory language around already troubled youths. 


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Smoke Alarms: A Sound you Can Live With

OOooopppsss…I forgot to hit send.  Better late than never.

Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 3-9, 2010

From the Prince William County Website:

With all the recent fires, I thought theh PWC website sure wouldn’t mind if I lifted their announcement:

In a fire, smoke spreads fast, leaving you only minutes to escape. Smoke alarms provide an early warning, giving you the time you need to get out quickly and safely. In fact, they cut your risk of dying in a home fire nearly in half. Of the approximately 2,800 home fire deaths each year, roughly two-thirds result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or with smoke alarms that don’t work. That’s why smoke alarms belong in every home and why they are “A Sound You Can Live With!”

If you cannot afford smoke alarms or are unable to install them, the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue will supply and/or install them free of charge. Remember, if you are renting, your landlord is responsible for providing smoke alarms. You may call your local fire and rescue station or 703-792-7736 for assistance.

The Rude and the Crude

Much has been said in recent weeks about women–in particular women who have the unutterable gall to go in to politics.  Christine O’Donnell has been the butt of many a joke as well as a little known young woman named Krystal Ball who is running for Congress in the 1st District.  

Christine O’Donnell  should just stop talking  about the witch thing.  Who cares?   No one really thinks she was a witch. She was a kid.  Kids experiment with stuff.  How do you ever learn if you aren’t confronted with a few things where you have to decide if this is something you should be doing or not. 

O’Donnell’s problem is she hasn’t renounced any of her ideas she espoused as a young person.  She doesn’t seem to have refined any of them.  Her remarks on masturbation will follow her to the ends of the earth.  She needs to kill them off.  She needs to say the point of going to the Senate is not to be self serving or something…anything.  She needs to take contol and not let those remarks from 12 years ago define her and what she is all about.


Leno was rude.  Letterman was crude about Sarah Palin’s daugher, Willow.  Real crude. 

Krystal Ball’s  relative anonymity has gotten a shot in the arm, although probably not the kind she wanted.  Someone got hold of some pictures of her and her first husband and friends at a Christmas party, in some frat party type poses.  Naturally the pictures went  viral and local bloggers had a hayday, especially those of the opposing party.  Krystal Ball was not deterred.

The bloggers  who posted Ball’s party pictures apparently were never young themselves.  They never acted out and they never had a good time.  They are as disrespectful as Leno and Letterman. The women they disrespect are someone’s wife, mother, daughter, sister. 

Like their politics, hate their politics but cut the dehumanizing crap out. Stick to the issues. Right now it just appears that there is a lot of one handed typing going on.  It sounds like Bob Marshall’s Luv Canal Frat boys in a locker room. 

And when you are old enough to be someone’s grandmother, you get to say these things without missing a beat. Grow  up, boys.


WHAT are we thinking? The Fox Guards the Hen House in Afghanistan

Totally insane!  WHAT are we thinking?  The New York Times exposé of Afghan contractors guarding our military bases is beyond anything stupid.  We are wasting billions of dollars a year in a war that has no goals and we have given the fox the keys to the hen house. 

According to the New York Times:

Afghan private security forces with ties to the Taliban, criminal networks and Iranian intelligence have been hired to guard American military bases in Afghanistan, exposing United States soldiers to surprise attack and confounding the fight against insurgents, according to a Senate investigation.

The Pentagon’s oversight of the Afghan guards is virtually nonexistent, allowing local security deals among American military commanders, Western contracting companies and Afghan warlords who are closely connected to the violent insurgency, according to the report by investigators on the staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The United States military has almost no independent information on the Afghans guarding the bases, who are employees of Afghan groups hired as subcontractors by Western firms awarded security contracts by the Pentagon. At one large American airbase in western Afghanistan, military personnel did not even know the names of the leaders of the Afghan groups providing base security, the investigators found. So they used the nicknames that the contractor was using — Mr. White and Mr. Pink from “Reservoir Dogs,” the 1992 gangster movie by Quentin Tarantino. Mr. Pink was later determined to be a “known Taliban” figure, they reported.

In another incident, the United States military bombed a house where it was believed that a Taliban leader was holding a meeting, only to discover later that the house was owned by an Afghan security contractor to the American military, who was meeting with his nephew — the Taliban leader.


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