The New York Times reports from anonymous source that there is a deal between Verizon and Iphone and the new iphone 4 should be available through Verizon early 2011. Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the United States.

Currently, only AT&T is the only provider for the iphone. There have been numerous complaints about dropped calls and the poor quality with G.S.M. which is the networking standard for AT&T. Verizon uses a different networking technology called C.D.M.A. Is one better than the other? Who knows.

Because Apple has an exclusive deal the AT&T, competitors have sprung up all around it with the other carriers. The Android phones are especially popular and now have the lion’s share of the market. According to the New York Times:

The arrival of the iPhone on Verizon, which has long been expected and frequently rumored, could sharply alter the dynamics of the smartphone market in the United States. The iPhone remains the best-selling smartphone. But around the world, many carriers, especially those that do not have access to the iPhone, have been promoting an array of handset models running on Google’s Android software. Collectively, those phones now outsell the iPhone.

This week, Nielsen reported that Android accounted for 32 percent of the new smartphones sold in the United States in last six months. By comparison, the iPhone accounted for 25 percent. The numbers confirm those of other research organizations.

The Android’s rapid ascent threatens to blunt Apple’s lead in the market for high-end smartphones. No other Apple product brings as much revenue for the company as the iPhone, and analysts say that seeing that lucrative market imperiled may have finally pushed Apple into ending its exclusivity with AT&T.

“Android has tremendous momentum,” said A. M. Sacconaghi Jr., an analyst with the research firm Sanford C. Bernstein & Company. Mr. Sacconaghi said that the growth of Android was in large part because the iPhone was not available on Verizon and some major carriers overseas. “Apple moving to sign up these carriers is very important to help mitigate Android momentum,” he said.

The Apple/Verizon deal could upset the apple cart in the cell phone world as people drop AT&T and strike up with Verizon. AT&T does require a 2 year contract. However, how many people have been running without contract, waiting to drop? Additionally, those who are waiting also might allow their contracts to expire. that would keep problems with a major rush to Verizon from crushing the system. The iphones that work with AT&T will NOT work on Verizon.

While the arrival of the iPhone on Verizon had long been expected, some industry insiders doubted that Apple would bring the iPhone to Verizon before the carrier deployed its next-generation network, known as L.T.E., or Long-Term Evolution.

But in an interview this week, Tony Melone, the chief technology officer of Verizon Wireless, suggested that those doubters could be wrong. Mr. Melone did not comment on the iPhone, but he said that while Verizon would begin introducing its new network in 38 American cities by the end of the year, the company’s older 3G network would continue to grow for several years. He also said that Verizon would continue “selling 3G devices well into the decade, possibly through the end of the decade.”

It is safe to say that what we thought to be the gospel as far as cellphones and smart phones go today, might not be how things really are going to be in another, say, 6 months. Meanwhile, if you just can’t wait, buy an itouch ipod and turn it in to a phone using VOP. The directions how to do it were just in the New York Times last week. Or you can use the same process and hold your ipad up to your ear. You will look sort of funny but Oh Well……

10 Thoughts to “Iphone is coming! Iphone is coming!”

  1. Kelly3406

    I will believe it when it actually happens. Anonymous sources have claimed a deal between apple and verizen before.

  2. My inside sources tell me yes…but we shall see.

    I have just about given up.

  3. Emma

    I won’t believe it until I see it. I’m fed up with being the one always needing to use someone else’s phone because I can’t get a signal in so many places when I travel. Love the iPhone–when it works.

  4. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I have heard this as well. I love my droid x, so I may not go Iphone as soon as they come out. Let’s see how well they execute (if they execute). I’ve played with the iPhone a bit…there’s something about it!!

  5. I think I might just stick with the ipad. It does look silly if you hold it up to your head….evil grin. I did the turn it into a phone thing. I wont keep it as one though. I just did it to fool with it. I have a hard time seeing things that small. ipad is just about the right size.

    I might have to be one of those old fashioned people who has a phone for phoning and an ipad for everything else.

    My daughter has the droid x and loves it, Slow. I will wait…see what happens with iphone. My brother says iphone is a great computer and a not so hot phone.

  6. Emma

    Your brother is right. It is a great computer. Unfortunately, I’ll spend so much time computing that there’s no battery charge left for phone use. And the camera can eat up the battery very quickly.

  7. So maybe my idea about having a regular cell phone for calls and an ipad for portable computing isnt so bad after all?

    I also found a tignanello handbag that it fits perfecty…like they were made to go together.

  8. Slowpoke Rodriguez

    I have my doubts/concerns about the iPhone, which is why I can see a combination of my IPad and the Droid X.

  9. And did you see the directions for turning the ipad into a phone?

    I did it and it works. Of course I held it up to my ear and looked like an idiot. Then my brother called me on the ipad and I couldn’t figure out what was ringing…thought I was going nuts. The woman cave has many devices. I have not met too many devices I don’t like.

    I might get a droid X. The howlet loves hers. I need to compare one to iphone before making my final decision. I have to boot some family member off the gets a new phone list in order to get a new phone. Meanwhile I have a ENvy Touch. Its ok. Nothing special but better than dare.

    Slow did you get 3g model?

  10. I guess slow isn’t interested in my tignanello perfect fit for an ipad find…..sign. I mean PERECT!

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